Humanitarian Support Organisations

last updated 23.05.2024

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Amnesty International 

Amnesty International campaign against violations of human rights. 

Choose Love 

Fills the gaps and acts fast where others can’t. That could mean Search & Rescue boats or providing food or safe, secure long-term housing. 

Disasters Emergency Committee – DEC 

Co-ordinating and providing food, water, shelter and protection for those exposed to conflict or natural disasters. 

Holocaust Educational Trust 

Educating young people from every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today. 

Human Rights Watch 

An independent organisation dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. 

Jewish Care 

Support service for survivors who were in Europe during the war or those who came to the UK as refugees after. Also supports Jewish refugees from former Yugoslavia.  


Doctors Without Borders provide medical care in more than 70 countries including conflict zones, epidemics and natural disasters. 

Red Cross 

The Red Cross help anywhere in the UK and around the world, offering support if crisis strikes. 

Save The Children 

Save The Children work across 120 countries to help save children’s lives as well as fight for the rights of children. 


UNICEF work with partner organisations in over 190 countries and territories working specifically for children and their rights.