Terms of Use – In-programme and Social Interactivity

When interacting with, commenting or posting about a Channel 4 programme you must not submit any content that may have the effect of being in any way abusive, offensive, trolling, harassing or threatening.  Your content must not include any material that is defamatory, obscene, unlawful, offensive, harmful or would constitute a contempt of court or expose us to any civil or criminal proceedings.

By submitting content, you confirm that you have all the relevant rights and consents required to allow us, and any parties associated with us or the programme, to use that content.  Where your content contains the name or image of any other person or people you confirm that you have the consent of all those people to submit the content, or the consent of their parents or legal guardians if they are under 18 years old or are a vulnerable adult.

You will own your user content and may continue to use it, but by posting or submitting this content to us, you allow us (and our third party partners) irrevocably to use your content in any media (including on television and online) throughout the world at any time without further liability to you.

You must follow any instructions given in the promotional material. This includes, without limitation, making sure that your content complies with any format specifications in the promotional material.

Often interacting with a programme or social post means using a tool or application provided by a third party.  For example, you may be invited to use Whatsapp to send in comments or use a programme specific hashtag to send in photos.  Please do read their terms, which you can search for and find online.

Where we do use your content, we have the right to change or edit this. We might also show your name (and if available your photograph) with your contribution. If you would rather that we did not use your user content, we would kindly ask that you do not post or otherwise submit any user content to us.

Viewers may be asked to give opinions on various topics by way of an online vote/poll hosted by a third party, such as Twitter. Viewers can register their vote by selecting the answer they wish to vote for.

Channel 4 has no control over third-party vote/poll applications, and we are not able to verify the vote/poll result. Terms of Service for the third-party platform will apply to your use of their platform to cast a vote.

Vote/polls will open and close as directed and any votes received after the close time will not be counted.  The vote/poll result will be published online and/or in the programme. 

Channel 4 shall be entitled to cancel, change or suspend any vote/poll without notice at any time.  

Channel 4 cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any viewer submitting content or interacting with a Channel 4 programme. Channel 4 is not responsible for any technical issues in relation to any telecommunications or internet network (including in relation to speed or bandwidth), including any injury or damage to viewer’s or any other person’s device related to or resulting from participation in a programme. We are not responsible for any content that is incomprehensible, incomplete, incorrectly submitted and, if applicable, incorrectly addressed, lost in transit, not received, or is received outside of the dates stated in the promotional material.

 18th November 2022