Love It or List It


Do you and your partner have a love/hate relationship with your house?
Do they love it but the lack of space drives you up the wall?
Do they love the location but you're desperate for an upgrade?
Or have you both simply run out of options and ideas?

If you'd like to be considered for any future series of Kirstie and Phil's Love It or List It, please get in touch with Raise The Roof Productions.

This is a Raise the Roof Production for Channel 4. To apply, you must be a home owner and have enough finance in place to fund the renovations of your property and any costs involved in selling your house, should you choose to list it. In exchange, Kirstie and Phil will provide you with all their expertise in the world of renovation and property searching.

Please contact: lioli@raisetheroofproductions.com

Any successful applicants will be contacted by a member for the Love It or List It team.

Your application will be received by a member of Raise the Roof Productions and they will contact you directly. Raise the Roof Productions will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy.