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9 June 2023

Highlighting some of the great programming available on Channel 4 streaming during Pride Month.


Colours fly, hearts soar, and embracing who we are becomes even more important during Pride Month.  Channel 4 has always wanted to bring fabulous, entertaining, challenging and enlightening programmes to our audiences, showing that there should be pride in who we happen to be.  By loving ourselves and celebrating who we love in turn; the Proud All Over category is here to show how strong, fun and visible the LGBTQIA+ community is.

The Pride Collection - Collections | Channel 4

Queer as Folk
From the late 90s and the lively streets of Manchester, Russell T Davies throws all the desirability, adventure, sense of wonder and adversity into Queer as Folk.  Over two series, you can follow ever-confident Stuart, gentle-and-sweet Vince, and eyes-widened-in-awe newcomer Nathan as they navigate Manchester’s Canal Street’s world of love, sex, music, beauty, and confidence.  An eye-opener for television viewers at its time, and a landmark that projected the visibility of gay men in drama; Queer as Folk remains heart-warming, side-splittingly funny and thrilling. Here on C4: Queer as Folk | Channel 4

Tales of the City
Armistead Maupin’s beloved Tales of the City shows everyone has a place and should also follow their dreams (well, at least some of them!) From first stepping onto the caring Anna Madrigal’s (Olympia Dukakis) doorstep, Mary Ann Singleton (Laura Linney) starts off her new life in late 1970s San Francisco – about to experience the love of some, the lust of others and learn that life can be wonderful if you just let it.  Soon friends such as the gorgeous Mouse help her open the Golden Gate to a new world of experiences – but these good times won’t last.  The 70s are ending, and something daunting is starting to reach the new community that Mary Ann has come to love. Check it out here: Tales of the City | Channel 4

Football’s Coming Out
The most popular sport in the country still has so few openly gay players. So, what happens when those who play decide to publicly declare their sexuality and what stops others from doing so?  Football’s Coming Out takes these questions and attempts to look at the challenges faced if a Premier League footballer was to make the choice to come out as gay. With insights from those within various roles of the game looking at a hypothetical breakthrough, the hopes of bringing down such barriers for footballers are discussed – in the hope they’ll soon be realised. Here on C4: Football's Coming Out | Channel 4

The Extraordinary Life of April Ashley
Even before Pride existed, April Ashley was attempting to champion queer life – at some points when it wasn’t even her choice.  After a tough life in the Merchant Navy, April would go to express herself and perform in Paris – before undergoing sex reassignment surgery and returning to England.  This documentary looks at this stupendous figure, one who reached the heights of London and had a tremendous impact on the country at large.  Catch this sweeping story here: The Extraordinary Life of April Ashley | Channel 4

It’s A Sin
It’s A Sin harkens back to the hopes, dreams and sounds of the 1980s. With acting in his sights, Richie heads to London to embark on his acting career. Nothing will tear him away from such - and with the encouragement of several other young gay men and best friend Jill, he is determined to enjoy every moment of his young life. However, Richie and his friends start to see that their fun is coming at a cosy, the whispers of an oncoming fear are still too quiet – and none of them are prepared for what they’ll face. At a time where politics was against gay men, It’s A Sin is a harrowing tale of unsympathetic attitudes and lack of care when truly needed, yet is laced with hope for those who truly do wish for equality and love for all. Here on C4: It's A Sin | Channel 4

It’s A Sin: After Hours
Can’t get enough of It’s A Sin? We understand! Spend a bit more time with the stunning cast as they explore the ideas, stories and reveal backstage exclusives when filming the stylish drama series. There’ll be input from notable fans, insight into how the series was created and a profound look at true roots the drama stemmed from:  It's A Sin: After Hours | Channel 4

Stephen Fry: Willem and Frieda – Defying the Nazis
Stephen Fry indulges his never-ending curiosity for history and stories as he travels through Amsterdam to discover more about two artists, Willem Arondeus and Frieda Belinfante. Their bravery helped save the lives of many, yet their names are largely missing from the story.  With their talents, they forged many fake identity cards and passes for those who would have otherwise been subjected to a difficult and potentially horrible end. Both Willem and Frieda were involved in same-sex relationships, both facing as much danger as those they were trying to save. When you see the documentary, you’ll see that while Stephen Fry finds the story fascinating; it’s also incredibly personal to him -> Stephen Fry: Willem & Frieda - Defying Nazis | Channel 4

Out and Proud in Football
As a professional footballer, Jake Daniels is one of the few to take the step to publicly announce who they are. In Out and Proud In Football, he talks to Tom Daley, who fully encourages anyone in any sporting profession to be open about their true selves. Together they find how important it is to use their platforms to encourage such bravery and help clear the path to inclusivity. Find out more about Jake’s brave decision to come out, here on Channel 4 -> Out and Proud in Football | Channel 4

The Black Lesbian Handbook
Consisting of ten shorts, The Black Lesbian Handbook looks at various terms used within the community and highlights the joys, but also the shortcomings, of adhering to such. With lightness and love, the series follows three black lesbians from Britain as they experience Atlanta Gay Pride in the state of Georgia. From views on being part of an interracial couple, to generally having a good time, The Black Lesbian Handbook is a wondrous insight to a growing and accepting scene.
Link: The Black Lesbian Handbook | Channel 4

Closing Numbers
The 1980s was an incredibly daunting time for gay men and the shadow didn’t shift in the 1990s.  As part of 1995’s World AIDS day, Closing Numbers follows the world-spinning discovery of finding AIDS affecting those close by, causing fear and putting question marks over the importance of reputations and relationships. Starring Jane Asher as Anna, her devotion to her husband is shaken after discovering his relationship with another man - though throughout such a whirlwind of information Anna starts to see the difference between acting as a marital spouse and being a human being. Here on Channel 4: Closing Numbers | Channel 4