Help! I need somebody, not just anybody...

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1 May 2022

Channel 4 makes brilliant and challenging content, handling tough topics and themes. Our remit demands our voice should be ‘distinctive’, ‘educational’, and to ‘inspire debate’, which sparks some amazing programming.

These types of programmes often prompt a requirement for support, and we have a duty to ensure our audiences have access to the right support information, centred on our schedule.

This is where Channel 4’s Viewer Support Adviser steps in.

Our support pages are crammed full of helpful links to charities and organisations covering topics across a broad spectrum. Whether you’re a Hollyoaks fan or never miss an episode of One Born Every Minute we will try and ensure that the problems featured on your favourite show are covered.

We welcome feedback or suggestions, although we do try to ensure that charities and organisations are registered, national and have good availability; giving our viewers the best support opportunities possible. If you wish to leave feedback use the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this page.

Help! I need somebody, not just anybody...