Policies Overview

Channel 4 is bringing all its channels and services under one ‘Channel 4’ brand. Accordingly ‘All 4’ is changing to ‘Channel 4’. We are amending our services and terms and conditions to reflect this. Our terms, including those for our streaming service, apply to the brands Channel 4 and All 4 where relevant.

Please read our Terms of Use if you want to find out more about the products and services they cover; the parental controls we offer; why we ask you to register and what you agree to by registering. We also detail what you can and can't do with the content we create, including linking to social networks, and how we might use any content you give us.

Our Privacy Policy explains how we aim to be transparent about what data we hold and how we give you control over your personal information. This includes an explanation of the laws we abide by; what data we collect; how we collect that data; and how we work with any data made available from social networks, such as Facebook.

Finally, our Cookies Policy covers how we use these small files to create great digital experiences. The policy explains the types of cookies we use and when we use them and, importantly, how you can manage and control them.

Please take the time to read these documents - there are more details in them than the highlights mentioned above. We realise they can take a while to read, but we're keen to make sure you understand what we do with data and how we use it to improve our Digital Products and Services and provide more relevant advertising.