Grand Designs

The Grand Designs team is looking for projects for the next series of Kevin McCloud's self-build spectacular.

If your project is exciting and unique - something you feel we haven't covered before - we would like to hear from you. Projects must fit the following criteria:

  • We are looking for new residential builds, significant residential conversions or restorations of historic buildings

  • They have unique or interesting elements in terms of design, materials, construction techniques, location and/or the people involved
  • Planning permission is in place and you are planning to live in the property yourself
  • You agree to be involved with the project and are available to be filmed on a regular basis

Unfortunately for the foreseeable future we are only looking for Grand Designs builds based in the UK. If you’re building your Grand Designs in Australia or New Zealand please follow these links: Grand Designs Australia and Grand Designs New Zealand.

Click below to apply