Walter Presents

Since launching in January 2016, Walter Presents has continued to highlight some of the very best in binge-worthy drama to stream on Channel 4. If you’re not yet a devotee, we can change all that – head over to WALTER PRESENTS where you’ll find a fantastic collection of European and World drama including:-

Coming Up in February

The Defence (Series 5)
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

In the latest series of this stylish Polish crime-drama, Chylka wakes in the hospital after being beaten unconscious. As she recovers, she receives a mysterious message from an old acquaintance of her mother’s, pointing her toward the past. 

Reindeer Mafia
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

After spending a decade abroad in prison, Sameli Nelihanka returns to the remote Lapland community that he calls home for his mother Brita's funeral and is determined on taking what he considers his rightful place in the family hierarchy again.

The Drought
Available on streaming from Friday 16 February

An unprecedented drought reveals macabre evidence of a decades-old crime. Police from both sides of the Spanish-Portuguese border investigate in this new 8-part drama from Spain.

1 x episode premiere on Channel 4 Sunday 25 February at midnight
Available on Channel 4 streaming from Friday 23 February

In this new 10-part Belgian drama, when forced to choose between the law and her family, established judge Claire immediately sides with her career which proves catastrophic for her family and her father in particular whose political career it put in jeopardy.

New in January

The Wagner Method (Series 2)
Series 1 and 2 available now on Channel 4 streaming
More criminal adventures with quirky, but kind-hearted Detective César Wagner.

The Lost
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
In this nerve-racking Swedish thriller, a truck driver faces the consequences of a fatal mistake and is forced into making a life-changing choice.

A French Case
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
4 Year old Gregory is found drowned in a local lake. The hunt for his killer causes a press frenzy and heightened family tensions as more than one suspect comes to light.

Arctic Circle
Series 1 and 2 available now on Channel 4 streaming
Detective Nina Kautsalo returns in more gripping Finnish drama. This series, she's working with a new squad and a new partner on the Finland/Russia border but a new case brings an unsettling connection to the past.

New in December

Seaside Hotel
Series 1 to 6 now available on Channel 4 streaming

The delightful Danish series returns and we'll be uploading series 5 and 6 for your binging pleasure! 
In series 5, it’s 1932 and the hotel opens for the previous years’ guests and stockbroker Molin and his wife.  In the opening of series 6, six years have passed and dark clouds are gathering over Europe, but the regular guests of the beach hotel are still set for their vacation.

Presumed Guilty
Available now on Channel 4 streaming 

In this new 6-part series from France, Lola Brémond arrives in Brittany hoping for work, but discovers that she’s been lured there under false pretences by a local man called Rémi Perec who only wanted to talk to her about her mother’s murder 25 years earlier.  When Remi is found mortally wounded, Lola finds herself if the middle of the murder investigation and decides to try and solve the cases on her own, but someone will go to any length to ensure the truth stays hidden. In French with English subtitles.

Available now on Channel 4 streaming
Antoine Bellefond, (Stéphane Bern) is a conscience-stricken former prosecutor, who turns to defending the accused with the help of his most talented interns.


New in November

Available now on Channel 4 streaming

In this new 8-part drama, inspired by a true story, Dignity takes us to Chile just after Pinochet’s regime and a violent Germanic cult called Colonia Dignidad, set up by former Nazi Paul Schaefer. With the protection of Pinochet, the cult abused children, tortured and killed prisoners in its secret compound. Now, with the Chilean dictator Pinochet gone, Leo Ramírez, a young federal prosecutor and survivor of the colony, must face his past and bring its leader Paul Schaefer to justice.

Available now on Channel 4 streaming

Danish doctor Jacob and his fiancé Nurse Maiken's relationship has ground to a halt. But everything changes when a charming and seductive young Norwegian nurse, Ida, is hired at the hospital. But things turn dark when Maiken begins to suspect that Ida is responsible for multiple deaths at the hospital.  New 8-part drama from Denmark.

Ice Cold Murders: Rocco Shiavone
Series 1- 5 available now on Channel 4 streaming
There’s more Ice Cold Murders from the Italian Alps as Marco Giallini returns as Deputy Commissioner Rocco Schiavone in a brand new 8-part series.

New in October

Carmen Curlers
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
After witnessing farmer's wife Birthe's embarrassment when she realises that she can't afford to get her hair done, ambitious Axel Byvang stumbles across an ad looking for someone to invest in electric curlers.  Will this big idea spark to life or will it curl up into nothing?  Set in the 60s, this new 8-part drama is in Danish with English subtitles.

Off Grid
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
Claudio Caruana and his wife Silvia have money, status, a marriage that has lasted for 20 years and two children who've never given them problems. But when CEO Claudio is engulfed in a financial scandal affecting his bank, he begins to receive threats to his life and family and becomes the main suspect in the murder of his colleague and friend, Riccardo Elmi. The frightened family's privileged life is turned on its head as they must flee into anonymity, while trying to find out the truth about Riccardo's murder.

The Nordic Murders Series 4
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
Walter Presents fan favourite The Nordic Murders is back for a gripping fourth season. Chief inspector Ellen Norgaard is back to hunt down murderers in crime stricken Usedom. In episode one, landscape gardener Britta Hausmann finds a prominent TV personality beaten to death in her vacation home on Usedom.

The Sketch Artist
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
Walter Presents an intriguing French-Canadian series The Sketch Artist. Set in Montreal, this gripping procedural follows a gifted police sketch artist, Eve Garance (Rachel Graton), as she uses her unique abilities to enhance victims’ memories of dangerous criminals on the loose.


Box Sets Worth a Binge

All The Sins
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming
The intense Finnish crime drama continues with the Detectives having to face personal crises and painful pasts while chasing killers in a small conservative town.

Astrid: Murder in Paris
Series 1 and 2 available on Channel 4 streaming 
Astrid - who is autistic and a talented amateur criminologist - teams up with a disorganised but intuitive police detective, Raphaelle in the second series of this intriguing French crime drama.

The Crimson Rivers
Series 1-4 is available on Channel 4 streaming
Commissioner Pierre Niemans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay return to solve more macabre murders. In French with English subtitles.

For Life
Series 1 available on Channel 4 streaming
Victoria Woll, a hardened National Crime Service investigator with a profound sense of justice, has worked her way up the ranks. The story follows her across two different timelines: in the present, where it's her job to solve cases and put criminals behind bars, and in the future, where she is locked up in prison. Every episode features a present-day, exciting standalone case as its main story, along with new pieces to the continuing puzzle that is Victoria and why she is fighting for her freedom twenty years down the line. New 8-part series from Norway.

Inspector Borowski
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming
In the third series of the complex German detective drama,  unflappable Klaus Borowski is confronted with the unwanted past when his goddaughter contacts him out of the blue. He must also face a series of unsettling cases in Kiel with new colleagues as well as familiar ones.  

Lolita Lobosco
Detective Lolita Lobosco (Luisa Ranieri) returns to her hometown of Bari after many years away and is tasked with investigating the alleged rape of a young woman.  She is shocked to learn that the accused is her first love who broke her heart as a teen, but undeterred by her past connection to him, she begins a crusade to uncover the truth and secure a conviction but as the investigation proceeds, she finds that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

Seaside Hotel
Series 1- 6 available on Channel 4 streaming

In the fourth series of the charming period drama from Denmark Seaside Hotel,  its summer 1931 by the North Sea and Fie is now in charge of daily management. The newspapers are full of articles about the world economic crisis, but this doesn't stop wealthy regulars flooding in for their annual holiday.