Walter Presents

Since launching in January 2016, Walter Presents has continued to highlight some of the very best in binge-worthy drama to stream on Channel 4. If you’re not yet a devotee, we can change all that – head over to WALTER PRESENTS where you’ll find a fantastic collection of European and World drama including:-

Coming Up In June

The Silence (Series 1 and 2)
1 x ep premiere early hours of Wednesday 12 June at 00:10am on Channel 4
Available on Channel 4 streaming from Friday 7 June
Walter Presents a powerful and poignant Croatian and Ukrainian crime drama. A cop and a reporter on a Croatian murder case cross paths with a Ukrainian expat in search of her missing niece.

You Shall Not Lie
Available on Channel 4 streaming only from Friday 21 June

Macarena is a teacher at a prestigious school in Belmonte, an idyllic seaside development of luxury homes where she leads a peaceful life with her teenage daughter Natalia and her husband Néstor, a well-known psychiatrist until one day an accusation from a student changes everything.

The Sommerdahl Murders (Series 1)
Full run on More 4 - From Friday 28 June to Friday 19 July

Double bills at 9pm
Based on characters from Anna Grue’s successful  books, this series follows the exploits of Dan Sommerdahl who finds he has a flair for solving crime after a dead body is found in his office. The case is being overseen by this best friend, Chief Inspector Flemming Torp, who just happens to be in love with Dan’s wife…

New in May

The Twelve - Cinderella Murder  (Series 2)
Belgium (FL) 
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
In the second series of this intense Belgian drama Anton Bergman and his daughter Julie have been charged with the murder of Marianne Coens, Anton's partner and Julie's stepmother; their relationship has led to the crime being known as the Cinderella Murder.

Series 1 and 2 available now on Channel 4 streaming

Investigative magistrate Candela is transferred to the small remove island, El Hierro where a murder has been committed.  The local populous believe that Diaz, a shady local businessman is responsible but he claims he's innocent.  Diaz is out to find the real murderer, and so is Candela. 

The Sketch Artist (Series 2)
Canada (FR)
Available on Channel 4 streaming now

Several weeks have passed since the events of last season. Eve has been on leave, Maryse was discharged from the rehab centre but still has the after-effects of her attack, Anto does everything to forget that he killed a man…. But crime doesn’t sleep and the team gets back together to investigate several new cases. 

Available on Channel 4 streaming now

Heavily pregnant Inspector Alex Enders is kidnapped and finds herself a week later in front of a housing estate on the edge of the forest dressed only in a shirt. Her child is gone and Alex has no memory of the birth and nothing of the six days since her kidnapping. In search of her baby, she puts everything on the line.

Available on Channel 4 streaming now

Franz Kafka, the world’s most widely read German-language author, will have died 100 years ago in June 2024, and the time has come for an entertaining and humorous serial approach to his life and character in this 6-part series from best-selling author Daniel Kehlmann and the writer-director David Schalko.

New in April

Canana (FR)
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

Chanelle, a 38 year old French teacher is a happily married mother of 2, but no one is left unscathed after she embarks on an illicit love affair with Sandrick, a 17 year old teenager who has just been transferred to her class.  New 8-part French Canadian drama.

Sløborn (Series 2)
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

The small group of people who resisted removal from Sløborn fearing they would be exposed to an even greater risk on the mainland now face the collapse of the power grid and as the comforts of civilisation diminish, an explosive mix of people and tempers threatens to erupt in the 6-part second series of this Danish/German drama.

Available now on Channel 4 streaming

Morten Mathijsen seemingly has it all, a beautiful wife and family, a successful political career and the prospect of becoming the next Prime Minister -  until a dark secret from his past threatens his reputation. New 8-part drama from the Netherlands.

New In March

The Red Door (Series 3)
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

Two and a half years have passed since Leonardo Cagliostro last saw clairvoyant Vanessa as she left Trieste. But everything changes when the city descends into a blackout and the commissioner witnesses a fatal car accident which kills Vanessa’s mother. There’s more to this case than meets the eye since the former commissioner is still stuck between the land of the living and of the dead.

Astrid: Murder In Paris (Series 3)
Full run on More 4 from Friday 15 March at 9pm

Expect more complex cases set in unusual settings as our crime-solving duo, Astrid and Raphaëlle kick off series three with a bewildering case of an astrophysicist who dies from a lightning strike without a storm in sight.

Top Dog (Series 2)
Available now on Channel 4 Streaming
Gangster Teddy is trying to live a normal life with lawyer Emily, but the allure of the criminal underworld beckons. Last season, the pair were trapped in a cycle of helping and hurting each other, and this instalment is no exception when once again, Emily must choose between her career and her love for Teddy.

Available now on Channel 4 streaming
Unsettling nightmares after a transplant drive Florence to research the origin of her new heart. This act creates a terrifying question: was her donor murdered? New 6-part French drama.

Box Sets Worth a Binge

All The Sins
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming
The intense Finnish crime drama continues with the Detectives having to face personal crises and painful pasts while chasing killers in a small conservative town.

Astrid: Murder in Paris
Series 1-3 on Channel 4 streaming 

Rule-breaking detective Raphaëlle Coste co-opts autistic archivist Astrid Nielsen to help solve intractable cases. Series 3 currently being broadcast on More 4 - Fridays at 9pm.

The Crimson Rivers
Series 1-4 is available on Channel 4 streaming
Commissioner Pierre Niemans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay return to solve more macabre murders. In French with English subtitles.

Inspector Borowski
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming

Inspector Klaus Borowski tackles cases in and around the city of Kiel with his young colleagues in this complex German detective drama from Walter Presents

Seaside Hotel
Series 1-6 available on Channel 4 streaming

Set in the 1920s and 1930s. Wealthy guests, and not-so-wealthy staff and locals, make an annual hotbed of intrigue at a luxury seaside hotel.

The Wagner Method (Series 2)
Series 1 and 2 available now on Channel 4 streaming
More criminal adventures with quirky, but kind-hearted Detective César Wagner.