Walter Presents

Since launching in January 2016, Walter Presents has continued to highlight some of the very best in binge-worthy drama to stream on Channel 4. If you’re not yet a devotee, we can change all that – head over to WALTER PRESENTS where you’ll find a fantastic collection of European and World drama including:-

Coming Up In October

Carmen Curlers
1 x episode premiere on Channel 4 early hours of 11 October at 00:35am

Available to stream from Friday 6 October
After witnessing farmer's wife Birthe's embarrassment when she realises that she can't afford to get her hair done, ambitious Axel Byvang stumbles across an ad looking for someone to invest in electric curlers.  Will this big idea spark to life or will it curl up into nothing?  Set in the 60s, this new 8-part drama is in Danish with English subtitles.

New in September

The Red Door
Available now on Channel 4 streaming
In this haunting 12-part Italian crime drama, maverick detective Leonardo Cagliostro, desperate to help his loved ones, gets help from a teenage clairvoyant.

Available now on Channel 4 streaming

Izzy Bachar, a police internal affairs investigator, discovers just before retirement that his long time friend Barak, a senior police officer, is accused of being corrupt. Life as he knows it breaks into pieces. A new 10-part series from Israel.

The Bank Hacker
Available now on Channel 4 streaming

In this 8-part Belgian drama,  professional conman Alidor Van Praet needs to rebuild his illegal fortune after two years behind bars. When he spots 20-year-old Jeremy's hacking skills at a computing convention, they mastermind a plan that is as ingenious as it is daring: to hijack the digital highway of money transfers that run between banks, but as the heist unfolds, and events take an unexpected turn, who is really in control?

For Life
Full run on More 4 from Friday 29 September at 9pm
Victoria Woll, a hardened National Crime Service investigator with a profound sense of justice, has worked her way up the ranks. The story follows her across two different timelines: in the present, where it's her job to solve cases and put criminals behind bars, and in the future, where she is locked up in prison. Every episode features a present-day, exciting standalone case as its main story, along with new pieces to the continuing puzzle that is Victoria and why she is fighting for her freedom twenty years down the line. New 8-part series from Norway.

New in August

Enemy of the People
In a Finnish town, reporter Katja angers her readers by writing a critical article about their local hero, a football star who appears to be mixed up in dubious business schemes. When the star athlete is found dead at his Mediterranean villa, the hostility towards Katja blows up into a systemic hate campaign. In her readers’ eyes, she’s a malicious vulture who gets her kicks inventing conspiracy theories – the enemy of the people. Undeterred Katja continues her investigation as she suspects the athlete was murdered because he was on the verge of exposing a huge conspiracy. As she searches for the truth, more than Katja reputation is at stake.

Rig 45: Murder at Sea S2
The Walter Presents fan favourite Scandi noir takes us back to the rig for a second time and it’s deadlier than ever. Following the bloodshed from last season, the police finally uncover the truth about what really happened on board and serial killer Petra (Lisa Henni) is arrested. In light of new evidence, police duo Emma and Trevor agree to take Petra back to the rig to assist with their investigation - but find themselves in grave danger when Petra escapes and their hunt for the truth puts a target on their backs. Once again, the rig is cut off from the authorities and after a shocking death on board, another deadly game of cat and mouse ensues. With Petra on the loose, she instantly becomes their prime suspect, but has she struck again or is there another murderer in their midst?

Exterior Night
Based on true events, this gripping series explores the kidnapping and murder of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro. It begins in 1978 when Italy was torn apart by acts of sabotage, bank robberies, shootouts, murders, and bomb attacks led by far-left guerrilla group the Red Brigades. Amid the discontent and mayhem, Moro led the nation’s popular conservative party, the Christian Democrats, into a radical, unprecedented alliance with the Italian Communist Party. But his ‘Historic Compromise’ only served to deepen divisions between rival left and right-wing factions. On the day of the swearing-in ceremony, Moro was kidnapped by Red Brigade extremists en route to parliament in a deadly ambush. His imprisonment lasted 55 days. Each episode views the case from a different angle, resulting in a mesmerizing, multifaceted drama about irreconcilable ideals, acts of terror, moral duty, political expediency, family anguish – and bitter betrayal, culminating in a shocking climax.

Lolita Lobosco
Detective Lolita Lobosco (Luisa Ranieri) returns to her hometown of Bari after many years away and is tasked with investigating the alleged rape of a young woman.  She is shocked to learn that the accused is her first love who broke her heart as a teen, but undeterred by her past connection to him, she begins a crusade to uncover the truth and secure a conviction but as the investigation proceeds, she finds that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

New in July

In this complex Czech period drama from Walter Presents set in Central Europe in the 1950s: Czech Stanislav Láník is a talented actor who makes a life-changing decision about how to make his way under totalitarianism.

Disturbing Disappearances
A school excursion to Strasbourg Cathedral turns into a tragedy when a teacher is murdered in the cathedral square and nine children disappear.  The police are informed that the children were led away by a school employee and someone resembling the Pied Piper of Hamelin. What are the parallels with the old fable and how much danger are the children in?  In French with English subtitles.

After a pandemic rolls through the island of Sløborn, the survivors have to deal with the consequences.

The Defence (Series 4)
Magdalena Cielecka is back as the infuriating yet talented lawyer Joanna Chylka. Newly sober she and her assistant Zordan (Filip Plawiak) are defending a young Polish Muslim charged with terrorism, but something is off with the whole case.

Box Sets Worth a Binge

All The Sins
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming
The intense Finnish crime drama continues with the Detectives having to face personal crises and painful pasts while chasing killers in a small conservative town.

Astrid: Murder in Paris
Series 1 and 2 available on Channel 4 streaming 
Astrid - who is autistic and a talented amateur criminologist - teams up with a disorganised but intuitive police detective, Raphaelle in the second series of this intriguing French crime drama.

The Crimson Rivers
Series 1-4 is available on Channel 4 streaming
Commissioner Pierre Niemans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay return to solve more macabre murders. In French with English subtitles.

Ice Cold Murders: Rocco Schiavone 
Series 1-4 available on Channel 4 streaming
The third and fourth series of the Italian crime drama comes to Channel 4 streaming. Increasingly isolated in the alpine Aosta from friends and colleagues, deputy police commissioner Rocco Schiavone is back to his irascible self, solving crimes with unorthodox

Inspector Borowski
Series 1-3 available on Channel 4 streaming
In the third series of the complex German detective drama,  unflappable Klaus Borowski is confronted with the unwanted past when his goddaughter contacts him out of the blue. He must also face a series of unsettling cases in Kiel with new colleagues as well as familiar ones.  

Seaside Hotel
Series 1- 4 available on Channel 4 streaming

In the fourth series of the charming period drama from Denmark Seaside Hotel,  its summer 1931 by the North Sea and Fie is now in charge of daily management. The newspapers are full of articles about the world economic crisis, but this doesn't stop wealthy regulars flooding in for their annual holiday.