Medical Conditions

UPDATED: 13.03.2020
In this section you can find support for:
• allergies
• arthritis
• ankylosing spondylitis
• diabetes
• epilepsy
• female health
• male health
• head & brain injury with stroke & aphasia
• heart & chest conditions
• bladder & bowel conditions
• kidney and liver disorders
• meningitis
• myasthenia gravis
• neurological disorders
• transplant and organ donation
• other conditions & organisations

Support for cancer, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage and stillbirth, congenital & genetic conditions can be found via the main navigation menu


NHS – Allergies
Information on symptoms, causes and treatment of allergies.

Anaphylaxis Campaign
Information and support for anyone living with severe allergies.

Allergy UK
Supporting those with allergy and intolerance.

Asthma UK
Advice and support for anyone affected by Asthma.
Helpline: 0300 222 5800  (Monday –Friday 9am – 5pm)


Versus Arthritis
Versus Arthritis offer support advice to anyone living with arthritis.
Helpline: 0800 5200 520 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am - 8pm)


Supporting anyone affected by Axial SpA (AS) including Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Diabetes UK
Diabetes UK offers support and advice to anyone with diabetes.
Careline: 0345 123 2399 (lines open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm) 

Children With Diabetes UK
Support and information for families of children with Type 1 Diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Offering leaflets, magazine and packs for young people affected by Type 1 diabetes.
A guide to complications that can occur from diabetes. 


Epilepsy Action (opens in a new window)
Advice, support and information on all aspects of living with epilepsy.
Helpline: 0747 963 8071 (lines open Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 8pm, Friday to 4.30pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm)
Text: 07537410044 (reply within 24 hours on working days)

Young Epilepsy
Advice information for young people with epilepsy.
Helpline: 01342 831342 (
lines open Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm)


Information on the symptoms and possible treatments, if required.

Female Health Issues
Information and advice on women’s health issues. 


NHS - Sexual Dysfunction
NHS information on sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction causes and treatments.

NHS information on vasectomy.



Stroke Association
The Stoke Association support anyone affected by stroke and provide advice on preventing further strokes.
Helpline: 0303 3033 100 (lines open Monday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 5pm, Tuesday, Wednesday 8am-6pm, Saturday 10am – 1pm)


The Brain and Spine Foundation
Offering support and advice about prevention, treatment and care of disorders of the brain and spine.
Helpline: 0808 808 1000 (lines open Monday – Thursday 9am - 4pm) 

Headway provides support and advice to anyone affected by an acquired brain injury. A network of local groups and branches throughout the UK offer a wide range of services.
Helpline: 0808 800 2244 (lines open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm).

Information from Headway for families of patients in a Coma or reduced awareness state.

Providing practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury.

BIRT – Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust
Information and advice for anyone dealing with the unique needs of brain or head injury rehabilitation.

Back Up
Support for everyone whose life is affected by a spinal cord injury.

The Brain Tumour Charity
Supporting anyone affected by a brain tumour, as well as family, carers and friends.
Helpline: 0808 800 0004 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am -5pm)

Brain (cerebral) aneurysm
Information and support from Headway for those affected by a brain aneurysm.
Helpline: 0808 800 2244 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm).

Afasic support children and young adults (up to 25) with communication disability, as well as their parents and the professionals working with them. Network of support groups, publications, training and online message boards.
Helpline: 0300 666 9410 (lines open Monday & Wednesday 10.30am – 4pm)

Encephalitis Society
Offering support and information for anyone affected by encephalitis.


British Heart Foundation – BHF
Supporting anyone with a heart condition and offers information to help reduce the risk of heart and circulatory related illness. Helplines are staffed by cardiac nurses and information officers.
Helpline: 0300 330 3311 (lines open Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm) 

Children’s Heart Federation
Supporting children and young people with congenital and acquired heart conditions, as well as their families.
Information Line:
0300 561 0065 (lines open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm)

NHS information on pneumonia, its diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiomyopathy UK
Support and information on all types of cardiomyopathy, how to manage the condition and live well.
Helpline: 0800 018 1024 (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm)

Cardiac Risk in the Young - CRY
Information on undiagnosed cardiac conditions in young people and what in involved in screening.

My Heart
Support for young people diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition.

NHS – Congenital Heart Disease
Information on heart conditions present at birth, and treatments.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Providing information about Cystic Fibrosis.
Helpline: 0300 373 1000 (
lines open Monday - Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm, Tuesday & Thursday till 4.30pm)  

Cystic Fibrosis Medicine
Further information on Cystic Fibrosis for anyone suffering from this condition, their families and health care professionals.


Information and support on bowel and bladder conditions in children and teenagers.

Bladder & Bowel UK
Information and support for adults and children with bladder or bowel problems.


National Kidney Federation - NKF
Organised by Kidney Patients for Kidney Patients offering support and information online and via the helpline.
Helpline: 0800 169 0936 (lines open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)

Kidney Transplant
NHS information on kidney transplant. 

Anthony Nolan Trust
The Anthony Nolan Trust holds a stem cell register, with further information online or via the helpline.
Information line: 0303 303 0303 (lines open Monday – Friday 8am -5.30pm)

British Bone Marrow Registry
Information on bone marrow donation including details of how to join the register. 

British Liver Trust
Support information for affected by a liver condition.
Helpline: 0800 652 7330 (Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm


Meningitis Research Association
How to recognise the symptoms of meningitis in babies, toddlers or adults; support for anyone affected by meningitis or septicaemia.
Helpline: 080 8800 3344 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am -5pm)

Meningitis Now
Meningitis explained and support for those affected. 
Helpline: 080 880 10 388 (
lines open Monday – Thursday 9am- 4pm, Friday 9am – 1pm

Supporting those diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and their families.

NHS information about Myasthenia Gravis.



Motor Neurone Disease Association
Information and support for anyone living with a diagnosis of MND in all its forms - ALS, PBP, PMA and PLS.
Helpline: MND Connect: 0808 802 6262 (lines open Monday–Friday 9am-5pm & 7pm-10.30pm)

MND Scotland
Support for anyone affected by Motor Neurone Disease in Scotland.

NHS – Motor Neurone Disease
NHS information about Motor Neurone Disease

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Support information for anyone affected by MS, with a network of local branches.
Helpline: 0808 800 8000 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am - 7pm)

For information on different types of cannabis and their possible use for people with MS,  CLICK HERE

Providing support advice for anyone affected by MS.
Advice: 0800 783 0518 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm 

MS Trust
Information on Sativex and MS.

Parkinsons UK
Offering support to anyone affected by Parkinson’s disease. Local groups can facilitate bringing together sufferers, carers and families.
Helpline: 0808 800 0303 (lines open Monday – Friday 9am-7pm, Saturdays 10am – 2pm)

NGT Relay: 18001 0808 800 0303 (for use  with smart phones, tablets & PC’s)

PSP - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Information and support for anyone affected by PSP or CBD – Corticobasal Degeneration.


Stem Cell Transplant
Information about stem cell transplants.

Organ Donation
Information about donor registration.
Organ Donor Line: 0300 123 23 23 (lines open 24 hours a day)

Organ Donation Wales
Information on how organ donation works in Wales.


Information and support from Scoliosis Association UK. Scoliosis is where the spine curves and twists to the side.

NHS – Fear of The Dentist
Information about dental issues.

Patients Association
Working for better access to accurate and independent information for patients and the public; equal access to high quality health care for patients; and the right for patients to be involved in all aspects of decision making regarding their health care.
0800 345 7115 (Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm)

Health Care & Professionals Council – HCPC
The regulatory body for health therapy professionals, including range of independent practitioners from art therapy to speech and language. 

Intensive Care Units
NHS information on Intensive Care Units – ICUs ,also called ITUs and CCUs.

Hope Support Services
For young people aged 11 – 25 when a family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Support for as long as you need it.

Action For Sick Children
Campaigning organisation for child healthcare, with downloadable guide about consent for parents and children. 

Together For Short Lives
Working for all children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and all those who support, love and care for them.Website includes search for palliative care in your area and an information request form.
Helpline: 0808 8088 100 (lines open
Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm)

Patient UK
Information by medical professionals on a wide range of medical conditions, diseases and medicines

Providing patients and their family and friends with a comprehensive, accurate and up to date resource on all types of amyloidosis.

Streptococcal Infection
NHS information on types of Streptococcal infections.

The Sepsis Trust offers information and support for anyone whose life has been affected by sepsis.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK
Support for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or other forms of IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

NHS –Narcolepsy
Information on Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy UK
Support for those whose lives are affected by narcolepsy.

Smoke Free
NHS advice and help to quit smoking.

NHS information on causes and treatment of Sciatica.

Wheelchair Users Group
Assisting wheelchair users in leading full and active lives.