Hollyoaks help & support

The links below cover issues recently featured in Hollyoaks.

If you've been affected by anything you've seen on Hollyoaks, please follow the relevant links below for a list of organisations that can help.

Alternatively you can visit the main support menu by CLICKING HERE

Don't Filter Feelings

Support for all episodes of the Don’t Filter Feelings Podcast can be located via the Main Menu

Support information - Hollyoaks Favourites

Support for anyone affected by situations in Hollyoaks can be found through the main menu


County Lines

Support for anyone involved in County Lines is available by CLICKING HERE


Support for anyone dealing with the death of a loved one can be found by CLICKING HERE

Pregnancy Choices

Support information for pregnancy choices can be found by CLICKING HERE

Mental Health & non-recent Child Abuse

Mental Health support information can be found by CLICKING HERE and support for anyone affected by child abuse or trauma (including non-recent) can be found by CLICKING HERE

Victim of Crime

Support for victims of violence can be found by CLICKING HERE

Drug Problems

Support for drug problems can be found by CLICKING HERE

Rape & Alcohol Addiction

Support information for anyone affected by rape, including non-recent, can be found by CLICKING HERE and for alcohol problems by CLICKING HERE

Sickle Cell Disorder

Support information for Sickle Cell Disorder can be found by CLICKING HERE and for organ donation by CLICKING HERE

Living With A Disability

Support information for anyone living with a disability can be found by CLICKING HERE

Coercive Control

Support for anyone affected by domestic abuse, including coercive control, can be FOUND HERE