Signed programmes



The programmes that will feature SIGNING from Friday 30 September to Friday 7 October 2022 are as follows:




Grand Designs

Tuesday 4 October at 3:30am


My Grandparent’s War

Friday 30 September at 2:00am

Wednesday 5 October at 2:20am


Hollyoaks Omnibus

Monday 3 October at 3:45am


Finding the Cornish Dream

Friday 30 September at 1:05am


Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare USA

Sunday 2 October at 1:25am

Tuesday 4 October at 12:05am

Friday 7 October at 1:05am


A Very British Job Agency

Wednesday 5 October at 3:15am


First Dates Hotel

Saturday 1 October at 12:10am


George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Thursday 6 October at 2:00am


Autumn At Jimmy’s Farm

Friday 30 September at 4:30am

Friday 7 October at 4:20am


Flipping Fast

Sunday 2 October at 5:15am

Tuesday 4 October at 5:20am

Wednesday 5 October at 5:05am

Thursday 6 October at 5:15am


Food Unwrapped

Sunday 2 October at 3:00am



Wednesday 5 October at 12:35am


Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworkers

Tuesday 4 October at 2:35am



Thursday 6 October at 12:10am


Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke

Sunday 2 October at 4:20am


Wondrous Wales

Tuesday 4 October at 4:25am

Wednesday 5 October at 4:10am


She’s Funny That Way (Film)

Friday 30 September at 2:55am






First Dates Hotel

Sunday 2 October at 12:10am

Thursday 6 October at 12:05am



Saturday 1 October at 1:55am and 11:05pm

Monday 3 October at 1:10am, 2:10am and 11:05pm

Wednesday 5 October at 11:00pm

Thursday 6 October at 11:15pm


Hollyoaks Omnibus

Sunday 2 October at 3:10am


The Inbetweeners

Monday 3 October at 3:05am and 3:30am


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Friday 30 September at 4:35am and 5:00am

Saturday 1 October at 4:30am and 4:55am

Wednesday 5 October at 4:45am and 5:10am

Thursday 6 October at 4:40am and 5:00am

Friday 7 October at 4:50am and 5:10am


The Big Blowout

Tuesday 4 October at 2:20am

Wednesday 5 October at 2:15am