Smart TVs and Games Consoles

The following FAQs relate to the accessibility on smart TVs and games consoles.

I Have A Visual Impairment

There are specific accessibility features built into YouView platform which may be helpful for many users with visual impairments. However, not all YouView Accessibility settings currently work within the app. The app does have a high contrast style, which is supported and has highly visible focus highlighting when navigating the content. These features are very well supported for users when viewing programmes on the Channel 4 big screen app on a TV. Unfortunately, the 'Zoom' function on YouView does not currently work once the app has been selected. Some televisions may enable users to increase the size of the screen. So please check your manufacturer's instructions for details.

Alexa Voice Control is not currently supported within the Channel 4 app.

I Have A Hearing Impairment

Most of our recent content will have subtitles available, if subtitles are available, there will be a 'S' icon on the video. Subtitles are activated by selecting the subtitles icon with your remote control.

Audio settings can be adjusted via your TV /Monitor or PC settings.

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