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Formula 1 and Formula E 2023

Formula 1

We'll be back in 2024.


Formula 1 News

Sky and Channel 4 have extended their long-standing partnership ensuring motorsport fans across the UK will continue to enjoy free-to-air Formula 1 coverage through to 2026.

Highlights of all Formula 1 qualifying, sprint and Grand Prix races will be available on Channel 4 whilst Sky will continue to show exclusive live coverage of all practice laps, qualifying, sprint and Grand Prix races throughout the next three years

Thanks to the deal, racing fans across the UK will be able to watch live action from the British Grand Prix as well as all practice and qualifying laps in the build-up to the British GP race day.


Formula E

To catch up on the final race of the season or previous ePrix races head over to our YOUTUBE 4SPORTS channel or Channel 4 on demand for broadcast races and Unplugged  Channel 4 on demand.