Publication scheme

The Channel Four Television Corporation has adopted the model publication scheme for non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) as set out by the Information Commissioners Office.

The classes are examples of types of information that Channel 4 intends to make available. The information will be as up to date as possible and, where appropriate, some back copies of information will be included.

The information has been divided into seven classes:

Description: Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts.

Roles and Responsibilities: Senior Executives and Management Board Members 

Please click here to see the members of the Channel 4 Board.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Organisational Structure

Please click here to see the Channel 4 Organisation Structure.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Information Relating to the Legislation Relevant to the Authority's Functions

The Board Members responsibilities are set out in the Communications Act and the Remit.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Lists of and Information Relating to Organisations with which the NDPB Works in Partnership

Channel 4 is a statutory corporation, independent of government, and governed by a unitary board made up of Executive and Non-Executive Directors, who are responsible for ensuring that Channel 4 fulfils its remit and delivers its financial responsibilities. Non-Executive Directors are appointed by Ofcom in agreement with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Channel 4 does not provide a public service, like the police or the NHS, so it does not maintain a list of organisations with which it works in partnership, as typical public authorities may.

However, we can confirm that as a publisher-broadcaster, Channel 4 does not produce its own programmes but commissions them from more than 300 independent production companies across the UK every year. You can find a list of independent production companies we have recently worked with here.

If you would like to know more about Channel 4's commissioning process, further information is available on our commissioning pages.

If you would like to find out more about production companies in the UK, you may wish to consider contacting PACT, the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Meetings of Chief Executive or Board Members with Ministers and External Organisations

Each year the Channel 4 Chairman and Chief Executive present the Corporation’s Annual Report to The Commons Select Committee for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. You can find copies of both the oral and written evidence provided annually to the committee here.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


The Locations and Contact Details for the Authority

Please click here.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None

Description: Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit. 


Financial Statements, Budgets and Reports

Our financial statements are available in our audited accounts; please follow the links below to see our latest statements.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Strategic Plans and Major Policy Proposals

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Spending Reviews

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Financial Audit Reports

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Staff and Board Members' Allowances and Expenses

Expenses for Channel 4 staff and Board Members are published as part of our Annual Report; please follow the links below to see the latest employee expense information.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Pay and Grading Structures

Channel 4 salaries are established through benchmarking against similar roles across the industry. This process is overseen by the Remuneration Committee. 

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Procurement and Tendering Procedures

Channel 4 is not a contracting authority for the purposes of public procurement rules and is a commercially funded organisation. This information is, therefore, not held by Channel 4 and so not available for disclosure. 


Financial Statements for Projects and Events

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Internal Financial Regulations

Format: Electronic; Cost: None

Description: Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.


Strategic & Annual Business Plans

Format: Online; Cost: None


Annual Reports

Format: Online; Cost: None


Internal and External Performance Reviews

Each year Channel 4 proposes a Statement of Programme Policy which is approved by Ofcom. You can see these in the section entitled Annual Reporting, above. At the end of each year we prepare a review of our programmes; follow the links below to see these:

From time to time Channel 4 is subject to review by our regulator Ofcom. For more information about such reviews, how they are carried out and specific outcomes, please click here to see the Ofcom website.

Format: Online; Cost: None


Reports to Parliament

Please see our Annual Report and Statement of Programme Policy:

Format: Online; Cost: None


Service Standards

Format: Online; Cost: None


Statistics About Our Audience

Channel 4 regularly provides statistics to Ofcom; these can be seen on the Ofcom website by clicking here. Channel 4 also holds various statistics associated with our audience:

Format: Online; Cost: None 


Public Service Agreements

Please click here to see the Ofcom Licence for the Channel 4 service. 

Format: Online; Cost: None

Description: Decision-making processes and records of decisions.


Major Policy Proposals and Decisions

For the latest news about Channel 4's business and programming activities please see our Press Site

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Public Consultations

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Minutes of Senior-Level Meetings

Redacted Board meeting minutes:

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Reports and Papers Provided for Consideration at Senior-Level Meetings

There are a large volume of reports and papers provided for consideration at senior-level meetings. Channel 4 will endeavour to make these reports and papers available upon request, when these are not exempt from disclosure under section 43 of the Freedom of Information Act (commercial interests).


Internal Communications Guidance Criteria Used For Decision Making i.e Process Systems and Key Personnel.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Terms of Reference for decision making

Format: Electronic; Cost: None

Description: Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities.


Policies and Procedures for the Conduct of Departmental Business

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Services

On-screen services:

Off-Screen Services:

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Policies and Procedures for the Recruitment and Employment of Staff

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Records Management and Personal Data Policies

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 

Freedom of Information and Data Protection Charging Regimes and Policies

Whilst Channel 4 will not usually charge a fee for a Freedom of Information request, it reserves the right to do so if the retrieval and research costs are likely to be significant. If we consider that it is appropriate to charge a fee, we will notify you in advance of carrying out any work to process your request. For more information please click here

For a data protection Subject Access Request Channel 4 will require a £10 processing fee.

Description: Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers.


Asset Registers and Information Asset Register

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Disclosure Logs

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Register of Gifts and Hospitality Provided to Board Members and Senior Personnel

Nominal hospitality is occasionally provided to members of the Board, such as tickets for sporting events, concert tickets and DVDs. We do not consider any gifts or hospitality received to be significant.

Format: Hard copy; Cost: None


Any Register of Interests Kept in the Department

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Other lists required by law 

Channel 4 does not provide a public service, like the police or the NHS, so it is not required to compile any data in this way.

Description: Information about the services we currently provide.


Services for Members of the Public

Channel 4 provides the main Channel 4 TV service in accordance with the Public Service Remit. We are also required to replicate analogue coverage on the digital spectrum following the digital switchover in 2012. If you would like to know more about digital switchover please see the Digital UK website: Digital UK. If you would like to see if you can receive Freeview now, please see the Freeview website: Freeview.

Format: Electronic; Cost: None


Advice, Guidance and Customer Service

Format: Electronic; Cost: None 


Media Releases

Channel 4 regularly releases information to the media about its operations and programmes. If you are looking for a specific press release you can request a copy using our online request form, which is available here. Or visit our dedicated press website by clicking here

Format: Electronic; Cost: None