Channel 4's employee networks

4Inclusion builds on Channel 4’s remit, purpose and values, aiming to create an organisation that is ‘the iconic inclusive employer’.

The 4Inclusion team sits within the Marketing department at Channel 4. We work across the business on new initiatives to make sure our people feel able to bring their true self to work.

4Inclusion supports Channel 4's wealth of impactful employee networks. These valuable networks are safe spaces where our people can find a sense of community and allyship. They are also a place for personal development and a vehicle to drive policy change at Channel 4. Each group is run voluntarily by a number of Chairs and sponsored by a member of the Executive Team. They host regular 'drop-in' meetings and exciting events.

Find out about Channel 4's employee networks:

4Earth #TheTimeIsNow

4Earth connects our people across the regions with news, campaigns, inspiration and actions related to the Climate Emergency and Environmental Sustainability.

4Earth was formed in 2019 when a group of our people went on climate strike with thousands of students outside Parliament. Soon after the strikes they worked with the business to create the Channel 4 Sustainability Roadmap.

Not afraid to disrupt the status quo, 4Earth have worked with the UK student Climate Network to interrupt the Channel 4 News weather forecast and organise a debate with Kate Quilton in the Horseferry Road cinema. They have taken over the annual Christmas market and made it full of sustainable and independent traders, and on Earth Day 2021 4Earth hosted an epic online discussion covering climate justice and equal access to nature with Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Bristol based Gen Z climate figurehead Bird Girl. From zero waste food demos with Instagram influencers to mental health workshops with climate psychologists, 4Earth aren't afraid to get stuck in and have collaborated with many of the other employee networks on powerful initiatives and events.

Set up by Channel 4's Mental Health First Aiders, 4Mind aims to support mental health awareness and emotional wellbeing for our people.

From Hollyoaks to Pure on-screen, Channel 4 is known for tackling subjects such as suicide and self-harm head-on. Within the organisation, we’re also raising awareness of mental health through 4Mind.

4Mind start conversations about mental health and staff wellbeing, working to break down stigma and improve support for Channel 4 staff through a range of events, activities and resources. They want to ensure Channel 4 is a workplace where staff are happy and healthy, and where everyone feels able to talk openly about their mental health. They exist to help make sure the company has the right support, policies, and training in place for everyone.

During 2020, almost overnight, staff at Channel 4 lost the soft support network that working in the office provided. Zoom fatigue kicked in and the lines between work and home life were blurred. Not to mention the additional stress and anxiety that came with the unfolding pandemic. But amidst the crisis came opportunity. Channel 4 encouraged more open discussion around mental health and made positive changes to the way we work in the long term that can support wellbeing.

Whether you need a cup of tea and a chat, info on how to access free counselling through BUPA or the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), or just need a safe space to talk about how you’re finding things at one of their weekly drop-ins: 4Mind and their network of 95 mental health first-aiders aim to be there every step of the way.

4 Parents & Carers

4Parents & Carers exists to support Channel 4 staff who have parenting and caring responsibilities, such as caring for an elderly or disabled relative.

4Parents & Carers was set up in June 2020 as the pressure on working parents and carers across the business continued to increase dramatically alongside the pandemic. Home-schooling, illness, remote working, social distancing and its impact on those close to us meant that there was an understandable increase in stress and anxiety for those with this lived experience.

They're here to support anyone who is balancing new or ongoing caring responsibilities with work by:

  • Providing a safe, informal and confidential space for everyone to share their experiences.
  • Raising awareness of the challenges faced by parents and carers.
  • Highlighting Channel 4 policies that are available to support parents and carers.
  • Signposting queries, providing advice and representing members views to the business.
  • Identifying relevant topics of interest, with a view to sharing knowledge, exploring solutions and providing tips.

4Pride waves the flag for all LGBTQI+ people and allies across Channel 4, on and off screen. They drive change and celebrate diversity within and for the community.

4Pride offers support and advice to everyone in the organisation on LGBTQI+ issues – whether you’re queer yourself, an ally or just inquisitive, they are here to help. They're friendly group that meet regularly in safe, social spaces and connect together as one community. Expect panel events, guest speakers, film screenings (in person and virtual), Pride parades and inclusive events. 4Pride also work to drive change within the company to make it an inclusive place to work for everyone.

4Purple - To encourage a wider conversation about disability by raising awareness and empowering everyone at C4 to feel confident about disability

4Purple is Channel 4’s Disability employee network, empowering everyone in the organisation to feel more confident about disability.

4Purple are an internal community here to create an open conversation about disability and to educate colleagues at Channel 4 on the wide variety of disabilities that exists within our company, to encourage action and behaviour that removes barriers to inclusion. They want to create an open space to allow people to speak candidly about their disability experiences and where questions are welcomed from those who wish to learn more. Some of their members have lived experience of disability and/or long term health conditions, but many don’t. They are allies and champions and a huge part of 4Purple's collective effort to drive positive change.

4Purple host a number of events throughout the year to ensure that everyone at Channel 4 has a solid understanding of our purpose, capability and our ambitions Some of their activity include:

  • Awareness raising with talks from our people and experts.
  • Creating IT sessions focusing on accessibility features.
  • Internal and external activity to mark Purple Light Up (a global movement that celebrates and draws attention to the economic contribution of the 386 million disabled employees around the world).
  • Being a sounding board and critical friend to the business.
  • Securing the organisation’s commitment to the Valuable 500 and renewal of Channel 4’s Disability Confident Leader status.
  • Representing Channel 4 at external events.
4Womxn is a network for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, identity or otherwise.

4Womxn is Channel 4’s gender equality employee network, empowering women in our organisation to achieve success, whatever that looks like for them.

4Womxn were the driving force behind the launch of Channel 4’s ground-breaking menopause policy back in 2019, which was updated and published publicly in 2020. At the time the policy launched, Channel 4 were the UK’s first media company to do so. The policy made global news and has had a huge impact. 4Womxn have supported several organisations with specific advice as they develop their own policies. They also regularly take part in interviews and panels that aim to address the taboo that surrounds the menopause in the workplace, ensuring the conversation goes on.

Continuing to support women’s health issues, earlier this year 4Womxn launched the world’s first pregnancy loss policy after speaking to their members and realising what an invisible issue this is and what a lack of support is available. Pregnancy loss can take many different forms and our policy aims to support all those who have been affected. The policy provides two weeks’ paid leave, guidance, information about pregnancy loss and its impact, as well as advice around speaking about loss.

In addition to women’s health, 4Womxn continue to host a number of events throughout the year – these range from our informal Come Dine With lunches featuring Channel 4 women, topical panel discussions, training sessions, and talks from inspiring women in the industry.

Due to the tragic deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, 4Womxn are also looking at women’s safety. They have worked with Channel 4 to provide our staff with a ‘get home safe’ taxi card. This allows Channel 4 employees to order a taxi via our approved taxi provider, GLH, if they find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

To create positive change for ethnically diverse staff at Channel 4 by celebrating cultural diversity in the workplace and lobbying senior management to advance the employee life-cycle of ethnically diverse staff

The Collective creates positive change by celebrating cultural diversity in the workplace, and lobbying senior management to advance the progression of ethnically diverse people in the organisation.

The Collective was set up in 2017 off the back of the company Caerus research, which assessed the lived experiences of ethnically diverse employees at Channel 4 in comparison to their White counterparts. The report gave explicit recommendations on how to improve the negative narrative that was revealed. Through the creation of a safe space, regular meetings and engaged Executive sponsors, The Collective has very quickly become a positive force for good, with no signs of slowing down.

The Collective’s impact has touched every part of Channel 4’s business. They have given a loud voice to matters relating to Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnically diverse employees and set the scene for meaningful change to take place through education and action.

The Collective endorse strategic action like:

  • Anti-racist organisation commitment
  • Ethnic pay gap reporting
  • Tracking top 100 earners
  • Black History Month awareness
  • Stop Asian Hate awareness
  • And most recently the Black to Front Project

There are gatherings and monthly extended meetings, as well as collaborations across departments and with other networks to raise awareness. The group is a rich representation of cultural diversity in the business and much welcome allies.

The Shed

The Shed is an inclusive, non-judgemental space to encourage an open dialogue around male health, as well as improve men’s emotional resilience and advance allyship.

The Shed is Channel 4's newest staff network.

Based on many discussions with male employees, it had been highlighted that there wasn't a dedicated space for men to talk about issues directly related to them, particularly regarding male physical and mental health. Despite Channel 4's wealth of inclusive staff networks that occasionally tackle male focused issues, there had been a lack of engagement from men; some men felt that it is important marginalised groups have a louder voice over their own. By creating The Shed, Channel 4 hope that this new group will change this lack of engagement and encourage more men to be part of driving an inclusive culture at Channel 4.

The Shed are not afraid to tackle hard-hitting subjects, ask some big questions... or have some beers and socialise with the fellow Shedders.