Our approach

As a Public Service Broadcaster with a remit to deliver specific kinds of content, we take our accountability very seriously. We work with Ofcom, the regulating body, to ensure that all our activity aligns with our remit, and that audiences are adequately served by us.

Each year, we publish our Annual Report and Financial Statements, which incorporates the Statement of Media Content Policy (SMCP) and our Financial Statements from the previous year.

The SMCP was introduced to enable Channel 4 to report on the fulfilment of its public service remit. The idea is to look across the full range of services Channel 4 offers and to provide a transparent and comprehensive account of our delivery of the remit. The component parts of the remit are included against each chart and case study contained in the report as an indication of how we have delivered the remit across the year.

You can access these reports in our reporting library.

Image of the Annual Report 2018 front cover which says Commercial, Creators, Challengers, Champions