Channel 4’s Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose

To create change through entertainment

We aim to create change in the wider world through all of our activities: from TV, to streaming, social media and film – and our day-to-day roles at Channel 4. It’s the impact that Channel 4 has on society, on viewers, on British culture, on the creative industries and on the wider economy. It’s why Channel 4 is – and will continue to be – different.
Everybody's Talking About Jamie promotional image of Jamie on a catwalk

Our Vision

Represent unheard voices

Channel 4 has a strong commitment to representing the whole of the UK. It means using our strong brand and wide reach to elevate unheard voices – from diverse communities, emerging writers and producers, to those who have different points of view or experiences.

Challenge with purpose

We are here to challenge groupthink and hold power to account. We don’t challenge for the sake of it. We are here to test boundaries and challenge conventions, and inspire reflection and critical thought.

Reinvent entertainment

Channel 4 has a long-established role as an innovator in the creative industries across ‘entertainment’ in the broadest sense: we challenge ourselves to continuously refresh what we do creatively; to develop new and emerging talent; to find new ways of reaching audiences; and to find new ways of working with our partners.