Channel 4 Supplier Policies and Standards

Channel 4’s Supplier Policies and Standards are important document that set out our commitments to – and expectations from – those that we work with.

Everything that Channel 4 does is governed by our public service remit. We exist to create change through entertainment and, whether we are representing unheard voices, challenging with purpose or reinventing entertainment, we aspire to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all of our activities.

While we require our suppliers to comply with all applicable legislation at all times, Channel 4’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Travel and Expense Policy go further, setting out the minimum standards of behaviours that we expect our suppliers to follow when carrying out their work for Channel 4 – as well as advice and where to go for help when required.

Working fairly and ethically is paramount to our success and we depend on our staff, as well as those who we do business with, to help us to continue to succeed.

Alex Mahon, Chief Executive