There is a clear moral, social and economic case for why equality and diversity matter. Knowing your community and responding to its diverse needs is at the heart of effective public service delivery.

Diversity in TV and the media is a top priority for us at Channel 4. A key part of our remit is to appeal to people whatever their culture, nationality, religious persuasion, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender, race or age.

From 'Desmond's', the first black sitcom first broadcast by Channel 4 in 1989, to our coverage of the World Para Athletics Championships in 2017, Channel 4 has brought previously neglected experiences and perspectives into the mainstream. Today, the story continues.

A commitment to diversity

In 2015, Channel 4 set out a major commitment to leadership in diversity at every level of the organisation. The 360° Charter puts diversity at the heart of all decision making at Channel 4, across all activities on and off-screen, at every level and with all external partners and independent producers. It includes 30 significant activities worth £5m of investment and covers a wide definition of diversity including BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic), disability, LGBT, gender and social mobility.

Read our latest progress report: Diversity Report 2017.

We are also proud to be a part of Project Diamond, the world-first diversity monitoring tool that will reveal who really makes and stars in UK programmes. 

Our commitment extends to helping our partners and suppliers become more confident in diversity. For example, in 2018 we launched a guide for the TV sector on employing disabled talent, providing Indies and other partners with a one-stop-shop on the business case through to the practicalities.

Our aspiration is to be a truly inclusive and diverse organisation, which offers equal opportunities for all within Channel 4.

In order to boost the progression of women within the business. we launched RISE in 2018. RISE is a programme tailored specifically for women at Channel 4, focused on their career progression within the organisation. More than 200 women attended the programme in 2018, supporting our commitment to increasing female progression across all parts of Channel 4 – read our latest report on the programme below.

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“Diversity is the lifeblood of creativity, so it’s imperative that we keep challenging ourselves, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes us more innovative and more commercially successful.”
Dan Brooke, Channel 4’s Board Diversity Champion