Working with Channel 4 (non-commissioning suppliers)

Channel 4 works with a range of suppliers who support us in fulfilling our requirements.

Where possible, we seek to work with a diverse supply base that can meet our requirements and ensure the provision of high-quality goods and services to Channel 4.

We select suppliers based on their ability to meet Channel 4’s current and future requirements. Evaluation criteria when selecting suppliers include supplier compliance with Channel 4 standards, together with the ability to provide innovative, reliable and quality products and services.

Ultimately, we strive to ensure our buying and sourcing solutions are commercially efficient and effective. We work with our suppliers to deliver contracts which are robust, fit for purpose and maximise value for money. 

Please note – ‘Suppliers’ referenced here are non-commissioning/indirect suppliers. If you are interested in learning more about our programming/commissioning team, please visit our Commissioning page.

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