Fast Forward: Transforming Channel 4 into a digital-first public service streamer

Fast Forward is Channel 4’s ambitious strategy to accelerate its transformation into an agile and genuinely digital-first public service streamer by 2030. It is designed to ensure Channel 4 embraces the generational shift in TV viewing, elevates its impact across the UK and stands out in a crowded market.

With a remit to create change, Channel 4 exists to represent unheard voices, challenge with purpose and continually reinvent entertainment. In 2020, we launched our Future4 strategy to shift our focus from traditional broadcasting to digital. We are now leading and outperforming the competition.

Unlike other commercial broadcasters in the UK and abroad, which have digital revenue at around 10% of their total, Channel 4 reached 27% in 2023. We aim to increase this to 30% in 2024, and 50% by 2030. We have also successfully expanded our non-advertising revenue to represent 10% of the total. And in streaming, viewing time grew by 24% in 2023. Now, as media and viewer habits evolve further, we are accelerating our plans to lead the industry into the digital age.

Fast Forward will get Channel 4 into the right shape and place for the 2030s. It will enhance our core public service values, ensuring that we remain a trusted and relevant brand, with brilliant shows that matter and that people love.

Channel 4 remains fully committed to harnessing the power of its regional structure to increase its impact across the UK, boosting investment and job opportunities in the Nations and Regions. We will continue to champion Britain’s world-leading independent TV and film production, nurturing the very best ideas from across the UK and supporting those who aspire to a career in the creative industries.

Read more about our Fast Forward strategy and download our summary.

    Fast Forward

    Fast Forward strategic pillars

    To transform Channel 4 into a genuinely digital-first public service streamer, Fast Forward has three key strategic pillars:

    1. Digital growth and transformation
    2. Diversified new businesses
    3. Reengineering the business for a digital-first world
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