Request for Proposal for the carriage of a Digital Television Programme Service on Multiplex PSB2 on the UK DTT Platform

Digital 3 and 4 Limited (“D3&4”) is pleased to invite offers from channel providers for a Digital Television Programme Service (a “channel”) on the PSB2 Multiplex, one of the national multiplexes that forms part of the UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform. The PSB2 Multiplex is broadcast from all 80 main stations and 1,000+ relays in the UK DTT network and currently covers around 98.5% of all UK households.

D3&4 anticipates being able to provide carriage of a single channel on the PSB2 Multiplex, subject to contract and the grant of an Ofcom DTPS licence, on the following headline terms:

  • Service:  Standard definition television channel (Full resolution; 128kb/s audio)
  • Anticipated Term Start Date: May 2024
  • Term: Offers will be considered to either 30 June 2025 or 31 December 2026
  • Hours:  24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Terms:  A copy of D3&4’s standard form contract will be made available to those successful in getting through to the final stages in this process.
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The selection of content provider will be based at a minimum upon the following objective factors:

  1. the commercial package offered by the potential content supplier;
  2. the level of commercial risk to be undertaken by D3&4 in contracting with the potential content supplier - which will be affected, for example, by certainty of income, the length of the contract and the scale of the risk in the context of D3&4's overall business;
  3. the attractiveness of content to viewers and the ability of the content to attract new viewers. We will not accept content which is in the adult genre;
  4. the provisions of D3&4’s licence which relate to the capacity of services on the multiplex to appeal to a variety of tastes and interests; and
  5. market conditions at the time.

For more detailed information please see the full RFP document at the following address: RFP Doc

Please submit any questions to

Proposals should be submitted in accordance with the RFP documentation to by 6pm on the 30th April 2024