Menopause Policy

Channel 4 launched the UK media industry’s first dedicated menopause policy on World Menopause Day 2019, aiming to support our employees experiencing menopausal symptoms and to provide guidance for line managers.

The policy has already made an impact, with a recent 4Womxn survey suggesting that 78% of Channel 4 staff feel better about Channel 4 as a place to work since the policy launched, whilst 10% of female employees have used or plan to use the policy to support their menopausal symptoms (13% of Channel 4 staff are women over the age of 45). 

We also hoped to inspire our industry and beyond to talk about supporting women through menopause, and to introduce their own policies. The response so far has been really encouraging, with requests for a copy of our policy coming from sectors including media, finance, consulting and recruitment.  

The need to support women at work during menopause is now greater than ever, with 30% of women reporting that their menopausal symptoms have worsened during the pandemic, according to a recent survey from The Menopause Hub. That’s why we decided to publicly publish our policy, which has been updated to reflect remote working conditions, on World Menopause Day 2020. We’d love you to take it and make it your own.   

You can download our policy here.  

And if you’d like to receive any future policy updates, or to find out more about how we launched it, email  

“We’re really proud to have had so many conversations around menopause this year at Channel 4 and confront a subject that remains ridiculously taboo in the workplace. Our dedicated policy has provided Channel 4’s employees – both our women facing the menopause and all our managers – with vital tools and support. This is a time when even more than ever we need to respect the concerns and constraints of our staff so I encourage all companies to look at this. By giving away our policy to everyone we hope to make it even easier for other companies to benefit from the retention of expert women in their industries.”
Alex Mahon, Chief Executive