Rights is part of Channel 4’s Commercial Affairs Department.  Commercial Affairs brings together Channel 4's professional support services covering Legal & Business Affairs, Production Finance, Rights (including the Information & Archive team), Legal & Compliance and Corporate Legal. 

The Rights Department handles all output and blanket negotiations with copyright holders and Talent, provides clearance deals for the independent producers Channel 4 & Film4 commissions and secures all additional clearances for the Channel 4 services outside of its producers’ original responsibilities e.g. for C4, Film4, E4, More4, 4Creative, 4Studio etc. As well as setting up these deals for C4 and its producers, it provides a strategic advice and help service and liaises closely with copyright users. 

The Rights Department comprises six expert teams with years of experience, covering Clearances, Licensing, Operations & Film4 Library, Systems & Reporting, Channel 4 Clip Library/Screenocean and Information & Archives, reporting into:



Rights Clearances


Rights Licensing 


Rights Operations 


Rights Reporting & Systems  


Channel 4 Clip Library / Screenocean 


Rights – Information & Archive 


Music and copyright information:


Music & Commercial Recordings

Clare Morey, CMorey@Channel4.co.uk 

Gemma Jones, GJones@Channel4.co.uk 

Susie Ames, SAmes@Channel4.co.uk 

Amma Donkor, ADonkor@Channel4.co.uk 

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk 


Archive & Stills 

Clare Morey, CMorey@Channel4.co.uk 

Joe Spicer, JSpicer@Channel4.co.uk 

Hannah Gaunt, HGaunt@Channel4.co.uk 


Talent Queries - Equity, MU, DUK & Writers’ Guild 

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk 

Clare Morey, CMorey@Channel4.co.uk 

Susie Ames, (Letters of financial guarantee), SAmes@Channel4.co.uk  


General Rights, Budgeting and Distribution Queries

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk 

Clare Morey, CMorey@Channel4.co.uk