Rights is part of Channel 4’s Commercial Affairs Department.  Commercial Affairs brings together Channel 4's professional support services covering Legal & Business Affairs, Production Finance, Rights (including the Information & Archives team), Legal & Compliance and Corporate Legal. 

The Rights Department handles all output and blanket negotiations with copyright holders and Talent, provides clearance deals for the independent producers Channel 4 & Film4 commissions and secures all additional clearances for the Channel 4 services outside of its producers’ original responsibilities e.g. for C4, Film4, E4, More4, 4Creative, 4Studio etc. As well as setting up these deals for C4 and its producers, it provides a strategic advice and help service and liaises closely with copyright users. 

The Rights Department comprises six expert teams with years of experience, covering Clearances, Licensing, Operations & Film4 Library, Systems & Reporting, Channel 4 Clip Library/Screenocean and Information & Archives, reporting into:



Rights Clearances


Rights Licensing 


Rights Operations 


Rights Reporting & Systems  


Channel 4 Clip Library / Screenocean 


Rights – Information & Archives 


Music and copyright information:

You can find our C4 music guides under ‘M’ on the Training and Resources section of this website.

Below is a selection of copyright owners with whom we have agreed rates for you to use for C4 productions. Please don’t hesitate to contact them for any further information.


The world's most diverse library of editorial content with an intuitive search engine. A vast collection of royalty-free images, vectors, videos, and 360-degree content specifically curated for editorial use.



Bridgeman Images

The world largest licensing resource for art and artifacts imagery, including copyright clearance service.



British Pathe

The world's finest newsreel archive spanning 1896-1978, containing 85,000 films from around the Globe of major events, famous faces, fashion trends, travel, science, & culture.



Getty Images

Over 500 million stock and editorial stills, over 27 million video clips including exclusive offline content from BBC, NBC, ITN and Sky News, plus free project Research and Proof of Concept.



Imperial War Museum

Extensive & unique collection of photography, footage, art, & oral history recordings of conflicts involving British & Commonwealth forces since 1914.

Footage: filmcommercial@iwm.org.uk 

Stills: imagesales@iwm.org.uk


If you could amend with the above when you can, that would be great, but there’s no rush.

Mary Evans Picture Library

Extensive archive of historical images from periodicals, books, prints, photographs, & ephemera, as well as over one million film & cinema images.



News Licensing

World news from famous, historic brands such as The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times, (old News of the World), talkSPORT, talkRADIO, TalkTV, Virgin Radio, & Times Radio.



For anything else regarding music and copyrights, please contact the relevant team below:

Music & Commercial Recordings

Gemma Jones, GJones@Channel4.co.uk 

Susie Ames, SAmes@Channel4.co.uk 

Amma Donkor, ADonkor@Channel4.co.uk 

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk 


Archive & Stills 

Joe Spicer, JSpicer@Channel4.co.uk 

Charlotte Borsuk, Assistant Rights Manager, Leeds, cborsuk@Channel4.co.uk 


Talent Queries - Equity, MU, DUK & Writers’ Guild 

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk 

Susie Ames, (Letters of financial guarantee), SAmes@Channel4.co.uk  


General Rights, Budgeting and Distribution Queries

Jeremy Kimberlin, JKimberlin@Channel4.co.uk