Approval of Projects

Projects are approved either by Programme Finance Committee (PFC) or Business Approval Board (BAB).

PFC or BAB decides whether to approve projects after considering the identified risks to C4 in financial, legal, business, scheduling and practical terms of each project submitted.

BAB meets fortnightly and comprises senior members of Commercial Affairs, Commissioning, Finance and Channel Management and carries out the following functions:

  • Reviews recent commissioning forms to anticipate issues/deals,
  • Considers any issues which may have a significant impact on the cost or terms of commissioned or acquired projects,
  • Considers for approval all deals and amendments which are outside of the approval limits of PFC, and
  • Reviews the minutes from PFC meetings.

PFC meetings are held in each genre area at regular intervals attended by senior members of Commercial Affairs and Commissioning. These PFC meetings consider for approval deals and amendments for projects within a particular genre and within given price limits.

In exceptional circumstances - usually for 'fast turnaround' projects - there is a simple and fast process for 'outside' BAB approval.

The Production Finance Manager for the programme will be able to tell you when a project is submitted to PFC or BAB and whether it has been approved. C4 will not advance funds until PFC or BAB have green lit the project.