Disability Inclusion

Welcome to your one-stop shop for disability inclusion on Channel 4 content.  Here you will find all the resources and information you need to make sure that your productions are welcoming to deaf, disabled and neurodivergent talent both on screen and behind the camera, and that you meet the channel's expectations in this area.  

Whether it's welfare for disabled on-screen contributors, what authentic portrayal looks like, or how to complete your Ed Specs, have a scroll down and find out what you're looking for.   

If you still have questions - whether you have a C4 show in production at the moment or not - please don't hesitate to contact our Commissioning Access Lead, Nicole Steven (NSteven@channel4.co.uk)

Say Yes To Access

As part of our commitment to disability inclusion and representation both on and off the screen, we aim to ensure that all our programmes embrace the ethos of "Say Yes To Access!". We've outlined here the key steps that commissioners will be following to help achieve inclusivity and authenticity in our programming, so you know what to expect.

There's even a checklist so you can easily keep track of all your disability inclusion requirements.


4Access Fund

Channel 4 are committed to funding necessary access costs on productions not covered by Access to Work, over and above the production budget. We do this via the 4Access Fund


Introductory Guides to Hiring, Including and Progressing Disabled Production Talent

All you need to know about working inclusively with deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent off-screen talent.


C4 Disabled Contributors’ Welfare Guidelines

What you need to consider, from the outset, when working with deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent contributors, presenters and on-screen talent.


C4 Disability Code of Portrayal

Our vision and commitment towards authentic, nuanced and original disability portrayal across all our content.

Disability Code of Portrayal PLAIN TEXT 

TV Access Project

An alliance of ten UK broadcasters and streamers working together to create a substantive and permanent structural shift in the TV industry, to ensure access provision for deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent talent.


TAP Inverse Logo


We also offer 4Connect networking events for indies to meet with disabled production talent, in partnership with groups such as Deaf & Disabled People in TV. If you are talent or a production company keen to get involved please email Nicole Steven NSteven@Channel4.co.uk. For more information on 4Connect click here

Access Into Action : Industry Access Survey

Key results from the 2022 survey which gives an overview of where the TV industry is following best practice and where there is room for improvement.


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