We get pitched A LOT of ideas for More4 and there are limited slots... as many of you know the CPH is pretty challenging on the channel, but the ambition remains really high.

What are we looking for?

We’re gravitating towards soft docs series that let the audience become ‘armchair experts’ – with series that feel like ‘intelligent comfort viewing’.

We like national treasures curating engaging topics that they genuinely care about or new faces engaged in authentic & escapist endeavours.

Shows need to deliver on the promise of looking visually beautiful & have clever & innovative production models to deliver the quality and ambition we’re after.

And EVRYTHING that we commission for More4 must be repeatable on C4.

We tend to look at commissions in 3 categories – at tariffs ranging £50k- £120k.

  • The ‘big ticket ‘ / tentpole’ series (like Great British Dig, Great Big Tiny Design Challenge) We’re particularly interested in ideas that we could strip Mon-Fri (or even longer) at 9pm- that could feel disruptive and create a feeling of scale and event on the channel.
  • National treasures curating lovely loveliness (Richard Hammonds Beautiful Rivers, Mariella’s novel landscapes).
  • Low cost scalable / repeatable series:  This is the space we don’t get pitched anywhere near enough original ideas. What are the populist / low risk territories for that heartland ABC1 audience that can repeat anywhere – uncomplicated, and with potential to become fixtures of M4.

Get in touch 

Head of Lifestyle: Jo Street

Based in Glasgow

Commissioning Editor: Deborah Dunnett

Based in Glasgow

My slate includes Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig, Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland and Matt Baker our Farm in the Dales. Some of my recent Channel 4 commissions include a competitive whittle with gob-smacking elimination mechanic and utterly heart-warming prize, a consumer review show with surprising talent and a celebration of the UK’s most OTT interiors with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. 

I also have a lot of gentle access, travelogues and gloriously bucolic backdrops, so what I’m focusing on now are bolder weeknight lifestyle formats. New ways into evergreen territories that audiences love and devices or entry points that feel so fresh and exciting they will generate publicity regardless of who's at the helm.

Commissioning Editor: Jayne Stanger

Based in Leeds

My slate includes A New Life in the SunCountdownEscape to the Chateau DIY, new quiz The Answer Trap and our tentpole Daytime live show Steph’s Packed Lunch.

What I’m interested in finding is the next innovation of those classic lifestyle territories across Daytime and Features and how we present something fresh and inspiring to our audience.

Commissioning Editor: Clemency Green

Based in London

I look after a range of shows across peak, E4 and More4. I am across our property portfolio, I look after the George Clarke shows….including Amazing Spaces and Old House New Home,  the Kirstie Allsopp craft shows as well as The Great Pottery Throwdown and Escape to the Chateau. Some of my recent commissions include Flipping Fast which is a competitive property flipping format with a massive prize at the end; and How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours, which is a 360° makeover for family finances and homes. I also have a couple of gardening shows due to TX this year for C4 and More4.  Over on E4 I look after Made in Chelsea, and I am actively looking for more returnable series for E4.

I want ideas that are immediately easy to engage with and bring a burst of joy to the audience, they should be driven by characters, expertise, escapism or voyeurism…. we do love to see inside other people houses!! I like ideas that engage with real world trends, although not niche, and have grabby titles. I want populist shows with scale. Territory wise I am very open as long as they feel broad and accessible - property, competition formats, food, hobbies, body image and makeover are all of particular interest to me.

Assistant Editor: Jasper Hone

Based in Bristol

My slate, for Channel 4 & More4 peak, includes Food Unwrapped, Devon & Cornwall, How To Build BritishThe World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes and Wildest Wales (w/t).

I also manage the peak Features slate in tandem with Cerise Carroll.

Assistant Editor: Cerise Carroll

Based in London

I am the Assistant Editor across the team's Features slate, and Head of Talent for D&F, meeting & tracking all new, on-screen talent opportunities.

Assistant Editor: Barry Agnew

Based in Glasgow

My slate includes A Place in the SunCome Dine With MeCountdownFind It Fix It Flog It and I’m also across the department’s Global Format Fund Quizzes, so a nice varied slate.

I also look after the programme deliverables for the Daytime slate in tandem with Lydia Francis.

Programme Coordinator and Genre Assistant: Lydia Francis

Based in Glasgow

I have the ever-challenging 😉 task of looking after Jo’s diary and am Programme Co-ordinator for the Daytime slate.

Assistant & Programme Coordinator: John Cannon

Based in the Glasgow Hub

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