Channel 4 will make payments to you for your production following receipt of a valid invoice in accordance with the cashflow set out in your production agreement, provided that this agreement has been signed.

Exceptionally, where the majority of the contractual points have been resolved, the production is time critical and the parties have agreed all substantial points, Trust Letters may be issued.

Cashflows are based on % payments and production milestones. It may be necessary to vary the cashflow for certain projects e.g. series, drama or long running projects. The final 10% will be paid as to 5% on delivery of the programme materials and 5% on full delivery including underlying paperwork. For further information regarding underlying paperwork please see Rights and Clearances.

Mandated trust/deposit accounts are not generally required. However, at the discretion of the Production Finance Manager, these may need to be set up, in which case C4 will supply the necessary paperwork.

To ensure invoices are processed and paid on time please ensure all the following details are included:

  • Contact name at C4 or Box TV - this is essential so we know who to send the invoice to for approval
  • Supplier's name, address and e-mail
  • Supplier's bank details
  • Supplier's VAT number
  • Invoice number and date

Suppliers should send invoices and credit notes directly to Channel 4's third party processing centre:

By e-mail: (PDF copies) OR

By post to: PO Box C444, 11 Caxton Hill, Hertford SG13 7NE.

Please ensure invoices are only sent once to our third party invoice processing centre to avoid delays in processing payment.

C4 makes most of its payments by BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System), which means we pay the money electronically into your bank account. There are regular (weekly) payment runs for UK and foreign payments. A UK BACS payment takes two working days to clear.

For payment queries please either contact the Production Finance Manager or our Accounts Payable department on or 0113 512 6202.