Commissioning Diversity Guidelines

Diversity plays an extremely important role in all our commissioning. Our goal is to reflect the full diversity of contemporary Britain on and off screen. To achieve this, we have published a set of Commissioning Diversity Guidelines for indies.

In June 2022 we published an updated set of Commissioning Diversity Guidelines. Any programmes that are greenlit from 1st August 2022 onwards will be asked to adhere to the new guidelines.


Disability Code of Portrayal

In July 2022 Channel 4 launched our disability code of portrayal, outlining our commitments to ensuring authentic, nuanced and original disability representation in our programming.

It works on both a portfolio and individual programme level to give a clear framework for our expectations in this area, to deliver volume, balance and range to our disability representation, and as a tool for getting us all into exciting, challenging creative conversations around disability representation.

The Disability Code of Portrayal intentionally dovetails with our recently refreshed Commissioning Diversity Guidelines and the portfolio-level commitments will be tracked in the same way.

You can read the Disability Code of Portrayal here

Disability Code of Portrayal PLAIN TEXT

Code of Portrayal - Briony

Introductory guides to hiring, including and progressing disabled production talent

In November 2021, we published three introductory guides to support indies when hiring, including and progressing disabled employees and freelancers. 

You can find the guides here

They explain our expectations when it comes to working with disabled talent on productions for Channel 4 as a part of fulfilling our Commissioning Diversity Guidelines.