Using Social Media - Top Tips for Talent

Social media networks can be a great place to share opinions and engage with your audience and followers, but it can also have downsides. Here are our top tips on how to make your time online safe, secure and trouble-free.


  • Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t be prepared to say in public. Assume the newspapers and gossip sites are reading your feed, even at 2am. That’s their job.


  • Bear in mind that once you’ve posted publicly, there’s little chance of taking it back – it’s almost impossible to delete postings entirely from the internet once they’ve been shared/retweeted.


  • Do think carefully when posting on controversial subjects or sites - if someone reads your post, would it affect their view of you or Channel 4?


  • If you work in news and current affairs, be particularly careful when commenting on political issues and politicians. Would someone who reads your post have grounds for believing that you are biased on a particular issue?


  • Treat likes and retweets in the same way you would your own postings - they will be seen as an expression of your opinion.


  •  Never engage in disputes, whether personal or work-related, and avoid aggressive and offensive language.


  • Try to avoid responding directly to criticism on social media. If you feel you need to respond, do so in a fresh posting and be polite and respectful.


  • Always enable 2-factor authentication on your social media accounts.


  • Do think carefully before using your privileged status to engage in personal campaigns – could it have an impact on you personally and/or professionally?


  • Never post after drinking alcohol.


  •  Remember there are separate regulations around endorsing brands on social media and those should be adhered to at all times.


  • If you are working on a programme, do check whether your contract contains social media obligations – if so, it’s important to comply with these.


Remember, your agent (and, if it relates to a programme you have been involved in) your contact at the production company will always be there to support and advise you.

For an easy guide on how to change your privacy settings or reporting abuse on different platforms, please go to the 4Compliance website.


Channel 4 Television

May 2023