Channel 4 Teen Content Brief 2020



Do you know what teens want NOW? Do you have experience making content for 13-16 year old audiences online? Can you think innovatively and produce must-watch-must-share digital strands, bold propositions and greater strategic plans for Channel 4’s new Teen offering? Are you an expert on the platforms teen audiences are using?  If so, we want to hear from you.

Channel 4 are on the hunt for a small number of suppliers to produce digital ‘Teen’ content for us in 2020. We want Channel 4’s brand values to be at the heart of this, with content that is innovative, distinctive, spikey, mirrors the diversity of the UK and gives a platform to unheard voices. We’re eager to have a mix of light and serious, funny and entertaining but also content that delves into personal, shocking and thought-provoking themes. We want new talent, exciting ideas and relatable themes to pack a punch online and engage with the younger generation by reflecting their lives and interests.

Content that is:


We’re after an approach that is actually authentic, not just playing authentic. We want content that is genuinely for this generation, not about it.  We need an approach that will embrace that and celebrate the truth this generation wants in an entertaining way.


We are after an approach to this audience that delivers a pathway into the warm, silly, smart, funny world of E4. How do you do important, clever world-changing stuff for teens in a way that’ll make them laugh? And when we’re not changing the world, how are you going to make them laugh and find the comedy hit of tomorrow?


Aspirational content has always resonated with an age-group that are in the mad throws of early teen life – but what they aspire to has changed massively. What does aspirational content look like in 2020? How do you normalise and use tech and social trends for a generation where they’re completely common place? How would talent play into that aspiration?


We want to help young people navigate the world around them. We’re looking for informative, current affairs content with entertainment at its heart. What does current affairs content look like for a youth digital audience? We also want to help teens in their day to day life - how do we help them prepare for school, university, and just general adulting? Tone, comedy and talent will be the key to getting this right for teens.

With a range of budgets available, we’d love to hear how you would execute a digital proposition for this audience. As well as your creative treatments, we are also keen to hear your approach to distribution for this audience, including which platforms you see the content living on to reach them.

We are looking for propositions and big offers for up to £600K for 400 minutes of content. 

We are also looking for smaller, but fresh and bold ideas or strands at budgets under £100K.  Ideas here could range from 1-10 minutes or be something longer that really packs a punch.

If you have a brilliant idea in between those ranges, then we want to hear about that too.

We are also very keen to hear Nations & Regions and BAME-led propositions.

Delivery Specification

You will be required to deliver assets in 16:9, square and vertical formats according to digital platform requirements.

Your pitch submission

Your pitch should be extensive and include:

 -         Why you?

-       A detailed proposal containing your ideas, treatments and any relevant distribution mechanics. Please include how your ideas fulfil the editorial objectives.

-          A clear idea(s), themes and reasons as to why now?

-          Examples of your previous youth-focused digital experience. Your success stories in the digital space and any distribution experience you have

-          Your understanding of the compliance nuances when working with under 16s

-          Your understanding of what platforms teens engage with - and whether your content ideas are better suited to one over another

-          Details of your experience working with under 16s and new talent - please provide previous case studies that are relevant to this commission.

-          Your understanding of growing digital communities

-          Your understanding of how to interpret data around digital content to iterate and grow ideas

-          Your success stories in the digital space and any distribution experience you have

 -         Your key personnel and their experience

-          Provide a budget breakdown as well as a high level delivery plan

Please send your proposals to Navi Lamba by 13/03/20

We will be rolling out this process across in phases in 2020 but will endeavour to get back to you within 4-6 weeks of your submission.  Selected partners will have demonstrated a clear understanding of social media and an ability to unlock ideas for 13-16 year olds.


Target timings:

24/02 – brief goes out

13/03 – proposals to be received by close of business - 5pm

27/03 – shortlisting

13/04 – pitch process

27/04 - commissioning process complete

Legal & Compliance Considerations

By the very nature of this process, Channel 4 may receive different pieces of work from different producers which resemble each other and, in some cases, similar or identical ideas may be generated independently. By taking part in this process, you are confirming that the ideas submitted will be original, owned by you and free of third party rights. You will also be waiving any right to bring any form of action or claim against Channel 4 in relation to any of the content contained in the work you have submitted and any use thereof. You will be asked to give consent to the terms of this process (as set out overleaf) and we will not be able to consider your ideas until you have done so. Please retain copies of any materials you submit to Channel 4. 

Channel 4’s Rights in the Digital Content

Channel 4 will have an all media sub-licensable perpetual licence in the Digital Content (in whole or in part and separately or compiled with third party content including the right to create platform optimised/abridged versions).  Channel 4’s rights to use the Digital Content will be worldwide for social media and UK & Eire otherwise. The Digital Content will be exclusive to Channel 4 as follows:

 a) globally on social media for 12 months (unless a digital content asset reaches 12 million views across You Tube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in which case it becomes non-exclusive across those platforms after a minimum of 90 days from Channel 4 usage);

 b) in all other media outside the UK and Eire for 24 months; and

c) in the UK and Eire for as long as we are commissioning further work (see below) based on the Digital Content plus a further 24 months.   

Channel 4 will have a global exclusive recommissioning right to commission further work  based on the format of the Digital Content for 12 months. During this recommissioning period the format is exclusive to Channel 4. This global exclusive recommissioning right is renewed for a further 12 months  in relation to any further work commissioned. If Channel 4 wishes to commission further work and terms are not agreed the exclusivity in the format extends for a further 12 months. 

Channel 4 keeps 100% of any revenues generated from its use (or parties authorised by it) of the Digital Content, including but not in limitation advertising and sponsorship revenues.

Channel 4 is entitled to 50% of net revenues generated by the producer’s exploitation of the Digital Content, the format of the Digital Content and any ancillary rights in perpetuity (unless the budget/licence fee for the content is over £250k, in which case Channel 4’s share above shall be 70% until recoupment of the licence fee, and then 50% thereafter).

Channel 4 shall have an exclusive global first option to exploit ancillary rights in the Digital Content/format of the Digital Content (e.g. merchandising).  If after good faith discussion, terms are not agreed then the Producer may exploit such rights, subject to any format holdback.


The Digital Content must be fully bought-out and cleared world all media in perpetuity.  If the Digital Content is scripted content then Channel 4 will provide minimum clearance requirements for artists and writers.  Any other talent must be contracted on terms approved by Channel 4 and Channel 4 will expect that participation of such talent in any further work commissioned by Channel 4 during its recommissioning period will be secured by the producer.