Random Acts Brief

Random Acts is Channel 4's short film strand dedicated to the arts, founded in 2011 to escape the conventions of arts broadcasting and to expand its possibilities.

The world is full of TV about artists; Random Acts should instead be TV by artists. We want to encourage creative practitioners of all kinds to use the screen as a canvas. The brief has always been deliberately broad: to try and find "bold expressions of creativity" and those could come from art, music, dance, animation, spoken word, performance, or some uncategorisable combination of the above. 

We have not specifically looked for short docs or profile films, and we have rarely commissioned short scripted dramas - but anything that feels innovative and exciting in form. We want to be forward-thinking and saying new things about the world. We ask that the films be 3-5 minutes in length. 

Examples of the kind of work we have commissioned can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwZGGoPLUfZmhm5zwKGHbg

Random Acts should push boundaries, provoke thought and play with form. The strand showcases work from as diverse a range of creative people as we can find from across the UK and beyond - giving breaks to new talents and premiering work by established ones.

When we are open for new submissions we will update this page. 


Shaminder Nahal 

Naomi Rose