• Published on 8 Dec 2017 Sections

    Cabinet committee to hold talks on future relationship with the EU on Monday

    The Brexit Cabinet Committee is expected to get down to discussing the government position on the future relationship on Monday afternoon.

  • Published on 4 Dec 2017 Sections

    Son of former Met officer allowed to sue the force for psychological damage

    The abandoned son of a former Metropolitan Police undercover officer Bob Lambert is being allowed to sue the force for compensation for psychological damage and negligence.

  • Published on 28 Nov 2017 Sections

    At the forefront of the campaign to free Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been her local MP Tulip Siddiq. Now she is being asked to use her influence to free a person campaigners say has been locked up illegally – a British-trained barrister in Bangladesh who was abducted by men thought to be working for the government.

  • Published on 28 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    Government ‘report’ on Brexit sector impact said to be “extremely uneven work”

    MPs on the Brexit Select Committee are now free to read those parts of the government’s “report” on Brexit sector impact if they go into a secure room. One source who has seen the original report told us what they made of it.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Germany, Politics, UK

    What does Merkel’s coalition crisis mean for Brexit?

    UK diplomats worry that prolonged uncertainty in Germany over the formation of a new government means that officials may take control of events and that hardens the German position. Some claim that it was German officials who shaped the setback at the European Council in October when the UK was deemed to have made insufficient…

  • Published on 16 Nov 2017 Sections

    Tomorrow a campaign will be launched to highlight the significant number of young people who die suddenly from epilepsy. Figures show that nearly half of the deaths are preventable and yet too often those with the condition are not told enough about the risks. In Cornwall, they have developed a simple checklist – and an…

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections

    Merkel ally: December breakthrough possible

    Manfred Weber, leader of the EPP in the European Parliament and an ally of Chancellor Merkel, has left a meeting with Theresa May feeling a bit more optimistic about the prospects for the European Council meeting in December. Theresa May desperately needs that to be the moment that Brexit talks move on to Phase 2…

  • Published on 8 Nov 2017 Sections FactCheck

    The claim “The aggregate murder rate of Muslims is one third that of the native-born.” Bill Clinton, November 7 2017 The background Former President Bill Clinton marked the 25th anniversary of his election this week with a speech at Georgetown University. He bemoaned the state of gun violence in America and made a number of…

  • Published on 24 Oct 2017 Sections FactCheck

    David Lammy, a former Labour minister for higher education, has published data from Freedom of Information requests showing that very low numbers of black students are going to Oxford and Cambridge. That in itself isn’t news – both the elite universities already publish data on the ethnicity of their students. But the MP has published…

  • Published on 12 Oct 2017 Sections

    Brexit Deadlock

    Theresa May had hoped that the offer of €10bn a year for every year of a transition, plus the hint, delivered in her Florence speech, of a readiness to consider more cash, might help towards  the price of the admission ticket to Trade talks. Turns out the Trade talks ticket price is higher. Some UK…

  • Published on 6 Oct 2017 Sections

    Our Senior Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel has given unique and detailed scrutiny to the issue of deaths in custody. He’s spoken extensively to the families of men who have killed themselves or died in prisons, or police cells – and looked into how these events are investigated in the aftermath. These are his key…

  • Published on 6 Oct 2017 Sections

    Conservative Party infighting: what have we learned?

    This afternoon’s reported spat on the Tory MPs’ WhatsApp group tells you so much about the abysmal state of relations in the Party. There appears to be an attempt to start what looks to some like a bit of a witch-hunt for names on the Grant Shapps list. One MP is accusing Remainers of being behind the Shapps plot. Another MP…

  • Published on 6 Oct 2017 Sections

    The material, shot by Syrian film-maker Waad Al-Kateab, featured both unprecedented documentation of the turmoil in the city’s final hospital, as well as the human stories of those who stayed during the siege.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections FactCheck

    Analysis that shows ethnic minority criminals are 240% more likely to be jailed for drug offences cannot exclude the possibility that the BAME offenders were simply convicted of more serious crimes.

  • Published on 7 Sep 2017 Sections

    Brexit Bill in the Commons – but big developments outside too

    The President of the European Parliament has suggested that Brexit should probably be dropped from the October European Council agenda. Some Whitehall officials seem resigned to the October deadline being missed, despite warnings to Cabinet colleagues from the Chancellor that Brexit negotiations needed to give business clarity on the transition arrangements soon to avoid damaging…