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  • Trump: ‘We have to start winning wars again’

    He’s just declared “we don’t win wars any more” – and now the White House says Donald Trump’s forthcoming budget will ratchet up defence spending by a vast $54 billion.

  • Published on 27 Feb 2017

    In the days following the Brexit vote, a team from the National Theatre interviewed hundreds of people across the country to find out why they voted the way they did.

  • The assault on the Yazidi people of Northern Iraq was one of the defining images of the extremist Islamic State group’s rampage through Syria and Iraq. Many were killed or captured, facing a future of sex slavery and servitude. Some children were even recruited by Isis as suicide bombers.

  • It’s not just EU citizens who feel unfairly treated by the British authorities. A  grandmother who’s lived in Britain for 30 years has been deported to Singapore, saying she’s been treated like a terrorist. Irene Clennell was removed on Sunday with just £15 in her pocket.

  • Labour MP Jess Phillips, who’s been fairly outspoken about Jeremy Corbyn on numerous occasions. She’s now written a book, Everywoman, One Woman’s Truth about Speaking the Truth, about inequality, violence and internet trolling.

  • The Brexit secretary David Davis has promised that Britain won’t suddenly shut the door on EU workers, but hundreds of thousands of European citizens here are increasingly worried about their future. Andy Davies has been speaking to one couple about how it feels to live with such uncertainty.

  • The former Prime Minister John Major has called on Theresa May to inject “a little more charm and a lot less cheap rhetoric” into the Brexit negotiations.

  • Conservative MP Chris Philp and Labour MP Rachel Reeves.

  • The Government has defended plans to restrict access to disability benefits, despite court rulings that more people should receive financial help.

  • The award for best performance at an awards ceremony goes to – well, no-one at last night’s Oscars, which ended in chaos after the wrong film was declared the winner.

  • Oliver Cosgrove,  who was selected to be sent to Australia in 1952 at the age of three, travelling when he was just four. There he was subjected to sexual and physical abuse throughout his childhood at the hands of the Christian brothers who ran the school he attended.

  • They were torn from their families and shipped to far flung corners of the empire, but for thousands of vulnerable children their jouneys ended in horrific abuse. An inquiry into this period of Britain’s shameful history has heard some children suffered torture, sexual abuse and slavery – and, they claim, even though the authorities knew…

  • Deported to populate the empire. Tiny children wrenched from their homes. Today the reckoning at an inquiry that hears, for some, of the vile agony and heartache.

  • Published on 26 Feb 2017

    The red carpet is unrolled, the gold statues have been polished and the stars are heading to tonight’s Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. And with them – the unlikely figure of Hala Kamil, a Syrian refugee who escaped her war-torn country to find sanctuary in Germany. Her story has been told in the Oscar nominated documentary…

  • Jeremy Corbyn has told his party faithful “it’s not the time to run away” – but as the recriminations over Labour’s Copeland by election defeat mount up, there are plenty within his own ranks who wish he’d do just that. And even his own supporters seem reluctant to rally round.