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  • Sepp Blatter exclusive interview: Disgraced ex-FIFA boss on the World Cup, Putin and corruption

    Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter talks to Channel 4 News about corruption in FIFA, his reception at the 2018 Russia World Cup – and his invitation from Vladimir Putin.

  • 19 Jun 2018

    Work is the best route out of poverty – it’s a slogan popular with politicians both left and right for the past two decades. But as the country surges towards record numbers of people in work – the number of those in work and in poverty too is also rising. According to the Institute for…

  • She’s made a name for herself with her high profile pursuit of giants like Google, Apple and Amazon for billions in tax. Margrethe Vestager is the EU’s Competition Commissioner. The Danish politician is also one of those tipped to succeed Jean-Claude Junker as President next year and would be leading the EU when Britain leaves the bloc.

  • President Trump has doubled down on his tough new immigration policy – which has seen thousands of children separated from their migrant parents at the border. In a speech in the last hour – Mr Trump accused the media of helping “smugglers and traffickers”, and accused asylum seekers of hiring “professional lawyers” to give them…

  • 1 May 2018

    An enormous cast of people have been linked to the Trump/Russia story. These are the names you need to know, as the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller picks up pace.

  • 13 Jun 2018

    When I present Channel 4 News, in-depth analysis and great journalism come together to explain the events of the day. But this new podcast wants to help you go much deeper and discuss answers, not just problems. Each week, I’ll speak to one guest, at length, who will hopefully have some answers – without having to…

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