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  • British ISIS bomber “may have” used taxpayers’ money to flee to Syria

    The British man who Isis claim carried out a suicide attack in Iraq earlier this week, ‘may have’ used taxpayers’ money to fund his extremist activities, his wife told Channel 4 News.

  • Published on 25 Feb 2017

    Thousand of trees lining one of the country’s greenest cities are being chopped down, because the council says it’s the only affordable way to maintain roads and keep pavements safe. One in six of Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees will disappear, to be replaced by saplings but furious residents have described it as “sheer vandalism”. Protestors…

  • For pupils at more then 800 schools there’s no such thing as a breath of fresh air. That’s because a new study says schools across London are exposed to illegal levels of air pollution which could permanently damage their health. The city’s mayor Sadiq Khan has planned a range of measures including a “toxicity tax”…

  • Thousands of supporters and critics of the Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte have staged rival rallies in the capital Manila revealing the huge divide over his controversial war on drugs. Anti-government protestors compared his regime to the rise of fascism while his leading critic, Senator Leila de Lima has been arrested on drugs charges, which she’s…

  • Kylie Morris speaks to Matt Frei live from Washington.

  • He said banning media outlets was what distinguishes a democracy from a dictatorship but yesterday White House press secretary Sean Spicer refused to allow a range of news organisations into his background briefing from the BBC to the New York Times. It’s provoked an inevitable outrage but should the media allow itself to be dragged into…

  • Matt Frei spoke to one of America’s foremost political broadcasters – Chuck Todd of NBC’s meet the press about Trump and his administrations relationship with the press.

  • Published on 24 Feb 2017

    Donald Trump might want his opponents to shut up, but in the Philippines they risk getting locked up.This morning President Duterte’s highest profile critic, opposition leader Leila de Lima, was arrested on drug trafficking charges after an all-night vigil at her office.

  • What’s happening right now along that 1,900 mile border, to those who hoped to follow their American dream and escape to a new life? Guillermo Galdos has been out with the US border patrol and finding that the situation along the frontier may already be changing.

  • Channel 4 News weather with Liam Dutton

  • Oops, they did it again. Another multi-billion pound loss, for the ninth year in a row. In fact, the Royal Bank of Scotland lost £7 billion last year, more than three times the amount they lost in 2015.

  • The era of empty talk is over, Donald Trump declared, promising to begin work on his campaign pledges and repeating his attacks on the media – this time, claiming anonymous sources should be banned.

  • Sue Mi Terry, a former CIA analyst on North Korea who also served as director for Korea and Japan at the US National Security Council.

  • Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti.