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  • Isis suicide bomber is Guantanamo detainee

    Isis have claimed responsibility for a recent suicide attack in Iraq and named the bomber. But a family member has confirmed to Channel 4 News that the person shown in the image released by Isis is a British man called Jamal Udeen al-Harith, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was released in 2004 and was awarded compensation by the…

  • Published on 22 Feb 2017

    Cressida Dick, a former head of counter-terrorism, has been appointed the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. She will be the first woman to take charge of the force and will effectively become the country’s most powerful police officer.

  • After a succession of doom-laden headlines, the Prime Minister today said help would be available for firms hardest hit by the rise in business rates this April.

  • She was a best-selling author who thought she had found a second chance at love. But today the fiance of Helen Bailey, who she’d met online via a bereavement website, was found guilty of her murder.

  • The Supreme Court has backed the Government’s minimum income rule for Britons wanting to bring a non-European partner or children to the UK.

  • Murder most foul: the best-selling children’s author slowly poisoned, suffocated and buried in a cesspit.

  • Published on 21 Feb 2017

    The refugee crisis is a modern problem of biblical proportions, with the UN estimating that more than 65m people are displaced by war or persecution. In his latest attempt to document this desperate human struggle, contemporary artist Richard Mosse has turned to a powerful military grade camera that detects body heat from over 30km away.

  • Brexit is a once in a generation opportunity to transform British farming. That’s how Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom described it to farmers today.

  • Jacquelyn Guderley, co-founder of Stemettes a social enterprise supporting young women into the science, technology, engineering and maths industries, and Merici Vinton, co-founder of Ada’s list, an online community that aims to connect and support women in tech.

  • The cab company Uber says it’s conducting an “urgent investigation” into claims of sexual harassment after a former engineer alleged the company ignored a complaint that she’d been propositioned by her manager.

  • The White House says it’s working on a new executive order to replace the immigration travel ban, blocked by the courts. While that ban against refugees, as well as citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, drew headlines worldwide, President Trump’s immigration policies at home have received less attention.

  • The impact of American immigration policy is being felt on this side of the pond too. A Welsh Muslim school teacher said today he was made to feel like a criminal after being taken off a New York-bound flight and refused permission to travel.

  • An Israeli soldier who shot dead a wounded Palestinian as he was lying on the floor has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

  • Emmanuel Macron, the independent candidate seen as a leading contender in the French presidential race, brought his campaign to London today.

  • Westminster braces for a pair of crucial by-elections this Thursday, with Labour desperate to hang on to two constituencies in its heartlands. In Stoke-on-Trent Central the result could be on a knife edge as Labour try to hold off the Ukip challenge.