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  • ‘Manchester’s cultural scene is huge’

    During last night’s vigil, a performance from local poet Tony Walsh stood out. His poem, ‘This Is The Place’, captures the spirit of a city that is well known for so much – its people, its industry and, of course, its music. Dave Haslam is a writer and musician who DJ’d at the legendary Hacienda…

  • Published on 24 May 2017

    Salman Abedi is believed to have visited Libya, and possibly Syria, in recent months. But how much was known about him by the security services? It was suggested that he had been a “peripheral figure” in their monitoring of terrorist suspects. And if  he was missed, what of others in the suspected network?

  • A minute’s silence will be observed at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning in memory of those who died in Monday’s attack. After that, there’ll be a “phased return” to election campaigning.

  • It was probably not exactly a meeting of minds. The leader of the western world – a climate change agnostic and a builder of walls – and the leader of the world’s Roman Catholics – an environmentalist and a man who welcomes migrants. And, while President Trump said they’d had “a fantastic meeting”, the Pope’s…

  • Salman Abedi’s older brother, Ismael, is still being questioned by police after being arrested in Chorlton, Manchester, yesterday. But his parents and other family members are now living back in Libya. Today his younger brother, Hashem, was arrested in Tripoli on suspicion of having links with the Islamic State group and his father has also…

  • South Manchester has become home to migrants from the east over many generations – more recently from countries like Syria, Somalia and Libya, which has a significant but fast-growing community. The streets were home too to the bomber, Salman Abedi, whose family came from Libya – and have gone back there. He’s known to have…

  • The Greater Manchester Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, today confirmed that a serving officer was among the 22 people killed on Monday night. He said the immediate families of all those who had died had now been contacted and, although not all have yet been named, the stories of many of those victims are beginning to…

  • Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, and Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and former police officer, Lord Paddick, discuss the response to the Manchester bombing, including the decision to deploy soldiers at public places in London.

  • More armed officers are being bussed in, as Greater Manchester Police say they are now investigating a terror network.Those officers are being freed up around the country by the deployment of troops to guard key sites following the upgrading of the terror threat level from “severe” to “critical”.

  • Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon says the decision to raise the terrorism threat level was made independently and deploying troops in public places, to “backfill” for the police, was a “direct response” to this. He adds that the Government has increased the number of armed police officers in recent years.

  • Troops join police on the streets of London. The threat level rises to critical in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing.

  • Published on 23 May 2017

    Jane Mallett and her daughter Holly were both at the arena last night.

  • London, Madrid, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin – the list of European cities that know all too well what Manchester is going through is a long one. Leaders from across the globe have reached out in sympathy, shocked by the young ages of the victims targeted while leaving the Ariana Grande concert.

  • Dr Siema Iqbal’s trauma surgeon husband  went voluntarily to North Manchester General last night to help treat the victims, but  isn’t allowed to talk to us. Habib Ullah is a director of two mosques in Manchester.

  • In the last few minutes we’ve heard reports that a vigil in Birmingham has been interrupted after a man apparently armed with a large knife and a baseball bat was detained nearby. In Manchester, the injured from last night’s attack have been taken to eight hospitals across the city.