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  • Published on 1 Mar 2017

    They need specialist care, they were promised they would get it in the community. But more than 2,000 vulnerable young people with autism or learning difficulties are still locked inside hospitals instead.

  • They committed war crimes and showed a willful disregard for international law: the United Nations has condemned both sides in the Syrian conflict for deliberately targeting hospitals, civilians, even an aid convoy approved by the Government.

  • The UN damns both sides for war crimes in the battle for east and west Aleppo: the Russians and the Syrian Government are castigated.

  • Published on 28 Feb 2017

    One man who has long warned of the instability in Tunisia following the Arab Spring is the scholar Tariq Ramadan. Tunisia is one of several majority-Muslim countries where he was a persona non grata until after the revolution. He was also refused entry to the United States for five years, under the Patriot Act, until…

  • Workers are still being held back because of the colour of their skin. That’s according to a report commissioned by the government. It claims workers from ethnic minorities aren’t progressing at the same rate as their white counterparts and says the economy could be boosted by 24-billion-pounds if companies stamped out racial inequality.

  • The Unionist-Republican divide has not been so deep for a generation – and there are growing concerns that the peace process itself is being undermined.

  • Donald Trump faces the American political establishment in a few hours, when he makes his first address to Congress. Those congressmen and women have just returned from a break in their constituencies where many have faced the wrath of voters at town hall meetings.

  • Labour MP Frank Field, who chairs the work and pensions select committee and led the campaign to get Phillip Green to plug the gap in the pension scheme.

  • Now what price a knighthood? Ask Sir Philip Green, and he might say £363 million. That is the amount the former owner of BHS today agreed to pay into the company’s pensions scheme.

  • Cheryl Stollery, whose husband John was killed in the attack, and Daniel Clifford, who lost his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Denis and Elaine Thwaites.

  • The police response was “at best shambolic and at worst cowardly” –  the words of the coroner leading the inquest into the deaths of 30 British tourists shot dead on a Tunisian beach two years ago.

  • The coroner blames Tunisia’s “shambolic, cowardly” police for failing to help the British tourists slaughtered on their beach.

  • He has been Theresa May’s right-hand man for seven years, first as her Home Office adviser and now as the Downing Street chief of staff. But Nick Timothy is tonight facing fresh questions about his role in the 2015 general election.

  • Published on 27 Feb 2017

    He’s just declared “we don’t win wars any more” – and now the White House says Donald Trump’s forthcoming budget will ratchet up defence spending by a vast $54 billion.

  • In the days following the Brexit vote, a team from the National Theatre interviewed hundreds of people across the country to find out why they voted the way they did.