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  • Yoshiki Hayashi – big in Japan again

    One of Japan’s biggest rock stars talks about the turbulent history of his band X Japan.  

  • Published on 19 Feb 2017

    South Korea has said it believes the North Korean regime is involved in the murder of Kim Jong-nam.

  • Channel 4 News can reveal that four prison officers were hospitalised last week after being attacked by an inmate at Woodhill in Milton Keynes.  

  • Iraqi government forces launch an offensive to free the western part of the city of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State group.  

  • Jake Turx, an Orthodox Jewish reporter, talks about the US president’s response to his question on anti-Semitism.

  • Donald Trump has been accused of inventing a terror attack in Sweden while addressing a rally for supporters in Florida.

  • Donald Trump had only just done with his now familiar attack on what he calls the “fake” news media when he broadcast some fake news of his own. In a diatribe against immigration and terrorism, he apparently invented an incident in Sweden on Friday night.

  • Published on 18 Feb 2017

    They were meant to herald a revolution in the way we teach children vocational skills, but last week yet another University Technical College announced it was to close – the seventh to do so. And it follows a familiar pattern: low student numbers, poor GCSE results and financial problems. The former Education Secretary Michael Gove…

  • The Dutch general election next month shows all the signs of following a now familiar pattern: a populist movement rising up to upset the established political order. The far-right Freedom Party is on course to win the most seats and is appealing to an electorate ready to hear anti-immigration and eurosceptic rhetoric. Today its leader…

  • It’s been called a ‘bomo-genesis’ or weather bomb in plain English – a huge Pacific storm which brought heavy rains and cyclone-force winds, car-swallowing sinkholes and power cuts across Southern California.

  • Theresa May has vowed to bring in new laws to improve the way domestic abuse cases are dealt with, and to end the postcode lottery in the support survivors receive. It’ll be a personal priority, the prime minister has declared. Charlotte Kneer is a survivor of domestic violence who is now an ambassador for the…

  • The Labour leader hits back at Mr Blair’s call yesterday for people to rise up against Brexit. He described that intervention, just a week before a crucial by-election in Stoke, as “not helpful.”

  • Published on 17 Feb 2017

    The treasury has announced a major new initiative for the ailing publicly-owned Royal Bank of Scotland. It has been struggling to sell off its branches south of the border – a key part of the conditions placed upon the rescue deal which stopped it going bust. The government’s now proposing a new £750m plan for RBS…

  • Donald Trump’s 77 minute press conference last night has been described as unprecedented. Unhinged. Or, according to his chief of staff a “fantastic job”. And jobs, specifically American ones – are at the centre of Mr Trump’s speech tonight in Charleston, South Carolina.