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  • Westminster attack latest

    Just one man remains in custody in connection with the Westminster terror attack – following 11 arrests since Wednesday. Nine have been released with no further action.

  • Published on 25 Mar 2017

    Donald Trump’s flagship healthcare bill has failed. The President tried to blame the Democrats for his last minute decision to withdraw the bill – but despite his ultimatum to his own party – he couldn’t rally enough support.

  • The US military says it is investigating an allegation that dozens of civilians died in a coalition-led airstrike on the Iraqi city of Mosul on Thursday.

  • Labour should get beyond its internal divisions and show a new spirit of solidarity, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell has told hundreds of activists – at the first annual conference of the left wing Momentum group.

  • Interview with UKIP’s Douglas Carswell

  • While Ukip insists it will carry on regardless despite Mr Carswell’s departure – thousands of people have taken to the streets across Europe to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Union. Including a march through London protesting against Brexit.

  • UKIP’s only MP, Douglas Carswell has quit the party – saying UKIP had now achieved its goal of getting Britain out of Europe. The party’s leaders accused him of actively trying to undermine the party and leave before he was pushed. We go live to our political correspondent Michael Crick.

  • Senior UKIP figures accuse him of being a “snake in the grass” and deliberately trying to undermine the party. But with the departure of Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s MP count is now officially zero. So with Brexit achieved, is it now time for the purple party to pack up?

  • Published on 24 Mar 2017

    The latest victim of the attack has been named as 75-year-old Leslie Rhodes – a retired window cleaner from south London – who died in hospital yesterday from his injuries. His neighbours today described him as  the “glue” who had bound their neighbourhood together.

  • The cost of Britain leaving the European Union will be around £50bn, according to Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, who said the UK would have to settle up for commitments it had already made.

  • Back my bill or I’m pulling the plug. That’s Donald Trump’s brazen ultimatum tonight in Washington to Republicans who don’t like his bill. The House of Representatives is voting in the next hour on his bid to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s healthcare act.

  • Mica Mosbacher, a Trump supporter who represented his campaign on television during the election.

  • Now, a case which could pose a dilemma for those trying to counter the threat of radicalisation. A marine who killed an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan is having his sentence reviewed after his original murder conviction was downgraded to manslaughter.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has met the far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin, and insisted – yes, insisted – that Moscow had no intention of interfering in the French elections.

  • More “significant arrests”, over 20 addresses searched, thousands of witnesses contacted, and “massive amounts of computer data” still to review. Police are doing everything they can to find out how and why Khalid Masood carried out the Westminster terror attack and whether he acted alone or was directed by others.