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  • 25 May 2018

    She was just 12 years old when she perished in the Grenfell Tower fire – and today the inquiry into the tragedy has been hearing tributes to more of those who died, including young Firdaws Hashim, killed along with her family in their flat. A few weeks before she died, Firdaws won a public speaking…

  • An independent Scotland could end up keeping the pound for several years while preparing to move over to its own currency, according to a report commissioned by the SNP. The Sustainable Growth Commission, set up to investigate the country’s future economic prospects, aims to show how Scotland could go it alone, but opponents say there’s…

  • Yesterday it was all off. But today President Trump’s planned summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un could be back on again after he said he was “talking to them now”, declaring “everybody plays games”. Twenty four hours, it seems, is a very long spin cycle in international relations, Trump style.

  • He walked out of a police station in handcuffs. The disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein will now face trial, given bail of a million dollars, ordered to surrender his passport and wear an electronic monitor, while his lawyer insisted he would be exonerated.

  • 50 years on from the revolutionary days of May 1968, we talk to one of the most famous figureheads of that time, Angela Davis: former Black Panther, member of the Communist party and activist who is still fighting for racial, gender and economic equality.

  • 24 May 2018

    Britain is the largest producer of medicinal cannabis, producing almost half of the world’s supply but those products are illegal in this country despite some evidence of their benefits in treating people. Some politicians remain sceptical about legalisation but a new cross-party group of MPs aims to change the law.

  • TV presenter Noel Edmonds took his legal battle with Lloyds Bank into the company’s AGM today.  He believes he was the victim of fraud by former staff inside HBOS.  That bank was taken over by Lloyds at the height of the financial crisis, and Mr Edmonds now wants compensation from them.  At today’s meeting in…

  • Theresa May has started a round of diplomacy with her own backbenchers ahead of critical votes on the EU Withdrawal bill. And another Brexit row is brewing after the Government published an attack on the EU for attempting to exclude Britain from the Galileo satellite project.

  • Two men who petrol bombed a house, killing four children, are tonight beginning life sentences for murder. Demi Pearson, who was 15, her brother, Brandon, aged eight and sister, Lacie who was seven, died in the blaze which was started following a dispute between one of the killers and their older brother. Their three-year-old sister…

  • Joining me over the internet from Washington is Mark Fitzpatrick from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He’s written extensively on North Korea’s nuclear programme.

  • Prime Minister conducts some delicate diplomacy with her own party

    After a meeting with pro-Remain MPs threatening to rebel and defeat the government over Brexit, Mrs May met with pro-Brexit MPs also threatening to rebel and defeat the government over Brexit. Mrs May has to calculate which side really means it and which side she is more in agreement with. She must then discover whether…

  • We can’t see how Boris Johnson could get his own plane as Foreign Secretary without greatly increasing the amount the taxpayer spends on his international travel.

  • American novelist Philip Roth has died aged 85. Roth won almost every literature prize and was hugely influential in writing on topics such as Jewish-American life, family, politics and sexuality.

  • 23 May 2018

    Former Vote Leave Director brands Theresa May’s Brexit strategy ‘botched’ and ‘stupid’

    The former Director of Vote Leave Dominic Cummings has tonight broken a period of silence to call Theresa May’s strategy on Brexit “botched ” and “stupid” . For good measure Mr Cummings sprays his customary political machine gun around some fellow Brexiteers too. He reserves his greatest ire for Mrs May, Philip Hammond and senior officials Olly Robbins…

  • On Friday, Irish voters will be asked to repeal the part of the constitution which bans abortion. After that the government proposes to legalise abortion up to the twelfth week of pregnancy and in cases after that where the health of life of the mother is at risk. We’ve been following the campaign.