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  • Donald Trump becomes US President

    Live streams from across Washington on the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of America.

  • Published on 22 Jan 2017

    The Prime Minister is under pressure to reveal whether she knew about a failed test-firing of one of Britain’s Trident nuclear missiles before urging MPs to renew the system. A report in the Sunday Times said the unarmed missile had veered off course after launching in June last year. But in a Commons speech on…

  • Interview with Ted Malloch, one of Trump’s advisors during the election campaign and now touted as the next US ambassador to the EU.

  • The Prime Minister says she’s hoping to “build on the special relationship” in her talks with Mr Trump. But she warned that she would not be afraid to say if she found something unacceptable. The President certainly seems to believe he can develop a chemistry with Mrs May, reportedly referring to her as “my Maggie”,…

  • That’s what Mr Trump’s team are calling the cascade of false truths that have been dominating the new Presidents first day and a half. He is now locked in a bitter row with the media over the numbers that attended his inauguration. Contrary to photographic evidence, he and his officials claimed that more people had…

  • In his first Presidential hours, Donald Trump and his official spokesman have combined to deliver the world a series of terminological inexactitudes, Trump’s claims on crowd size at his inauguration have proved completely untrue. Having promised to start building his wall against Mexico on Day One he hasn’t, Instead he has commenced by offending the…

  • The father of a man who killed himself while on suicide watch in prison has said his death could and should have been avoided. Mark Saunders was stabbed while preventing his son, Dean, from self-harming. But Dean was remanded in custody in Chelmsford prison, where he later killed himself. An inquest found the prison and…

  • Ukip have announced that their leader, Paul Nuttall, is to contest next month’s Stoke Central by-election in an attempt to wrest the Brexit-supporting constituency from Labour. The announcement came as reports emerged that polling in another Labour seat up for election next month – Copeland, in Cumbria – suggests that it could be captured by…

  • Published on 21 Jan 2017

    In London, thousands of women – and some men – hit the pavements in protest against the Trump presidency. Fatima Manji will pull together the international sights and sounds.

  • Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Washington this morning to protest against Donald Trump’s stance on human rights – and particularly his attitude to women.

  • On Donald Trump’s first full day in office, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets – around the world – to protest.

  • Published on 20 Jan 2017

    Channel 4 News weather with Liam Dutton.

  • So an historic day here in Washington: a new President, a new political future, and we leave you with some of today’s most memorable images.

  • There were some scuffles in the streets here before the ceremony began. One group of demonstrators dressed in black smashed car and shop windows before they were dispersed by police with pepper spray, with several people arrested.

  • Julius Krein, editor of American Affairs, and New York Magazine’s contributing editor Andrew Sullivan.

  • Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of New York and an adviser to the Trump campaign, and Republican commentator Tara Setmayer.