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  • UN probes UK poverty amid benefits shake-up

    Being poor and on benefits in the UK can mean surviving on very little money – now the United Nations rapporteur on poverty has come to the country to investigate just how severe a problem it is.

  • 12 Nov 2018

    Brexit negotiators were burning the midnight oil in Brussels last night, with scant detail about what might, if anything, be put to the cabinet tomorrow.

  • The Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes on Yemen resumed this afternoon, just as the UK’s Foreign Secretary was trying to persuade the Saudis to commit to a political settlement and a ceasefire.

  • Six people have been convicted for membership of banned neo-Nazi group National Action. Two of them, Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas, gave their baby the middle name Adolf as a tribute to Hitler, who they said they admired.

  • While fracking has only just begun in this country, the Dutch are waving goodbye to years of riches from gas extraction. Why? Because they can no longer stand the social and economic cost of hundreds of small earthquakes and thousands of properties damaged by the tremors gas extraction causes. The Dutch were told extraction was safe and…

  • A senior Conservative official accused of intentionally encouraging or assisting an MP and his agent to submit false expense returns has said she did not take control of Craig Mackinlay’s campaign in the 2015 general election. Giving evidence for the first time, Marion Little insists she was there as part of a team set up by the Conservatives…

  • Firefighters in California are working around the clock to contain wildfires that continue to burn their way through the state. Fierce winds are whipping up the flames and 31 people now are believed to have died. Over 220 people are still missing.

  • 9 Nov 2018

    How do you deal with rising populism? That was the dominant debate in the corridors at the EPP Summit in Helsinki this week. As populist movements continue to grow in Europe and beyond, what is motivating them and where is it all heading? In conversation with me for this week’s podcast is Professor Matthew Goodwin, author of ‘National Populism: The…

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