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  • Published on 26 Apr 2017

    Conservative MP and chair of the Commons environment committee, Neil Parish, who says he will continue to hold the Government to account on poor air quality, and the former shadow environment secretary, Rachael Maskell.

  • For many years we’ve been exposing the uphill battle faced by many people in the deaf and disabled community to secure basic rights. But what about the right to love? Sui Ling Tang, who herself has a learning disability, hears from other disabled couples about their struggle to have their relationships accepted.

  • To other elections now, and 17 years after London elected its first city-wide mayor, three more English conurbations will next week elect their first mayors.

  • A new study explains for the first time how nanoparticles, like those in diesel exhaust fumes, cause heart disease and strokes by lodging in inflamed blood vessels.

  • Gina Miller, who has launched a campaign to encourage tactical voting against pro-Brexit MPs and in favour of a “real final vote on Brexit”, and Jonathan Isaby, editor of the website Brexit Central.

  • Battling for France’s blue-collar vote and employing all of her political guile, far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen upstaged her centrist rival Emmanuel Macron by making a surprise campaign stop today at a factory threatened with closure.

  • In a highly unusual move, all one hundred American senators have been summoned to attend a meeting this evening at the White House to be given an intelligence briefing on North Korea. Jonathan Miller has spoken to a defector from North Korea about how the regime uses propaganda to win unquestioning loyalty.

  • Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have set out their campaign battle lines at the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the general election.

  • The football clubs Newcastle United and West Ham United’s grounds have been raided in a fraud investigation, resulting in several arrests.

  • An investigation by the police watchdog has uncovered a catalogue of errors behind a decision to return shotguns to an elderly dog breeder who then used one to kill his partner and her daughter.

  • Two top football clubs are raided by HMRC officers investigating suspected tax fraud.

  • The Lib Dem leader wants to be judged on his ‘track record’ of LGBT campaigning, not his religious beliefs. FactCheck took a look at his voting history.

  • Published on 25 Apr 2017

    Another group of people hoping not to be ignored in this election are people with disabilities. In a new report today, MPs from the women and equalities select committee said the Government was still failing to improve access for disabled people.

  • Scientists who’ve been testing samples of the synthetic drug spice, following an epidemic of use in Manchester, say those taking it are playing “Russian roulette”.

  • Wikipedia’s co-founder, Jimmy Wales, is planning to set up a news service to push back against “fake news”.