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  • Published on 23 Apr 2017

    Two candidates want France to exit the Euro if not the whole EU. Given what’s at stake, turn out is expected to be around 80 percent slightly higher than last time and because of the state of emergency and the terror alert tens of thousands of troops have deployed all over the country.

  • Remember coalition politics? Today the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron categorically ruled out any deals with any party. And with Brexit looming large, the former PM Tony Blair, appeared to urge Labour voters to vote tactically – if their Labour candidate supported Leave. Keme Nzerem reports

  • Polls are so close that any two of these four could go through to the second round. From the far left to the far right with two candidates vowing to leave the Euro if not the EU.

  • Published on 22 Apr 2017

    Environmentalists have condemned a government attempt to delay publication of an air quality plan designed to bring down the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution. A last minute appeal by government officials to the high court last night could defer the draft plan which had a legal deadline of Monday. Labour has accused the government…

  • Jackie Long speaks with the Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at a St George’s day event, and asks him whether the Labour party would avoid any tax bombshells during the election by declaring from the start a platform of raising taxes.

  • Having already ruled out cutting the UK aid budget Theresa May refused to repeat her party’s 2015 manifesto promise not to put up income tax, VAT or national insurance. Labour have already claimed the Conservatives are planning a “tax bombshell” if they are returned to power, but Jeremy Corbyn also refused to rule out tax…

  • There’s been tight security around a right-wing political party conference in Cologne after thousands of protestors turned up to demonstrate outside the venue.

  • In Paris there’s been increased security and a tense atmosphere following Thursday’s shooting incident. One security alert at the Gare du Nord led to the train stations closure and delays to rail services.

  • Theresa May repeatedly refuses to rule out tax rises as she hits the stump for what she says will be the most important election in a generation.

  • Published on 21 Apr 2017

    Len McCluskey has won re-election as general secretary of Britain’s biggest union, Unite – seeing off his main challenger Gerard Coyne by just over five and a half thousand votes.

  • If there’s one thing the markets don’t like, it’s political uncertainty and risk. But that’s the story here, as well as in France and Germany. Europe’s three biggest economies are all facing hugely important elections this year.

  • It’s the first working day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution. Once Britain’s industry was fuelled by thousands of mines, now there is barely a handful.

  • Conservative MP and former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell.

  • Anne Giudicelli, a security analyst and former special assistant to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Yasser Louati, a human rights and civil liberties researcher.

  • Theresa May has promised that she will stick with Britain’s commitment to spend 0.7 percent of national income on overseas aid, despite mounting pressure from some of her own MPs.