• Published on 17 Feb 2017 Sections

    ‘Elle’ premiered at Cannes to feverish acclaim and its leading star, the French actress, Isabelle Huppert, has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in the noir-thriller. But the film is a challenging proposition: described controversially by some critics as “rape comedy”, it mixes sexual violence and adultery with moments of laughter. It is…

  • Published on 17 Feb 2017 Sections Health, Somalia, UK

    Somalis don’t have a word for autism. Indeed the lack of understanding, and the stigma which surrounds the condition means many people in the Somali community are turning to unorthodox methods in an effort to cope. We’ve been to find out more – and we should warn you – there are images which some people…

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Turkey, World

    Elif Shafak is a household name in Turkey, where she is one of the country’s most widely read and controversial authors. Her writing has defended minorities. At one stage she was prosecuted by the government. But above all she is fascinated by the struggle for Turkey’s soul between the religious and the secular. This is…

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Health, UK

    Conventional thinking suggests autism mainly affects boys. But more and more girls – and adult women – are being diagnosed with the condition. And up to 100,000 could be still undiagnosed. Keme Nzerem has been to visit the only¬†school in the UK that’s exclusively for autistic girls.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Health, Politics, UK

    More than a million elderly people across the country are left without the care they need, according to Age UK. That’s a steep rise over the last year and, says the charity, evidence that a combination of spending cuts and rising demand have left social care “in a state of collapse”.

  • Published on 15 Feb 2017 Sections Politics

    Church of England leaders have just voted to throw out a controversial report on same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

  • Published on 15 Feb 2017 Sections

    From the epic trials of Thor to the halls of Valhalla, it seems Norse mythology has more than a few parallels with the uncertainty of today’s hyper-anxious world. A fact that hasn’t escaped the author Neil Gaiman.

  • Published on 14 Feb 2017 Sections

    The Turner Prize- winning artist, Wolfgang Tillmans, takes over 14 rooms of the Tate Modern in London this week, with a vast multimedia retrospective.

  • Published on 14 Feb 2017 Sections

    YouTube has downgraded its biggest star after after he posted videos with anti-Semitic content.

  • Published on 31 Jan 2017 Sections Health, UK

    The Government’s Care Minister, David Mowat, has told MPs that we all have as much of a responsibility to care for our elderly parents as we do for our children.

  • Published on 18 Jan 2017 Sections Politics, United States

    Author Jay McInerney on Donald Trump, a man he has called a “cartoon of a New York tycoon”.

  • Published on 16 Jan 2017 Sections

    Michel Roux Jr had always been a champion of better working conditions for his chefs.

  • Published on 14 Jan 2017 Sections

    Little Simz may be just 22 years old but the North London rapper already has two albums behind her and has taken the music industry by storm.

  • Published on 13 Jan 2017 Sections Sport, UK

    Britain has long been a nation of football obsessives. But for many disabled fans, following their favourite team is a massive challenge.

  • Published on 12 Jan 2017 Sections UK

    Art education is marginalised in classrooms and under systemic assault.