• Published on 21 Feb 2017 Sections Afghanistan, Iraq

    A photograph released by the Islamic State group of a British suicide bomber in Mosul shows British ex-Guantanamo detainee Jamal Al-Harith.

  • Published on 20 Feb 2017 Sections UK

    Britain’s growing Muslim population has become a section of society scrutinised more than any other. As the number of Muslims in the UK reaches three million, fears of British Muslims living increasingly separate lives frequently dominate the news agenda. Channel 4’s new series Extremely British Muslims provides an eye-opening view of British Muslim life, through…

  • Published on 19 Feb 2017 Sections

    One of Japan’s biggest rock stars talks about the turbulent history of his band X Japan.  

  • Published on 19 Feb 2017 Sections

    South Korea has said it believes the North Korean regime is involved in the murder of Kim Jong-nam.

  • Published on 19 Feb 2017 Sections Politics, United States

    Donald Trump has been accused of inventing a terror attack in Sweden while addressing a rally for supporters in Florida.

  • Published on 18 Feb 2017 Sections Politics, The Netherlands

    The Dutch general election next month shows all the signs of following a now familiar pattern: a populist movement rising up to upset the established political order. The far-right Freedom Party is on course to win the most seats and is appealing to an electorate ready to hear anti-immigration and eurosceptic rhetoric. Today its leader…

  • Published on 18 Feb 2017 Sections United States, Weather

    It’s been called a ‘bomo-genesis’ or weather bomb in plain English – a huge Pacific storm which brought heavy rains and cyclone-force winds, car-swallowing sinkholes and power cuts across Southern California.

  • Published on 17 Feb 2017 Sections Culture, Health, Somalia, UK

    Somalis don’t have a word for autism. Indeed the lack of understanding, and the stigma which surrounds the condition means many people in the Somali community are turning to unorthodox methods in an effort to cope. We’ve been to find out more – and we should warn you – there are images which some people…

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Canada, Europe

    Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has hailed a controversial trade deal with the EU, saying the world would benefit from a stronger Europe. We speak to Canadian High Commissioner to the UK Janice Charette and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Culture, Turkey

    Elif Shafak is a household name in Turkey, where she is one of the country’s most widely read and controversial authors. Her writing has defended minorities. At one stage she was prosecuted by the government. But above all she is fascinated by the struggle for Turkey’s soul between the religious and the secular. This is…

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections France

    Scores of people have been arrested as violent protests spread across France. They were sparked by allegations that a young black man was raped by a police officer earlier this month.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections North Korea

    Interview with Paul French, the author of North Korea: State of Paranoia.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections North Korea

    Two more suspects have been arrested in Malaysia over the mysterious death of the North Korean leader’s half brother Kim Jong-Nam. He’s thought to have been targeted by assassins while boarding a flight for Macau at Kuala Lumpur airport. But the full details are still emerging and nothing is really as it seems.

  • Published on 16 Feb 2017 Sections Politics, United States

    President Trump has been hitting out at what he called the ‘dishonest’ media – claiming that despite reports of chaos, his administration is running like a ‘fine tuned machine’. In a long and at times subdued press conference, Mr Trump also repeatedly defended his election victory.