• Published on 21 Nov 2017 Sections FactCheck, North Korea, Technology

    North Korea has obtained the money, knowledge and materials to build nuclear missiles which – it claims – can reach American soil. But it would be in this position without help from the outside world. FactCheck follows North Korea’s nuclear trail, from the Soviet Union to South London.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    Renowned as one of the last Caribbean pristine islands.  Now the bulldozers are at work. World renowned seabird colonies and coral reefs. But the land is being flattened for an international airport. “We need our brothers and sisters to stand up and defend your birthright. This is our birthright. And it’s being taken away from us by a…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Politics

    Refusing all demands to step down, Zimbabwe’s embattled President Robert Mugabe has summoned his cabinet to meet first thing tomorrow, even as the country’s ruling party begins moves to impeach him, and the army has been on television talking of a roadmap to get rid of him. Mugabe, who’s accused of “allowing his wife to usurp government powers”, is still under…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections

    Her musical career began aged just 13, when she appeared with her father Serge Gainsbourg in the duet Lemon Incest – somewhat scandalously reprising an erotic role played by her mother, the British actress Jane Birkin. The song was nothing to be ashamed of, said Charlotte Gainsbourg, who went on to win numerous awards, act in 50 films, including…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections United States

    The sinister American cult leader Charles Manson, who directed his acolytes to carry out a series of ritualistic murders in 1969, has died at the age of 83. He was once described as “the most dangerous man alive”, never showing any remorse for their  horrific crimes, including stabbing to death the heavily pregnant actress Sharon Tate, killed along with…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Politics

    Otto Fricke, an MP from Germany’s Free Democrats, the party which pulled out of the coalition talks, discusses what happened.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Politics

    There’s more political upheaval in Germany, where talks on forming a coalition government have collapsed. Germany’s president has appealed to party leaders to reconsider after the Free Democrats walked out late last night, saying there was “no basis of trust”. Chancellor Angela Merkel said tonight that fresh elections would be the best option if the talks can’t be rescued.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Germany, Politics, UK, Uncategorised

    What does Merkel’s coalition crisis mean for Brexit?

    UK diplomats worry that prolonged uncertainty in Germany over the formation of a new government means that officials may take control of events and that hardens the German position. Some claim that it was German officials who shaped the setback at the European Council in October when the UK was deemed to have made insufficient…

  • Published on 19 Nov 2017 Sections United States

    Do you remember what you were like when you were 14? Plenty of women in the United States do and have been posting images of themselves and reminiscences of what they were like at that age under the twitter hashtag Me At 14. It was started by TV comedy producer Lizz Winstead who wanted to…

  • Published on 19 Nov 2017 Sections Zimbabwe

    Robert Mugabe has been sacked as leader of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party but technically he remains president. For now at least. Mr Mugabe has been meeting military leaders to discuss his future and with even his former backers from the war veterans demanding he ends his 37-year rule, the termination of his presidency now seems…

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections Zimbabwe

    Lindsey Hilsum discusses the latest Mugabe developments.

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections United States

    He started work in New York’s legendary nightclub Studio 54 as a 15-year-old bus boy and was taken under the wing of Andy Warhol only two years later as a photographer. David LaChapelle made his name with erotically-charged and meticulously-created, high-gloss magazine covers. Now he has published two books looking back at his glamorous career…

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections

    Robert Mugabe has reportedly said he wants to spend his last days in Africa but he has had medical treatment in Singapore. He also is thought to have used Singapore’s secretive banking laws to hide his assets there. We followed the Mugabe trail.

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections Africa, South Africa, Zimbabwe

    Speculation is rife that Mr Mugabe might go to live in South Africa where there have also been protests against him today. Inigo Gilmore discusses the situation from Johannesberg.

  • Published on 18 Nov 2017 Sections Zimbabwe

    Tens of thousands of people have taken to streets of the Zimbabwean capital, piling the pressure on President Robert Mugabe to stand down as leader. The day of protests was sanctioned by the army and even his own party. Tonight the military announced it will meet Mr Mugabe tomorrow to discuss his departure.