Frequently asked questions

Want to know how to watch video reports online or where Jon gets his ties? Browse to the answers to these – and many other – questions below.

I’ve got a news story, how do I get in touch?

Email us at with details.

Alternatively you can also tweet us – our twitter address is @channel4news.

I’m having trouble watching video clips. What can I do?

The Channel 4 Video Player should work on most Windows and Apple Mac machines.

The Video Player is designed for a high-speed internet connection capable of streaming at a minimum of 512kbps.

If you have problems email

Can I get a copy of the show on tape?

ITN, where Channel 4 News is filmed, can provide video tapes through its archive service ITN Source.

Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with converting the whole show or any specific items onto videotape.

If you would like to enquire about the service’s rates, please visit:

I’ve got a comment about the show, how do I get in touch?

If you have a comment for the newsroom then please email us at

You can also visit our ‘Viewer enquiries’ section in the Channel 4 ‘Contact us’ area at the bottom of this page.

What is Snowmail?

Snowmail is our early evening news update, delivered daily to your inbox between 5pm and 6pm.

Every day Jon Snow, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Matt Frei, or Cathy Newman give you the inside track on what’s buzzing in the newsroom.

Subscribe to Snowmail – it’s fast, it’s informal and it’s free.

…and where does Jon Snow get his ties from?

Jon gets those ties from Victoria Richards.

He’s not the only one to have his ties sought after, though; Krishnan gets requests about his attire too.

So, he gets his ties, and suits, from Gresham Blake.