• 18 Feb 2019

    Social media platforms like Facebook should be subject to compulsory new regulations to stop the spread of disinformation.

  • 12 Feb 2019

    More than 5,000 patients across England who have suffered fractures in the past year will need to have their X-rays reviewed, after a hospital trust reported a mix-up in the type of metal plates used to mend the break.

  • 11 Feb 2019

    Pesticides, pollution and climate change are all wiping out insects at an alarming rate – so much, that a new global review says they could vanish within a century.

  • 6 Feb 2019

    Fracking company Cuadrilla warns that safety rules on earthquakes, which result from fracking, are too strict and must be relaxed.

  • 31 Jan 2019

    A severe weather warning is in force across parts of the UK. Meanwhile, in some areas of the USA, at least eight people have been killed as temperatures hit record lows – even colder than the South Pole.

  • 4 Nov 2018

    Mr Banks, who has denied any wrongdoing, insisted there was no Russian money and no interference of any kind – declaring the money came from a UK-based limited company, which he owned.

  • 6 Oct 2018

    He’s the Israeli historian best known as the author of “Sapiens”, which looked at the evolution of humankind – and now Yuval Harari has published “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” a book warning us how to harness the greatest global revolution to date: the rise of artificial intelligence. Cathy Newman went to meet him…

  • 26 Sep 2018

    Three anti-fracking activists have been jailed for causing a public nuisance, after they climbed on to lorries outside a fracking site near Blackpool. The judge at Preston crown court said their actions had also significantly disrupted local residents, who depended on using the surrounding main road.

  • 22 Aug 2018

    There’s a darker side to parts of Britain’s wool trade, exposed by an undercover investigation by animal rights group PETA Asia. Every year, for health reasons, sheep have their winter fleeces removed. But in footage given exclusively to this programme, sheep shearers are filmed punching, kicking, and stomping on the heads of animals, raising questions about…

  • 12 Aug 2018

    The US space agency NASA has launched a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Sun – flying closer than ever before. The Parker Solar Probe launched successfully early this morning, on a seven year voyage to make 24 orbits of the Sun. It’ll fly just over 6 million km from the surface – protected…

  • 11 Aug 2018

    The chemical giant Monsanto has been ordered to pay more than two hundred million pounds in damages – after a jury in the United States backed a claim by a groundsman that a pesticide contributed towards his terminal cancer. The firm has insisted British consumers are safe to use the product – declaring the “science…

  • 7 Aug 2018

    It sounds like the title of a disaster movie, but a “Hothouse Earth” is what a group of climate scientists say we could be heading for – even if current carbon reduction targets are met.  

  • 26 Jul 2018

    There may be a short respite from the unrelenting heat tomorrow when at least one half of the country might get rain and thunder. But today was the hottest of the year so far in many places. Paul McNamara has been in Hampshire with a business which can’t keep up with current demand. We are…

  • 25 Jul 2018

    There’s a lake on Mars, it’s been revealed today. It’s not very big, but it is described as a proper body of liquid water probably around 20 kilometres wide and at least a metre deep. Scientists from the National Institute for Astrophysics say it’s the first conclusive proof that H2O exists there currently, even though…

  • 8 Jul 2018

    Up to 76 people are feared to have died and scores are missing amid unprecedented floods in western Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says rescue efforts are a “race against time”.