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  • 12 Sep 2018

    In the United States, up to a million people are being evacuated from the coastal communities of North and South Carolina and Virginia,as Hurricane Florence approaches. It’s currently a category four storm, with winds of 130 miles an hour, and is due to make landfall within 48 hours.

  • The war games come amid heightened tension between Russia and the west and especially with Washington, with which both Moscow and Beijing have strained ties.

  • The National Audit Office has said police forces in England and Wales are struggling to cope with the impact of funding cuts. It found police forces are cutting back on patrols whilst trying to deal with rising “high harm” crimes and the terror threat. The NAO called the government’s approach to police funding “ineffective”.

  • An analysis of data from a huge number of children and young people, 140,000 in all, suggests that the problems are far greater than official figures show.

  • Today the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea met to celebrate Ethiopian new year. Land borders between the two countries had been closed since fighting broke out, but today families stranded by war and isolation have been reunited.

  • The Prime Minister was taken to task over Brexit today by the boss of Britain’s biggest car manufacturer. Ralf Speth, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said a hard Brexit could costs tens of thousands of jobs in his industry.

  • Rotterdam in the Netherlands is the biggest port in Europe, and a significant amount of its shipping ends up on these shores. In the city the prospect of a no-deal Brexit is alarming a number of businesses.

  • There was evidence in Strasbourg today that Brexit isn’t the EU’s only problem. A defiant Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, turned up in person at the European Parliament to defend his government from accusations it is undermining democracy.

  • At the TUC, the Shadow Chancellor’s appearance got a standing ovation. His focus was workers’ rights, saying a Labour government would ban zero-hours contracts, introduce a living wage of £10 an hour and scrap anti-trade union laws. He didn’t rule out a second referendum on Brexit, saying his preferred option was a general election.

  • 11 Sep 2018

    We spoke to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell ahead of his speech at the TUC and began by asking him about criticism that extending more rights to gig economy workers would cause jobs to be lost, before questioning him about Brexit.

  • 10 Sep 2018

    Today marked a milestone for a specific NHS cancer treatment in the UK. Proton beam therapy, the form of radiotherapy that destroys cancer cells with pinpoint accuracy, with less damage to surrounding tissue, is about to become a reality in England.

  • Two men have appeared before a court martial following the deaths of three Army reservists on a 16-mile, SAS selection march in the Brecon Beacons. The men, who are known only as 1A and 1B, both deny “negligently performing a duty” by failing to take reasonable care for the health and safety of candidates taking part in the…

  • President Trump’s national security adviser says the International Criminal Court is “illegitimate”, and the US will no longer co-operate with it.

  • The governing body of women’s tennis has backed Serena William’s claim that it was “sexism” that led to her being penalised in the final of the US Tennis Open.

  • At the Trade Union Congress in Manchester, delegates have voted to keep open the option of a public vote on any final Brexit deal. Not a second referendum, say union Leaders, but a say on any deal affecting pay and employment rights.