Simon Israel

Senior Home Affairs Correspondent

Simon Israel is a Senior Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News.

Robustly independent reporting on home affairs. Covers crime, police, terrorism, legal, race, immigration, social justice, prisons.Award winning films on terrorism, G20 protests, Stephen Lawrence, illegal immigration, suicides in prisons.

Simon Israel has been home affairs correspondent since 1998. He's broken a number of exclusives, including the resignation of the officer in charge of counter terrorism, racism in the crown prosecution service, the abuse of restraint methods on detained children, the Government's resettlement programme for refugees.

"My objective is to try to come at stories from an original perspective but one which resonates with the viewer and challenges the establishment."

  • Published on 23 Feb 2017 Sections

    The Ministry of Justice has launched an investigation into the escape of a ‘highly dangerous’ prisoner – Channel 4 News can reveal – on the day it publishes its Prisons and Courts Bill which includes plans to penalise prison governors for escapes. An international manhunt is now underway for convicted murderer Shaun Walmsley who had…

  • Published on 22 Feb 2017

    The Supreme Court has backed the Government’s minimum income rule for Britons wanting to bring a non-European partner or children to the UK.

  • Published on 15 Feb 2017 Sections

    Undercover police inquiry delayed amid soaring costs

    The Met police has so far spent £4.5 million pounds and has disclosed to the inquiry more than a million pages of classified material.

  • Published on 13 Feb 2017

    The Justice Secretary Liz Truss is to meet the family of a man who electrocuted himself in prison. She said she will also visit the jail where Dean Saunders died. Last month an inquest jury concluded the prison was guilty of neglect.

  • Published on 9 Feb 2017 Sections , , ,

    “We cannot withdraw from our long and proud history of helping the most vulnerable.” The words of the Archbishop of Canterbury today on the escalating row over the decision to stop bringing in lone child refugees under the so-called Dubs Amendment. Only 350 of the expected 3000 children have been helped so far – sparking…

  • Published on 2 Feb 2017

    They’ve escaped conflict or persecution, but almost fifteen thousand refugees and asylum seekers in the UK are now classed as destitute, ten percent higher than last year. The British Red Cross, which compiled the figures, said it was having to provide food parcels, clothing and help with finding housing and they’ll be meeting the Home Office tomorrow to discuss their concerns.

  • Published on 31 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    Police unlawfully seized phone records of journalists and other police officers

    Cleveland Police have been found to have illegally used surveillance powers on police officers and local journalists during a 2012 investigation into the source of various leaks.

  • Published on 23 Jan 2017

    The man Tasered by police in a case of mistaken identity has told Channel 4 News the officers involved should be put on trial and sacked.

  • Published on 22 Jan 2017 Sections

    The father of a man who killed himself while on suicide watch in prison has said his death could and should have been avoided. Mark Saunders was stabbed while preventing his son, Dean, from self-harming. But Dean was remanded in custody in Chelmsford prison, where he later killed himself. An inquest found the prison and…

  • Published on 9 Jan 2017 Sections

    An inquest has heard how a 25 year old man electrocuted himself in his prison cell.

  • Published on 6 Jan 2017 Sections ,

    A former prisons boss has called on the Justice Secretary to apologise for the prison system being brought to the brink of collapse.

  • Published on 3 Jan 2017 Sections

    The man shot dead by police on a motorway slip road in West Yorkshire has been named as 28-year-old father of two, Yassar Yaqub.

  • Published on 30 Dec 2016

    The US is not alone in it’s cyber attack allegations – Britain and the EU have repeatedly warned of ‘Russian aggression’, using cyberspace to push its propaganda, exploit division, and subvert defence systems.

  • Published on 23 Dec 2016

    It was certainly the news Germany was waiting for, but not, perhaps, the way the authorities wanted to hear it. At three o’clock this morning, the man believed responsible for the Berlin truck attack was shot dead by police in Milan.

  • Published on 19 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    A woman deceived into a relationship with an undercover police officer has given her first television interview about the trauma, the anger and the damage done to her life.