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Channel 4 News Political Editor gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary Gibbon has been Channel 4 News Political Editor since 2005. He gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary has worked on four general elections for Channel 4 News. His interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 triggered the Northern Ireland Secretary's second resignation from the Cabinet.

In 2006, he won the Royal Television Society Home News Award with Jon Snow for the scoop on the Attorney General's Legal Advice on Iraq. Gary also revealed details of Blair's pre-War meeting with George Bush n 2008 and won the Political Studies Association Broadcast Journalist of the Year award.

  • Published on 17 Jul 2017 Sections ,

    Brexit Secretary David Davis has insisted it’s time to “get down to work” as Britain began the second round of  negotiations in Brussels. But he only stayed at the talks for a couple of hours, without apparently taking any notes. Theresa May is to warn ministers to stop leaking the contents of Cabinet discussions, after…

  • Published on 12 Jul 2017

    The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has slapped down the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who said yesterday that the EU could whistle for its “extortionate” Brexit bill. Mr Barnier’s tart response was: “I can’t hear any whistling, just the clock ticking.” And he said that the EU could not trust Britain if it didn’t…

  • Published on 11 Jul 2017 Sections ,

    The newspapers billed it as a reboot of her leadership, but Theresa May kept her speech low key at the launch of a report into workers’ rights this morning. There was a touch of defiance, as she inisisted that her beliefs remained unchanged despite the election result – and humility, as she appealed to other…

  • Published on 10 Jul 2017 Sections

    The Tories are calling it “grown-up politics”, but Theresa May’s appeal to opposition parties to work with her on matters of national importance hasn’t gone down well. Jeremy Corbyn said the Government had run out of steam and ideas. But there is some co-operation going on in Westminster, with the launch of a cross party…

  • Published on 10 Jul 2017 Sections

    May seeks consensus with the Labour party

    On the day the PM met her Australian counterpart, she also pre-released a section of a speech due tomorrow in which she seeks consensus with the Labour Party.

  • Published on 6 Jul 2017 Sections

    Michel Barnier spells out Brexit consequences to UK

    Michel Barnier says frictionless trade with the EU is not possible outside the Single Market and Customs Union. Is it a call to arms to UK politicians opposed to Theresa May’s Brexit plan?

  • Published on 5 Jul 2017 Sections

    Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have once again clashed over pay for public sector workers.  At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Corbyn accused the PM of “recklessly exploiting the goodwill of public servants”.  

  • Published on 5 Jul 2017 Sections

    Theresa May – to cap or not to cap?

    Theresa May was being a bit sneaky pretty much blaming the Pay Review Bodies for the one per cent pay recommendations that have come through since the government announced a one per cent pay cap.

  • Published on 3 Jul 2017

    Political Editor Gary Gibbon discusses the pressure Theresa May is under from some of her most senior colleagues on public sector pay.

  • Published on 3 Jul 2017 Sections ,

    Public sector pay – expectation mis-management?

    Is No. 10 letting expectations on public sector pay get out of control? Cabinet ministers are dropping hints all over the place that the cap will go – but how soon can that happen?

  • Published on 27 Jun 2017 Sections , ,

    DUP-Tory deal: what follows the stops and starts?

    Yesterday No 10 accidentally mis-briefed that the DUP deal was contingent on Stormont power-sharing getting up and running. It set a lot of hares running, briefly, before the correction was rung through. It was a particularly lively moment because DUP insiders believe that the Northern Ireland office had, at the end of last week, been…

  • Published on 26 Jun 2017 Sections

    First Secretary of State, Damian Green, says the Government’s deal with the DUP is “designed to give confidence that we will be able to get our legislative programme through”. He says the extra £1bn promised to Northern Ireland, as part of the deal, is the result of a strong economy – and is not a…

  • Published on 26 Jun 2017 Sections ,

    Theresa May has promised that EU citizens living in Britain will have their rights protected after Brexit. Those who have lived in the country for five years before a still-to-be-agreed cut-off date will be granted “settled status”, but there are still questions about the level of protection on offer. The pledge came after the Prime…

  • Published on 23 Jun 2017 Sections ,

    “Below our expectations.” “Particularly vague”. “Not a breakthrough.” Yes, it’s fair to say there was a less than ecstatic response from the other European leaders to Theresa May’s promise that three million EU citizens will be able to stay in the UK after Brexit. At the end of her first EU summit since she failed…

  • Published on 23 Jun 2017 Sections , , ,

    EU leaders wonder if UK general election signals counter-revolution

    The EU delegations, as ever rather well informed about UK politics, mutter that Theresa May can’t last for long and appears to be the prisoner of the Hard Brexit Right (as they would term it).