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Political Editor

Channel 4 News Political Editor gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary Gibbon has been Channel 4 News Political Editor since 2005. He gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary has worked on four general elections for Channel 4 News. His interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 triggered the Northern Ireland Secretary's second resignation from the Cabinet.

In 2006, he won the Royal Television Society Home News Award with Jon Snow for the scoop on the Attorney General's Legal Advice on Iraq. Gary also revealed details of Blair's pre-War meeting with George Bush n 2008 and won the Political Studies Association Broadcast Journalist of the Year award.

  • Published on 27 Apr 2017

    Theresa May is in Leeds tonight to reiterate her message of stable leadership. Tonight she’s talking to Conservative supporters at an event in Harehills a traditionally Labour voting, working-class area. Her Labour challenger was, once again, focusing on policy issues – today it was the country’s housing shortage – though Mr Corbyn also faced a…

  • Published on 27 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    The Queen, the election and Royal Ascot

    The Queen will come to Parliament for the State Opening after the General Election in civvies and in a car not a carriage. The snap election means that for the first time since 1974, the normal ceremonial trappings are abandoned.

  • Published on 27 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Tory selections – women on the march

    Theresa May has long been committed to getting more women into Parliament and some think she may be using this snap election to up the numbers with a little stealthy positive discrimination.

  • Published on 26 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have set out their campaign battle lines at the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions before the general election.

  • Published on 25 Apr 2017 Sections , ,

    Brexit has taken centre stage in the election campaign, with the Shadow Brexit Secretary spelling out Labour’s strategy for handling Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Sir Keir Starmer said he’d seek to retain the benefits of the single market and would guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

  • Published on 25 Apr 2017 Sections , ,

    Gary Gibbon on Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

  • Published on 24 Apr 2017 Sections

    The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron  says he wants his party to seize on the same progressive agenda as Emmanuel Macron, insisting the “desperate lurch” to populism was not inevitable.

  • Published on 24 Apr 2017 Sections

    General election: what can Britain learn from France’s results?

    Does the Emmanuel Macron phenomenon in France suggest that new political times need new political forces? Tim Farron says the Macron success is evidence that France needed a “liberal” party and only now had got one.

  • Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Jeremy Corbyn has come out fighting on Day Three of the pre-election campaign, with a fiercely anti-Establishment speech, promising to put power and wealth back into the hands of the people. He told a roomful of enthusiastic supporters that Labour would overturn the “rigged system”, which he said was set up to favour the “ruling elite”.

  • Published on 19 Apr 2017

    So it is official. MPs have overwhelmingly backed Theresa May’s call for an early election, as she declared it was time to put her fate in the hands of the people.

  • Published on 19 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Commons votes for early election as Corbyn hits campaign trail

    Jeremy Corbyn just turned up at his first campaign event in Croydon. He was greeted by supporters, one embraced him and said “she loved him.”

  • Published on 18 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    General Election: Surprise among the Cabinet?

    One Cabinet minister told me a rumour of an early election announcement had gone around the reception room just before they filed into Cabinet. Until that moment, the minister said, “not a clue.” The minister said he looked long and hard round the room to check facial expressions as the Prime Minister said more or less…

  • Published on 18 Apr 2017

    Theresa May has called for an early general election on June 8th in the biggest political gamble of her career. She said divisions in Westminster would cause “damaging uncertainty and instability” and put the Brexit negotiations at risk. Labour said they would offer voters a credible alternative while the Lib Dems called it a chance…

  • Published on 18 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Election 2017: No TV debates this time

    No 10 is saying there will be no TV debates cluttering up your screens in this election.

  • Published on 18 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    Why did Theresa May call an early election?

    An early election is being held now because Theresa May believes the stars are aligned for a major Tory victory and something of a realignment of politics.