Fatima Manji , Reporter

Fatima Manji is a News Correspondent and regularly reports on a range of national and international stories.

Her broadcasting has included telling the story of the migration crisis from the borders of Europe, interviewing victims of ISIS atrocities in Iraq and challenging politicians here in the UK during the referendum campaign. She also occasionally presents the programme from the studio. Fatima has won a number of awards for her journalism and in 2015 she was a finalist for the Royal Television Society's Young Journalist of the Year.

During the last General Election she presented Britain's first ever Alternative Election Debate featuring young party leaders facing a live audience on Channel 4. Fatima joined Channel 4 News in 2012 and previously worked as a reporter and video journalist at the BBC.

  • Published on 20 Jun 2017 Sections

    Hundreds of people gathered for a vigil last night at the scene of the attack, where one man died and nine others were taken to hospital. Fatima Manji has been speaking to some of those involved, including the man who pinned the alleged attacker to the ground until police arrived.

  • Published on 19 Jun 2017 Sections

    The attack came as a group of Muslim worshipers finished prayers here in Finsbury Park shortly after midnight last night. Fatima Manji arrived at the scene of the attack in the early hours of this morning and has spent the day piecing together the events and the reaction.

  • Published on 11 Jun 2017 Sections

    The number of women MPs is at an all-time high after Thursdays Vote. There’s also a rise in the number of LGBT, ethnic minority and disabled representatives. So what can we expect from this latest re-balancing of representation in the Mother of Parliaments?

  • Published on 11 Jun 2017

    There aren’t any official figures about voter turnout on Thursday among 18 to 24 year olds – but the actual number of young people registering to vote was much higher than in 2015. And many pointed to the number of music stars that backed Labour as a factor.

  • Published on 8 Jun 2017 Sections

    Children as young as nine are being groomed and bombarded with sexually explicit messages on popular social media app Musical.ly and streaming site Lively.

  • Published on 7 Jun 2017 Sections ,

    The Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has been touring the country too, calling for people to vote tactically to send what he called a “powerful message” to Theresa May.

  • Published on 2 Jun 2017

    As Sophia Burset in Orange is the New Black, the Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox has blazed the trail for black transgender women on screen and consistently challenged stereotypes about female prisoners. She’s also an outspoken activist, fighting for the rights of transgender people.

  • Published on 28 May 2017 Sections

    Tens of thousands of people took part in the Great Manchester run today. Organisers of the annual run had been overwhelmed with people wanting to take part. It began with a minute’s silence for the victims of Monday’s terror attack, then they set off along streets packed with crowds – everyone determined to demonstrate their…

  • Published on 27 May 2017 Sections

    Annesa Rameh, who lives in Manchester, is of Libyan heritage – and is at university studying to be a doctor.

  • Published on 27 May 2017 Sections

    In Manchester, police say there will be more arrests and more raids as the huge investigation into the suicide bomb attack continues. But the UK’s terror threat level has been reduced and troops will gradually be withdrawn from the streets by midnight on Monday. We are live from the city.

  • Published on 22 May 2017 Sections

    The Labour and Momentum activist, Beth Foster-Ogg, and the Conservative councillor, Oliver Cooper, on the youth vote.

  • Published on 19 May 2017 Sections

    To a constituency that’s always been a petri dish of political passions. Bradford West was swayed away from George Galloway by Labour’s Naz Shah. Now she’s being challenged by former Respect leader, turned independent, Salma Yaqoob. With two left-wing women fighting it out, a young Tory male, among others, is hoping to benefit. And the…

  • Published on 9 May 2017

    The Conservatives parked their tanks firmly on Labour’s lawn today when they said they would cap energy prices – a Labour policy they rubbished two years ago.

  • Published on 3 May 2017

    Jan Egeland, aid expert and secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

  • Published on 3 May 2017

    Two years of war have left Yemen on the verge of famine. Food imports are at a record low and international concern is rising for the lives of millions of Yemenis amid rising fears of a military attack on the country’s vital Red Sea port that brings in most of the country’s food.