Fatima Manji


Fatima Manji is a reporter for Channel 4 News.

Fatima Manji is a General Reporter. Fatima joined the programme in January 2012 and since then has worked on a variety of stories including the NatWest banking problems, Apple unwittingly encouraging phone theft and returning to her own school to look at job prospects for school leavers.

Before this Fatima was a reporter, presenter and video journalist for the BBC in the East of England, where she investigated stories including exploitative landlords and hate crime against migrants.

  • Published on 16 Jan 2017 Sections

    Loretta Napoleoni, an expert on terrorist financing who advises several governments and international organisations on counter-terrorism, and the journalist Graeme Wood, who has written extensively about the motivations behind IS.

  • Published on 29 Dec 2016 Sections

    Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds has died of a suspected stroke – just a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away. According to her son Todd – she said “I want to be with Carrie – and then she was gone”. Reynolds – who was 84 – first rose to stardom in Singing in the…

  • Published on 17 Dec 2016 Sections

    He had gone to Pakistan to attend a family gathering, but a British grandfather never returned home, after being gunned down with his two brothers in a Karachi suburb. But one family’s tragedy is a reality for thousands more in a country, where critics say the government is not doing enough to protect minority groups.

  • Published on 12 Dec 2016 Sections

    A man has been arrested at a south London railway station after another man was stabbed. Eyewitnesses said the suspect was shouting “death to Muslims”.

  • Published on 11 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    Tomorrow will see the start of another legal challenge to Brexit – this time it’s being claimed the legislation exists to allow us to leave the EU without leaving the single market thereby making our exit smoother. We talk to one of the co-claimants, Adrian Yalland, who voted for Brexit.

  • Published on 11 Dec 2016 Sections

    It is a strategic and symbolic prize. Capturing the city of Palmyra and its ancient ruins in eastern Syria was a propaganda coup, first for Islamic State and then for the Syrian government when they retook it last March. Now Palmyra – which lies close to large oil fields – may once again have fallen…

  • Published on 10 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    Glenn Carle joins us live from Boston, Massachusetts to discuss Russian hackers.

  • Published on 10 Dec 2016 Sections

    The Dutch far-right political leader, Geert Wilders, says he’ll appeal after a court convicted him of discrimination against Moroccans.

  • Published on 4 Dec 2016

    Amid an intense bombardment by Syrian forces and their allies, and fierce battles in the city’s narrow streets – rebels are still refusing to surrender

  • Published on 3 Dec 2016 Sections

    More than a hundred thousand people in the Brazilian town of Chapeco have turned out to mourn the 71 people who died in a plane crash in Colombia – including most of the local football team. The Brazilian president led tributes to the victims at the ceremony in driving rain – saying the tragedy had…

  • Published on 29 Nov 2016 Sections

    A keen amateur dancer is taking legal action, after he was banned from an event and told his wheelchair would damage the dance floor.

  • Published on 21 Nov 2016 Sections , ,

    It started in Florida with the death of an unarmed black teenager: 17 year old Trayvon Martin, fatally shot as he walked from a store. Tonight some of the African American mothers who’ve lost their children to police shootings and alleged racial violence are speaking at the Oxford Union.

  • Published on 18 Nov 2016 Sections

    Activists and health workers in East Aleppo say over a dozen hospitals and clinics have been hit since the latest offensive by Syrian government forces began four days ago. They report patients cowering in basements while volunteers comb the rubble for survivors. And there have been some astonishing rescues. This report contains distressing images.

  • Published on 16 Nov 2016 Sections

    A new report has suggested that black and minority ethnic offenders are more likely to be sent to jail than white people who have committed similar offences. The inquiry, chaired by the Labour MP David Lammy, was ordered earlier this year by the former prime minister, David Cameron.

  • Published on 14 Nov 2016 Sections

    Channel 4 News can reveal tonight the numbers of children who go missing every year from the care system after seeking asylum or being trafficked. For 19 year old Monique (not her real name), who was trafficked into the UK at 11, it was years before she got the help she needed.