4 Mar 2023

For the 100: Vigils held for students taking their own lives at university

Special Correspondent and Presenter

Vigils are taking place across the UK this evening in remembrance of students who have taken their own lives at university and to highlight demands for the government to implement a statutory duty of care on Higher Education institutions.

The vigils are being organised by campaign group ‘For the 100’ which represents families bereaved by suicide at university – currently around 100 every year.

Universities UK – representing higher education institutions in the UK – says they already work to ‚Äúprioritise the mental health of our students and staff, developing inclusive learning environments, providing support for those experiencing difficulties and working closely with NHS services.”

The group says it is up to the government to decide the legal framework within which they should operate “but it is essential that any additional duty does not result in unintended consequences for students and improves mental health outcomes and safety for all.”