Victoria Macdonald

Health and Social Care Correspondent
Victoria Macdonald is Health and Social Care Correspondent at Channel 4 News
Victoria Macdonald is Health and Social Care Correspondent at Channel 4 News

Victoria Macdonald is an award-winning journalist, who has been covering health and social care issues for Channel 4 News since 1999.

She closely follows the changes and developments in the NHS and the care system from the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust to the wholesale reforms of the health service.

Victoria also reports on medical developments, mental health issues as well as covering stories on how welfare reforms are affecting those with physical disabilities. And she closely watches developments in HIV/Aids and TB.

Victoria is originally from New Zealand and worked for the Sunday Telegraph before joining Channel 4 News.


post 22 August 2014
Why sorry can be the hardest word for doctors

There are many doctors who would gladly have apologised when a mistake has been made but who will have been told by their management or their lawyers that they should do no such thing.

post 21 August 2014
Hep C drug that can cure - but is it too expensive?

There are some phone calls which brighten up your day. I have just had one of those. It was from Nils Nordal and he was phoning from his hospital bed in the Royal Free, north London.

post 24 July 2014
To end Aids, we must help the vulnerable, not arrest them

There is talk at Melbourne┐s International Aids Conference of ending Aids by 2030. But this requires the political will to help drug users and sex workers, rather than criminalising them.

post 23 July 2014
HIV successes under threat from anti-gay crackdowns

There are fears that the fight against HIV is in danger as increasing numbers of countries introduce anti-gay laws. Health and Social Care Correspondent Victoria Macdonald reports from Melbourne.

post 22 July 2014
A small but important step in the battle against HIV

Kick and kill is a rather brutal phrase for a scientific endeavour but it precisely describes attempts to seek out HIV and then destroy it.

post 19 July 2014
HIV cure search - there's now a feeling it WILL happen rather than it MIGHT happen

There was a time when the word 'cure' was never used in relation to HIV. It was thought to be too elusive, too unachievable. But something changed in the past decade.

post 19 July 2014
MH17: 'The extent of our loss is hard to comprehend'

The president of the International Aids Society delivered a heartfelt statement on the loss of six delegates in the destruction of Flight MH17, writes Victoria Macdonald.

post 18 July 2014
MH17 senseless violence robs us of finest minds on HIV

At Melbourne Airport, there's a welcome desk for delegates for the International Aids Conference. It is heartbreaking to know some will never arrive.

post 15 July 2014
Why I feel a bit sorry for Andrew Lansley...

It's not often that I feel sorry for a politician. But today I do feel a wee bit sorry for former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, whose dreams of being EU commissioner have been crushed.

post 10 July 2014
After years of austerity, NHS 'could experience a funding crisis'

The clamour is growing for something to be done about the NHS - through extra taxes, paying to see your GP, reconfiguring services, better use of technologies, more care in the community.

post 30 June 2014
Patients turn to A&E as GP appointments become thin on the ground

Six million patients a year are turning up at hospital A&E units because they can't get appointments with their GPs. Meanwhile, a study suggests a rise of 11 per cent in the number of unplanned visits

post 27 June 2014
Helping new mothers when they are 'losing their mind'

As part of its inquiry into safe discharge from hospitals, Healthwatch England is looking at how the NHS responds to cases of mothers suffering from postpartum psychosis.

article 26 June 2014 UK
How Jimmy Savile abused hospital patients aged five to 75

Jimmy Savile subjected hospital patients to "truly awful" sexual abuse for more than four decades, a series of chilling reports reveals.

post 11 June 2014
The parents waiting two years to find out why their babies died

A Channel 4 News investigation has found that parents whose babies die at birth, or shortly after, are being denied inquests to find out what happened.

post 09 June 2014
The Snowy White Peaks of the NHS: a survey of discrimination

The researcher and author, Roger Kline, recently published a report he called The Snowy White Peaks of the NHS - It could not have been more apt a title.

post 15 May 2014
IVF postcode lottery: no more Mr NICE guy please

Wrists have been slapped today by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - otherwise known as NICE.

post 07 May 2014
NHS forced into emergency action to fund 'game-changing' Hep C drug

The NHS is having to introduce an emergency fund for a new hepatits C drug after delays in getting the treatment to seriously ill patients.

post 06 May 2014
What happens when the vulnerable leave hospital?

A ground-breaking inquiry has been set up to look at what happens to vulnerable when they leave hospital - and its findings could prove startling.

video 28 April 2014 UK

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Help to work: fulfilling potential or unpaid labour? - video

The "help to work" programme comes into effect today, meaning the long-term unemployed face having their benefits cut unless they visit a Jobcentre every day.