Victoria Macdonald

Health and Social Care Correspondent
Victoria Macdonald is Health and Social Care Correspondent at Channel 4 News
Victoria Macdonald is Health and Social Care Correspondent at Channel 4 News

Victoria Macdonald is an award-winning journalist, who has been covering health and social care issues for Channel 4 News since 1999.

She closely follows the changes and developments in the NHS and the care system from the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust to the wholesale reforms of the health service.

Victoria also reports on medical developments, mental health issues as well as covering stories on how welfare reforms are affecting those with physical disabilities. And she closely watches developments in HIV/Aids and TB.

Victoria is originally from New Zealand and worked for the Sunday Telegraph before joining Channel 4 News.


post 20 July 2015
The 'revolving door of care': unsafe hospital discharges

The homeless, older people, those with mental health conditions. These are the patients whose voices we rarely hear. Even when it goes wrong and the NHS lets them down.

post 16 July 2015
Ambulance crisis: why taxis are filling the cracks in the system

An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed that hard-pressed ambulance trusts are increasingly relying on taxis to take patients to hospital even in an emergency.

post 18 June 2015
New duty of candour legislation creates 'two-tier health system'

New rules obliging the NHS to report when something has gone wrong, are not to be applied to private clinics and GPs, warns a patients' charity.

post 17 June 2015
IVF with donor eggs: the emotional, physical and financial strain

After years of failed fertility treatment, my consultant said I should think about egg donation. I was 45 by that stage.

post 04 June 2015
A&E waiting times: will monthly reports make a difference?

Changes to A&E waiting times and targets are much easier to understand, but probably not that easy for hospitals to make it happen.

post 03 June 2015
NHS: time for the regulators to sort out health care

Simon Stevens was reiterating his belief there is a need to look for local rather than nationally-imposed solutions. That one size does not fit all - especially in the health service.

post 21 May 2015
NHS England accused of interference over hepatitis C drug

NHS England officials have been accused of trying to interfere with the appraisal of a new drug for hepatitis C sufferers due to their concerns overs its cost.

post 07 May 2015
#NotGuilty giving courage to speak out about sexual assault

'Amelia', not her real name, was attacked six months ago in Oxford - but she did not tell the police. What helped her was a letter written in the Cherwell - Oxford's independent student newspaper.

post 03 May 2015
Who Cares: the play that puts the NHS under the knife in the election

The debate around the future of the NHS has inspired a play at the Royal Court that raises key questions about the health service. But have parties missed the chance to hear what voters want?

post 21 April 2015
Hunt, Lamb, Burnham - and an NHS ménage à trois

There's the married couple, Jeremy Hunt and Norman Lamb. Then a third person, Andy Burnham, comes a long to spice things up. That's what today's #healthdebate looked like.

post 15 April 2015
Lib Dem manifesto: equal care for mental health guaranteed

This is certainly the first time I can remember mental health being given such prominence in a manifesto, but the pledge of £500m a year seems far too low.

post 14 April 2015
Few surprises on health in today's Conservative manifesto

Apart from a pledge to fight dementia, most of the health measures had already been trailed. But then, the 2010 manifesto only hinted at the size of the NHS reorganisation that followed.

post 13 April 2015
NHS: Miliband refuses to sign up to 'totemic' £8bn increase

The chances are the £8bn being touted around this election will become many more billions by the next election.

post 08 April 2015
Ending loneliness: a map that could help target people at risk

A new report is urging councils to find out where lonely elderly people are living - so they can reach out and offer help.

post 07 April 2015
NHS: Labour and Tory claims on GPs and A&E put to test

Does it really matter whose facts and figures are right? In the end, it is all about perception. The rhetoric for some time now has been that it is difficult to get a GP appointment.

article 21 March 2015 UK
Deal over Meningitis B vaccine?

A year after a meningitis vaccine was given the go ahead, it's still not in use. Has a row between the drug companies and the government caused suffering to children's lives?

post 17 March 2015
Little prospect of relief for cash-strapped NHS in the budget

Will there be any relief for the NHS in the chancellor's statement? I have spoken to a number of health economists and the general feeling is there's not likely to be much.

post 03 March 2015
Pattern of failures that put babies' lives at risk

A "catalogue of failures at almost every level" is linked to the death of three mothers and 16 babies at Furness General Hospital.

post 02 March 2015
'A baby died an avoidable death': one family's fight for justice

Although the inquiry looks only at Morecambe Bay, it is clear that many of the problems the families faced following the deaths of their babies are far from unique.