Simon Israel

Home Affairs Correspondent
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Robustly independent reporting on home affairs. Covers crime, police, terrorism, legal, race, immigration, social justice, prisons.Award winning films on terrorism, G20 protests, Stephen Lawrence, illegal immigration, suicides in prisons.

Simon Israel has been home affairs correspondent since 1998. He's broken a number of exclusives, including the resignation of the officer in charge of counter terrorism, racism in the crown prosecution service, the abuse of restraint methods on detained children, the Government's resettlement programme for refugees.

"My objective is to try to come at stories from an original perspective but one which resonates with the viewer and challenges the establishment."


article 24 June 2015 UK
Police marksman 'convinced' Azelle Rodney was about to shoot

A former police firearms officer has told his murder trial he was "absolutely convinced" the man he shot dead was about to open fire.

article 28 May 2015 UK
Isis jihadi brides 'luring British women to Syria'

Many British women who leave to join the Islamic State group are being lured by British jihadi brides already there, according to report on radicalisation.

post 20 May 2015
Theresa May: this 'crying wolf' has to stop

Theresa May issues a warning to the Police Federation - after the organisation claimed that spending cuts could make bobbies on the beat a thing of the past.

article 19 May 2015 UK
Policeman found guilty of tuition fee protest assault

As a fluke helps convict a PC of assault during the 2010 tuition fees protest, student William Horner, who broke a tooth during the demo, tells Channel 4 News it could be "the tip of an iceberg".

post 18 May 2015
Police warned government over fraud linked to poison-nurse

As a Filipino nurse is convicted of murder, Channel 4 News understands that police had written to the government about concerns over qualification fraud among nurses in the Philippines.

article 13 May 2015 UK
PC Andrew Ott (screengrab)
Policeman accused of framing student at tuition fee riot

PC Andrew Ott, who hit student William Horner with his riot shield, was recorded saying after the incident "he's going to have to have done something, coz I've put his tooth out".

article 09 April 2015 UK
Stephen Lawrence: Lord Stevens investigated by IPCC

EXCLUSIVE: former Metropolitan Police commissioner Lord Stevens is being investigated over allegations of a cover-up of police corruption in the Stephen Lawrence murder probe in the 1990s.

article 08 April 2015 UK
Terror police probe imam Abdul-Hadi Arwani murder in London

Detectives from the Counter Terrorism Command are leading an investigation into the death of a man in north west London, Scotland Yard said, as he was named as 48-year-old Abdul-Hadi Arwani.

post 07 April 2015
G4S death: today was not a victory for compassion

A dispiriting end to the day for David Taylor Smith - a man once in command of 50,000 people for the world's third largest company G4S.

post 07 April 2015
G4S death: ex-CEO admits 'systemic failures' in vetting process

The world's largest security firm, G4S, admits systemic failures in regards to its process of performing background checks after it led to the murder of one of its security guards by another.

post 26 March 2015
Parents struggling with extremism - is the Prevent plan working?

Many people see the Prevent anti-radicalisation scheme as ineffective, divisive and in dire need of a complete overhaul.

post 25 March 2015
Staff 'lost control' of Guys Marsh Prison, say inspectors

Drugs, gangs and violence have brought virtual anarchy to an English jail, according to the latest report from the chief inspector of prisons.

post 20 March 2015
Teenager jailed for planning Woolwich-style attack

Ninteen-year-old Brusthom Ziamani is jailed for 22 years for plotting to carry out an act of "horrifying savagery".

article 17 March 2015 UK, Syria
Brent Councillor Mohammed Butt
London teenagers 'wanted to go to Syria to help'

Two of the London teenagers stopped in Turkey at the weekend were heading to Syria "to do some good", says Mohammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, who has spoken to the boys and their families.

post 10 March 2015
Prison suicides: will we ever learn?

The lessons are the same but what is lacking is the oversight and the stick to make sure history isn't repeated. There should be no time limits on the state's duty of care.

article 04 March 2015 UK
Protester loses legal battle to get off 'extremism' database

The home secretary and police chiefs win an important legal battle over the retention of details of protesters on a domestic 'extremism' database.

article 23 February 2015 UK
Alex Kelly
'Could have been saved': failing the mentally ill in prison

A major inquiry has found the government at risk of breaching human rights over repeated failures to learn lessons in preventing tragedies of the mentally ill behind bars.

article 19 February 2015 UK
Brustholm Ziamani (Metropolitan Police)
London teenager Ziamani guilty of plot to behead soldier

A radicalised teenage son of Jehovah Witnesses is found guilty of planning to behead a young British soldier.

video 16 February 2015 UK, Denmark

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Could there be more security at UK Jewish schools? - video

Channel 4 News learns that the education secretary is considering stepping up security around Jewish schools in the UK. Simon Israel reports on the threat Jewish communities face in the country.