Simon Israel

Home Affairs Correspondent
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Robustly independent reporting on home affairs. Covers crime, police, terrorism, legal, race, immigration, social justice, prisons.Award winning films on terrorism, G20 protests, Stephen Lawrence, illegal immigration, suicides in prisons.

Simon Israel has been home affairs correspondent since 1998. He's broken a number of exclusives, including the resignation of the officer in charge of counter terrorism, racism in the crown prosecution service, the abuse of restraint methods on detained children, the Government's resettlement programme for refugees.

"My objective is to try to come at stories from an original perspective but one which resonates with the viewer and challenges the establishment."


post 20 October 2016
Rotherham trial: far right activists in the spotlight

The court was told the group looked for opportunities to carry out attacks on Asians and Muslims to give themselves a more militant image than other far right movements.

post 08 September 2016
Culture of fear at Metropolitan Police

A two-year investigation into the Metropolitan Police's treatment of female, black, minority ethnic and gay officers has uncovered a culture of fear.

post 02 August 2016
Government's counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge

Muslim activist Dr Salman Butt has launched legal action against the Home Secretary after he was named in a Government press release about hate preachers.

post 29 July 2016
Met Police to meet black fireman in wake of race allegations

The London firefighter has accepted an invitation to discuss how diversity training could be improved in the Met after telling Channel 4 News that "racism is like a disease" in the force.

post 11 July 2016
Has Theresa May been a good Home Secretary?

One insider describes her as a formidable negotiator with great attention to detail - someone who, perhaps surprisingly, "cares more about the little people than the big ones".

post 08 July 2016
Brexit: Rise in hate crimes reported after vote

Hate crime across the UK had gone up 46% in the two weeks either side of the Brexit vote, compared to the same period last year.

post 05 July 2016
Police dismissals force by force

Police officers in England and Wales are being dismissed for misconduct at the rate of more than one a day.

post 29 June 2016
Spycops - New guidance

Proposed new guidance on undercover police operations has for the first time stipulated that sexual relations are unacceptable and cannot be authorised unless in extreme situations.

post 21 June 2016
Spycops: 'a state-sponsored ghoulish practice'

Tomorrow the Spycops public inquiry will address whether the state has a duty to reveal to all parents if their dead child's identity was taken and used in the name of undercover policing.

article 01 June 2016 UK
Cherry Groce children to receive police compensation

Five children whose mother was shot and crippled by police in 1985 are to receive substantial damages in compensation from the Metropolitan Police, Channel 4 News can reveal.

post 17 May 2016
Hillsborough: 'the poison of decades-old misdeeds'

The Home Secretary has delivered a powerful warning to police officers that Hillsborough is a touchstone for the future of policing.

post 16 May 2016
Violence and disorder rising in prisons

The safety of prisons in England and Wales is getting worse, with deaths, self-harm, violence and disorder continuing to rise.

post 13 May 2016
Amy's story: the tragic death of a teenager

A 14 year old boy in a girl's body, with multiple mental health problems, was found dead in one of the most expensive mental health care establishments in the country.

post 24 March 2016
NHS fuelling immigration?

A report out today accuses Health ministers and NHS chiefs of fuelling migration numbers by employing nurses on the cheap from outside the EU to meet annual shortages.

post 23 March 2016
Undercover policing inquiry: will they have to name officers?

Grave allegations, basic democratic freedoms undermined, deceitful relationships, profound questions of racial equality - at last the public inquiry into undercover policing is underway.

post 21 March 2016
Exclusive: lawyers claim Met lied to judges over secret policing

The public inquiry into undercover policing is being asked to look at whether the Met deceived judges.

post 01 March 2016
New figures on prison violence

The scale of prison violence has emerged from new figures which show riot squads were called into jails on a daily basis last year.

post 18 February 2016
HMIC says neighbourhood policing 'under threat'

HMIC warn that neighbourhood policing, the foundation block of modern day law enforcement, is under threat.

post 05 February 2016
Long delays faced by torture victims with asylum claims

"..the most serious failings concerned the way in which allegations of torture were managed." It's the most critical observation by the borders and immigration chief inspector. For David Bolt's repo