Simon Israel

Home Affairs Correspondent
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Simon Israel is a Home Affairs Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Robustly independent reporting on home affairs. Covers crime, police, terrorism, legal, race, immigration, social justice, prisons.Award winning films on terrorism, G20 protests, Stephen Lawrence, illegal immigration, suicides in prisons.

Simon Israel has been home affairs correspondent since 1998. He's broken a number of exclusives, including the resignation of the officer in charge of counter terrorism, racism in the crown prosecution service, the abuse of restraint methods on detained children, the Government's resettlement programme for refugees.

"My objective is to try to come at stories from an original perspective but one which resonates with the viewer and challenges the establishment."


article 09 September 2014 UK
Vicar 'ran sham marriage conveyor belt'

The UK's largest ever sham marriages trial begins with prosecution claims that bogus weddings at a church in south London were conducted on an "industrial scale".

post 08 September 2014
Pc Carol Howard: 'I was treated like an outcast by the Met'

Pc Carol Howard has cowed the largest police force in the UK into rewriting its entire fairness to work procedures.

post 03 September 2014
Archbishop: we must counter the 'obscene simplicity' of IS ideology

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby deplores the lack of a global strategy from world leaders for what he said could not be understood as a local problem.

article 02 September 2014 UK
PC Carol Howard
Met discrimination payout for Games 'poster girl'

The Metropolitan police issues a public apology for the first time, to a black female police officer who has been awarded nearly 40,000 in compensation for race and sexual discrimination.

post 01 September 2014
David Cameron's 'moment on terror' a numbers game

It only takes one wannabe British jihadist to slip through the net so the government's new anti-terror proposals must grapple with what measures can stop the flow.

post 28 August 2014
Tory net migration pledge remains an elusive dream

Today's immigration figures showed an increase of 68,000 people coming to the UK, meaning it is almost impossible for the Conservatives to honour their election pledge to bring down net migration.

post 21 August 2014
The hunt for the 'British' jihadi who killed James Foley

A manhunt is under way for the jihadi, believed to be British, who appeared in video footage showing the murder of US journalist James Foley.

post 20 August 2014
James Foley murder video: watch it and you risk terror charges

The gruesome video of the murder of journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants is a terrorist publication say UK police, and those viewing or sharing it risk prosecution.

video 20 August 2014 UK, Iraq

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Pro-Islamic State Brit challenged on beheadings - video

Last week, we spoke Abu Rumauysah about British citizens who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State. During the interview, we challenged him on the use of beheading videos by IS.

post 15 August 2014
Menezes campaign mentioned in undercover officers' files

The Menezes family meets investigators handling the inquiry into 40 years of covert policing by a unit known as the Special Demonstration Squad.

post 13 August 2014
Damning report into UK prisons highlights rise in violence

Week after week there seems to be yet another damning report on the state of this country's prisons. Today it is the Serco privately run Doncaster Prison.

post 08 August 2014
Habib Ullah death: officers face gross misconduct charges

Five police officers who have escaped criminal prosecution over the death of a 39-year-old man are to face gross misconduct charges.

article 06 August 2014 UK
Glen Parva prison 'unsafe' for young offenders

Another prison holding young male adults is condemned for "unacceptable" conditions by inspectors who found high levels of violence, drugs and self harm.

article 01 August 2014 UK, Israel
Protester holds banner during an anti-Israel demonstration in London
Is anti-Semitism on the rise in Britain?

As a crop of Hitler-related hashtags emerge on social media over the past month, Simon Israel asks whether there is a rise in anti-Semitism in Britain.

post 30 July 2014
Retired Met police officer charged with murder of Azelle Rodney

It's been a long tough fight for the family of Azelle Rodney to get to today's unprecedented announcement.

post 23 July 2014
Met Police spied on families campaigning for justice

Exclusive: Families campaigning for justice against the Metropolitan Police were spied upon by undercover officers, Channel 4 News can reveal.

post 22 July 2014
Are the police using Tasers too much?

Widespread concerns have been expressed by the police watchdog over the use of Tasers in the past eight years.

post 16 July 2014
600 arrests in child abuse investigation on industrial scale

Doctors, teachers, care workers, scout leaders and former police officers are among those detained across the UK.

article 10 July 2014 UK
This is the room where police shot my mum, Cherry Groce

The son of Cherry Groce, whose shooting in 1985 sparked riots in Brixton, returns for the first time to the house where, as an 11-year-old, he saw a policeman fire on his mother.