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Channel 4 News Political Editor gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond

Gary Gibbon has been Channel 4 News Political Editor since 2005. He gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary has worked on four general elections for Channel 4 News. His interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 triggered the Northern Ireland Secretary's second resignation from the Cabinet.

In 2006, he won the Royal Television Society Home News Award with Jon Snow for the scoop on the Attorney General's Legal Advice on Iraq. Gary also revealed details of Blair's pre-War meeting with George Bush n 2008 and won the Political Studies Association Broadcast Journalist of the Year award.


post 22 May 2015
Why David Cameron needs some German stamping and Gallic scowling

President Hollande said this wasn't the place or the time to discuss David Cameron's concerns. But that, on the fringes of this summit, is what David Cameron did.

post 22 May 2015
EU renegotiation: Cameron warns of knock-backs and rows

David Cameron plans to remind EU leaders that nearly 4 million British voters backed Ukip. He thinks some EU countries under-estimate the British desire to move from the status quo in Europe.

post 22 May 2015
Is Ukip a threat to Labour in the north?

Is Labour facing an existential threat in Northern seats from Ukip that could eat at a heartland just as the SNP has in Scotland?

post 21 May 2015
Cameron meets EU leaders for first time since election

Cameron is in Riga today to meet his fellow EU leaders for the first time since the election, but the focus won't be on his party's now mandated plans for renegotiation.

post 20 May 2015
EU renegotiation - then and now

I've been talking to some with memories of the 1974-5 Common Market renegotiation and asking what lessons it has for the one David Cameron is embarking on.

post 18 May 2015
SNP land grab as Commons meets for first time

The SNP have bagged the front rows of the Labour benches and nearly nabbed Dennis Skinner's much-prided place. There were in at 8 trying to finesse their land grab.

post 14 May 2015
Labour's failure to connect with the 'self-loathing' Tories of Warwickshire North

On the ground in North Warwickshire with voters, I hear Labour's messages were less targeted than the Tories' and made no headway with Ukip deserters.

post 12 May 2015
Cameron reaches out to the shy - or self-loathing - Tories

I'm not sure whether blue-collar workers do a lot of desk banging when they welcome people into the room, but that's how Tory ministers decided to welcome David Cameron into the Cabinet room for his

post 08 May 2015
Three party leaders resign within 90 minutes

Three party leaders have now resigned within an hour and a half, but Ed Miliband's must be the biggest emotional shock to the individual concerned.

post 07 May 2015
If that exit poll is right...

If the exit poll is right, the Tories will have lost something like only 10 seats or so to Labour. And as the results come in we may find they may have pinched some off Labour.

post 06 May 2015
Cameron ends campaign with 'warning'

Things could be shaken up in the days to come in ways many of us won't have forseen.

post 06 May 2015
The Queen's Speech

I asked various sources how the Queen might feel about turning up in a grand ceremonial opening of parliament mode, lending lustre to what could be a political bear fight.

post 04 May 2015
Tories: is it 290+ MPs or bust?

If the Tories get above 290 MPs they plan to give it a go walking back through the door of No 10 with the strong intention of staying put.

post 01 May 2015
Election 2015: talking to the SNP - deals and mini deals

Ed Miliband's team has always been clear. The SNP, it argues, has nowhere else to go in a hung parliament, when it comes to votes that could bring in or vote out a Labour minority government.

post 27 April 2015
General election 2015: David Cameron pumps it up

David Cameron has done another very psyched up outing to convince anyone who doubted it that he is desperately keen to carry on in the job.

post 24 April 2015
Tories gnawing the Lib Dem lifebelt

The Tories are in danger of desperately gnawing through the very lifebelt they may need after 7 May. Put that to senior Tories and they acknowledge the problem but feel they can do no other.

post 22 April 2015
Ed Miliband profile: Gary Gibbon meets the Labour Leader

Meet Ed Miliband on the road right now and you meet a very ebullient person. He's more consistently relaxed and confident than close aides can remember.

post 21 April 2015
Cameron, Clegg and Farage: watch Gary Gibbon's profiles

With the general election just over two weeks away and the result highly unpredictable, Gary Gibbon talks to three of the party leaders.

post 20 April 2015
David Cameron profile: Gary Gibbon speaks to the Conservative leader

If he did get back in, what sort of David Cameron would we see? The long gone husky-cuddling eco-warrior won't make a reappearance presumably.