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Political Editor
Channel 4 News Political Editor gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond

Gary Gibbon has been Channel 4 News Political Editor since 2005. He gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary has worked on four general elections for Channel 4 News. His interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 triggered the Northern Ireland Secretary's second resignation from the Cabinet.

In 2006, he won the Royal Television Society Home News Award with Jon Snow for the scoop on the Attorney General's Legal Advice on Iraq. Gary also revealed details of Blair's pre-War meeting with George Bush n 2008 and won the Political Studies Association Broadcast Journalist of the Year award.


post 24 September 2016
Jeremy Corbyn increases his majority

Jeremy Corbyn has increased his majority, a pretty rare feat his team say. His share of the vote has gone up from 59.5 per cent to 61.8 per cent, largely thanks to an increased share of the members'

post 23 September 2016
Doomed Smith challenge a dream for Team Corbyn

Owen Smith's tilt at the Labour leadership gave Jeremy Corbyn a welcome "shot in the arm", says his team.

post 23 September 2016
Boris, Jim and Theresa

On Theresa May's flight to New York one official on her team joked he'd issued instructions that Boris Johnson was to be "rugby tackled" if he looked like he was leaving their section of the plane to

post 22 September 2016
Trump: recommended reading

US analysts are still predicting a Clinton victory, but Donald Trump is gaining ground.

post 20 September 2016
Theresa May's first address at the 'superbowl of espionage'

We are awaiting Theresa May's first address to the UN. The UN's mind is elsewhere. The attack on a humanitarian convoy in Syria has dominated the coverage here. Also President Obama's farewell.

post 19 September 2016
Theresa May's UN message on refugees

Like her predecessor, Mrs May will emphasise that the solutions lay in the regions where the refugee crises are at their worst.

post 15 September 2016
Hinkley: Government approves 18bn nuclear power station plant

Theresa May has completed her fresh look at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and it's now been signed off.

post 14 September 2016
Oliver Letwin: how to negotiate Brexit

Failing to keep financial services in the Single Market would be a "massive blow" says Oliver Letwin. But he thinks there's a way of getting the deal the City needs.

post 14 September 2016
Juncker on Brexit: forget a la carte single market access

A slap-down for Theresa May's ambitions for a bespoke Brexit deal? European Commission President Juncker today ruled out "a la carte access to the Single Market".

post 13 September 2016
Cameron stands down as MP 'to avoid Brexit debates'

Camilla Cavendish, head of policy for David Cameron in No. 10, says it's the thought of sitting through Brexit debates in parliament that drove David Cameron out of parliament.

post 12 September 2016
Cameron quits as MP

Mr Cameron has talked to friends about the need to avoid the bad publicity Mr Blair has had from jetting around the world and picking up massive cheques from various individuals and regimes.

post 07 September 2016
Theresa May - no running commentary on Brexit

Theresa May batted away all attempts by MPs to make her spell out her Brexit renegotiation strategy. There will be no running commentary she said - repeatedly.

post 05 September 2016
Theresa May talks trade at G20 summit in China

Until Theresa May mentioned, in her closing press conference, how her predecessor shared her opposition to a points based system, I hadn't heard David Cameron's name mentioned here once.

post 05 September 2016
G20 summit: can the UK stay relevant?

Can Britain maintain the relevance Mrs May seeks outside the EU?

post 04 September 2016
May seeks to calm Brexit fears in China

Japan, among others, are nervous about the effect of Britain's withdrawal from the EU on foreign investment.

post 01 September 2016
Beijing's warning shot for Theresa May over Hinkley

China's ambassador to the UK warns Theresa May Britain must stay open to Chinese business, as doubts grow over a joint nuclear project.

post 31 August 2016
Theresa May: push on with Brexit

The Cabinet has agreed that triggering Brexit won't need a vote in Parliament. Theresa May wants to push ahead and trigger Article 50 in January/February 2017.

post 30 August 2016
'Brexit means Brexit' - but what happens next?

Tomorrow, the Cabinet gathers at Chequers. Ministers were given summer homework to come up with how Brexit presents opportunities for their ministries.

post 25 July 2016
Shadow Cabinet 'Unresignation' - start of a trend?

Is pressure from her constituency party why Sarah Champion 'unresigned' from the Shadow Cabinet? Will pressure from Tory backbenchers keep ministers tough on Brexit border control?