• 19 Sep 2019

    Europe’s biggest economy, Germany, has promised to phase out coal by 2038 in order to meet climate change commitments. Yet it is expanding one of its biggest open cast mines, which is 48 square kilometres in size. The expansion will demolish five villages in the process, but the coal company responsible says it is not…

  • 18 Jan 2019

    Don’t leave us this way: that’s the message from a group of high-profile Germans, including politicians, business leaders and footballers who’ve signed a joint letter urging Britain not to quit the EU, declaring “our door will always be open”. And it turns out there are some rather surprising things they’d miss when we’re no longer…

  • 11 Nov 2018

    Standing before Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the French President warned old demons are resurfacing and condemned nationalism.

  • 11 Jul 2018

    The coffee had barely been poured at breakfast when Donald Trump launched his first blistering attack on his allies. They were expecting him to lambaste them for how little he feels they are contributing to NATO’s military might compared to the United States. More of a surprise was when he said Germany was “totally controlled…

  • 11 Jul 2018

    Former US Ambassador to Nato, Ivo Daalder, discusses President Trump’s approach to the summit. Are Donald Trump’s calls on NATO to spend 4 per cent of GDP on defence realistic?

  • 27 Jun 2018

    After winning the title in 2014, Germans are in shock at today’s World Cup knock-out. Matt Frei reports from Berlin.

  • 27 Apr 2018

    President Trump will be hoping that peace in Korea becomes his greatest legacy, telling the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that talks on the issue had “never gone this far”. He also claimed that he and Ms Merkel had always had a “good relationship”.

  • 7 Apr 2018

    A huge police operation is underway after three people were killed and 20 injured when a vehicle crashed into a crowd sitting outside a popular bar in the German city of Muenster. Police say the driver then shot himself dead – but warned it was too early to speculate about a motive. The German Chancellor Angela…

  • 20 Nov 2017

    What does Merkel’s coalition crisis mean for Brexit?

    UK diplomats worry that prolonged uncertainty in Germany over the formation of a new government means that officials may take control of events and that hardens the German position. Some claim that it was German officials who shaped the setback at the European Council in October when the UK was deemed to have made insufficient…

  • 25 Sep 2017

    Ulrike Guerot, who’s the founder of the European Democracy Lab, discusses the German elections.

  • 25 Sep 2017

    Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term, but it’s a hollow victory given the pummelling she and her former coalition partners received. and the success of the right-wing, nationalist Alternative for Germany party. The AfD, which promised to fight “an invasion of foreigners”, seems to have capitalised on a backlash over Mrs Merkel’s…

  • 25 Sep 2017

    Merkel humbled. The German Chancellor receives a bitter bouquet for a fourth but diminished victory. And Germany’s far right enter the Bundestag.

  • 12 Apr 2017

    German police investigating the bomb attack on the Dortmund football team bus say a letter found near the scene suggests a possible Islamist link – and one suspect has been taken into custody. But they admitted they are still “in the dark” as to the motive.

  • 11 Apr 2017

    Since we’ve been on air there are reports that there’s been an explosion close to to the team bus of the German football team Borussia Dortmund.

  • 22 Dec 2016

    Joining us from Munich in Germany is Peter Neumann, Professor of Security Studies at King’s College, London and joining us from New York is Rukmini Callimachi, Foreign Correspondent for The New York Times.