Cabinet Office

  • 13 Aug 2017

    Ministers who have been at polar opposites of the Brexit debate have joined forces to reassure businesses there’ll be no ‘cliff edge’ after Britain leaves the EU.

  • 17 Jul 2017

    Brexit Secretary David Davis has insisted it’s time to “get down to work” as Britain began the second round of  negotiations in Brussels. But he only stayed at the talks for a couple of hours, without apparently taking any notes. Theresa May is to warn ministers to stop leaking the contents of Cabinet discussions, after…

  • 29 Oct 2015

    How much taxpayers money did the charity get, what did they do with it and how much did the Government know? Everything you need to know on Kids Company.

  • 16 Nov 2011

    Ministers failing to figure out new Stats Watchdog

    Boris Johnson today called Sir Michael Scholar, the Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, a “Labour stooge”.  Last month Scholar, who runs the government’s watchdog on the integrity of official statistics, accused the Mayor of London of giving misleading figures to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee.   Poor Sir Michael.  He would actually…

  • 11 Oct 2011

    Werritty – more help to give?

    Sources close to Dr Fox were suggesting last night that Mr Werritty would be making available his bank statements to show his income sources. I understand that hasn’t happened yet and that no hard paper evidence was handed over for inspection. Mr Werrity gave an oral account of how he earned his living.

  • 11 Oct 2011

    Another red as cabinet secretary

    The announcement that Sir Gus O’Donnell’s is retiring as Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service at the end of this year comes as no surprise reports political correspondent Michael Crick

  • 30 Jun 2011

    Are public sector pensions set to cost the taxpayer more money as Francis Maude MP claims? FactCheck investigates.