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  • Published on 16 Aug 2017

    On the Irish border, the past. the present, but what about the future? The Government wants it to be fluid and open like today, but wasn’t Brexit all about securing our borders?

  • Published on 15 Aug 2017

    If you’re not confused, perhaps you’re not paying attention. The Government sets out its plans for trade and Brexit.

  • Published on 13 Aug 2017 Sections , ,

    Ministers who have been at polar opposites of the Brexit debate have joined forces to reassure businesses there’ll be no ‘cliff edge’ after Britain leaves the EU.

  • Published on 13 Aug 2017 Sections , ,

    We are live in Charlottesville, Virginia, after last night’s horrendous violence at a white supremacist rally.

  • Published on 12 Aug 2017 Sections , ,

    China has urged the United States and North Korea to calm down and avoid ramping up tensions.

  • Published on 12 Aug 2017

    China has urged the United States and North Korea to calm down and avoid ramping up tensions.

  • Published on 10 Aug 2017

    An unusual example of what is becoming an alarmingly usual type of crime. On average 7 hate crimes an hour, every hour. That’s according to the police who have recorded big spikes first after Brexit and now after the string of terror attacks. They also believe that these numbers could be higher still if all…

  • Published on 9 Aug 2017

    After days and days of build-up North Korea and the United States have now bluntly threatened each other with nuclear catastrophe. Kim Jong Un threatened the US base at Guam with “enveloping fire”. Donald Trump threatened fire and fury like the world has never seen. An eerie echo of how Truman threatened Japan in 1945.

  • Published on 8 Aug 2017 Sections

    She was “always smiling and helping others”, said her family: Deborah Lamprell, who was 45, and worked for an opera charity, has been formally identified as the latest victim of the Grenfell Tower fire. For the relatives of those who died, for those who knew them, for those who lived in Grenfell’s shadow – life…

  • Published on 8 Aug 2017

    The North South divide is notorious. The tale of two nations has long been measured in income, poverty, education and investment. Now we can add another: life itself. Researchers, who have looked at every death in the country before the age of 75 since 1965, have discovered that 1.2 million more people have died in…

  • Published on 7 Aug 2017 Sections

    Pyongyang is furious at new UN sanctions which will massively cut North Korean exports. North Korea has declared it will not negotiate, and believes possession of nuclear weapons is a legitimate response to the clear nuclear threat posed by the US. It also warns it would teach the US a severe lesson if it used…

  • Published on 6 Aug 2017

    How to cut down energy bills while still meeting targets on climate change? That’s the challenge for a new independent review tasked with examining ways of controlling costs.

  • Published on 6 Aug 2017

    Last night the Last night the world responded to the North Korean threat, unanimously backing the toughest United Nations sanctions yet – even China voting in favour.

  • Published on 5 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    Security forces have barred Venezuela’s chief prosecutor from her office – as she accused the authorities of trying to hide corruption and human rights violations.

  • Published on 5 Aug 2017

    As holidaymakers sizzle, scientists say get used to it, with extreme weather forecast to kill more than a 150,000 people every year on the continent by the next century.