Channel 4 News

  • 20 Mar 2018

    An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran ‘all’ of President Trump’s digital campaign – and may have broken election law. As the report went on air, the firm announced it has suspended chief executive Alexander Nix, pending a full investigation.

  • 19 Mar 2018

    An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News reveals how Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers.

  • 19 Mar 2018

    Watch all of Channel 4 News’ investigations into Cambridge Analytica – the British data firm linked to Trump’s win.

  • 18 Mar 2018

    No one is blaming Russia for the weather but it has displayed a touch of Siberia.  There has been more snow as the icy “mini beast from the east” continues to cause disruption to road, rail and air travel. There is an amber weather warning in place in south-west England, south-east Wales and West Midlands…

  • 16 Mar 2018

    Over seven days to mark the seven years of the Syrian war on our website you can watch seven different online films about the conflict.  

  • 14 Mar 2018

    A Channel 4 News investigation has uncovered serious allegations that untrained staff were left in charge of victims of trafficking and abuse. Around 40 people who were cared for or worked for the City Hearts charity in Sheffield have spoken of their concerns and claims of homophobia. The Home Office and Charity Commission say the…

  • 7 Mar 2018

    Back in January, Simon Dudley, leader of Windsor and Maidenhead Council, found himself at the centre of a row after calling on the local police to clear Windsor of homeless people before the royal wedding in May. His comments brought into sharp focus the divide between rich and poor, as homeless figures across the country…

  • 5 Mar 2018

    The former planning minister and Tory MP Nick Boles has in the past accused the Conservatives of being too timid on housing and planning reform. And he doesn’t think this government’s plans go far enough either. He’s calling for much bolder action to solve the housing crisis and save the Conservative party.

  • 4 Mar 2018

    Sir Roger Bannister – the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes – has died at the age of 88. His family said he died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones – adding “he banked his treasure in the hearts of his friends.”

  • 2 Mar 2018

    With plummeting temperatures and extreme snow storms, Britain is still being battered by cold chaos. Tomorrow night we will bring you a special extended programme on this week’s unprecedented cold snap. With reports from Scotland, Wales and the South-West of England, we’ll cover what havoc the ‘Beast from the East’ has wrought on the country…

  • 25 Feb 2018

    The Labour party has warned today that “crunch time is coming” on Brexit. It’s shifted its own position – with the Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer indicating that Jeremy Corbyn will tomorrow endorse a policy of remaining in “a” customs union with the EU. So could Theresa May’s position be in danger – if anti-Brexit…

  • 24 Feb 2018

    Scientific studies say air pollution kills 40,000 people across the UK each year. But are calls for the government to spend more on encouraging the public to swap their cars for walking or cycling realistic in this age of austerity?

  • 21 Feb 2018

    There’s a new Brexit battle bus in town, funded by a group who want to “tell the truth about the costs of leaving the EU.” FactCheck takes a look.

  • 19 Feb 2018

    Angry is a play featuring a series of six monologues on subjects ranging from millennial rage to violence and the refugee crisis. The parts are “gender neutral” and alternate each night, playing with interpretations of gender, race and sexuality. The show has a cast of just two: Olivier-nominated Tyrone Huntley and Georgie Henley, who got…

  • 18 Feb 2018

    Students who survived last week’s Florida school shooting say they want to make the massacre a turning point in the debate over gun controls – announcing a national march on Washington next month. Young protesters have criticised President Trump for his inaction – but he’s tried to shift the blame onto the FBI for failing…